4 Best Ways to Convert 3GP to MP4 on Windows/Mac

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convert 3gp to mp4

MP4 is a common digital multimedia container format that is mainly used to store video and audio data. Also, it can store extra data like metadata, still images, and subtitles without any limitations. It has formed the universal video format that is playable in all devices and very suitable for streaming.

As for the 3GP format, it is mostly associated with feature phones (2G, 3G, and 4G cell phones) that have low processing power. With the MP4 format forming the ISO standard, it is necessary to transform other formats like 3GP into MP4 to keep up with the industry’s advancements. And for this to happen, good software must come into practice to conveniently convert 3GP to MP4.

In line with these requirements, this article seeks to get you acquainted with the various programs you can use and also further teaches you on the specific ways to convert 3GP to MP4 using the tools features. Without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Convert 3GP to MP4 on Windows & Mac

In your quest to convert 3GP to MP4 reliably, you should consider getting started with any of the following featured apps. These programs have proven to be well up to the tasks and characterize themselves with exemplary results.

1. TalkHelper Video Converter (Recommended)

TalkHelper Video Converter strives to always deliver the latest and most refined video conversion features and in the case of 3GP to MP4 conversion, the same narrative is carried on. Some of the things that this offline software is good at include quality retention, the ability to batch convert, speedy output delivery, and more. Through the use of built-in preset profiles coupled with overly refined algorithms, every 3GP to MP4 conversion task turns into a masterpiece.

Also, you are open to processing other formats like WebM, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV, just to mention a few. Even better, the full compatibility with the latest iterations of Windows 10 and Windows 11 guarantees that no user is left out on this train. All-in-all, this 3GP video converter sets you on a path of the ultimate comprehensiveness.

Download TalkHelper Video Converter

Steps to Convert 3GP to MP4 on Windows Using TalkHelper Video Converter:

Step 1: Import the 3GP to convert into MP4. Click on the “Add Media” button and select the “Add Video File…” option.


Using the “Open a video” window, navigate to the source folder, highlight the 3GP video file and then click on the “Open” button to add it.


Step 2: Set your preferred MP4 output option. From the panel at the bottom, click on the “Video” tab, find “MP4” from the list of available formats, click to expand it and select the output resolution you prefer.


Step 3: Adjust some parameters and convert. Click on the “More parameters” option, adjust the “Target path:” and “Quality:” if necessary, save the changes using the “OK” button, and lastly click on the “Start Convert” button.


Download TalkHelper Video Converter

2. WinFF

WinFF comes in either an installable or portable package for that extra touch of diversity especially when it comes to usage. It comes with a ton of preset profiles and still lets you tinker with a ton of other features. For instance, you can change the video bitrate, framerate, aspect ratio; audio bitrate, sample rate, channels, sync, besides options to cut and trim the source 3GP file before conversion into MP4.

Also, you get access to a built-in player that comes in handy to preview the source files before conversion and also play the output MP4 files without the need for an external player. WinFF supports both Linux and Windows platforms and opens you up to a command-line interface for enthusiasts.

Download winff

Steps to Convert 3GP to MP4 for Free Using WinFF:

Step 1: Select an MP4 preset to use. On the WinFF main interface, pick “MPEG-4” from the “Convert to:” list and then select a preferred option from the “Preset:” section.


Step 2: Add a 3GP video file to convert. Click on the “Add” button to open the “Select Video Files” window. From there, head over to the source directory, select the 3GP file, and then hit the “Open” button.


Step 3: Pick a saving directory and convert. Click on the 3-dots button under Label 1 to set your preferred folder to save the output MP4 file and finally start the conversion process by clicking on the “Convert” button.


Download winff

3. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter delivers a plethora of features and comes out as an all-in-one video toolbox. With it, converting, compressing, editing, merging, playing, and burning video files at the click of a button. Performance is this video converter’s middle name thanks to the use of the much-coveted hardware acceleration feature to deliver output fast and in pristine quality.

To be specific, you get to enjoy speeds of up to 90X faster with a bonus of the batch processing option. Besides, you are open to personalizing the output even further by placing watermarks of choice to appear in the converted MP4 file.

Wondershare UniConverter supports a wide range of formats including OGV, OGG, WebM, MP4, MKV, MPEG, AVI, FLV, just to mention a few. Even better, you get to work from Windows or Mac platforms without any limitations.

Download wondershare uniconverter

Steps to Convert 3GP to MP4 with Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1: Open a 3GP video file to convert. With the “Converter” mode activated on the left side panel, click on the “+” icon, navigate to the source directory, choose the 3GP file, and hit the “Open” button.


Step 2: Set MP4 as the output format. Expand the “Output Format:” list, select the “Video” tab, pick MP4 from the list of general formats, and then choose your preferred quality for the target MP4 file from the sidekick menu.


Step 3: Pick a saving directory and convert. Set your MP4 output folder of choice then use the “Convert” button for a single file or the “Start All” button in the instance you are batch processing.


Download wondershare uniconverter

4. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is an online 3GP to MP4 converter software that is way more powerful when put head to with other similar tools. The most outstanding one is that you can tweak a variety of extra video audio parameters to give you control over the output delivery.

Specifically, you can change properties like the video resolution, compression level, aspect ratio, codec, framerate, bitrate, trimming, subtitles, among others. Coupling that with more than 200 supported formats and high-quality 3GP to MP4 conversion, you get a tool that is overly reliable right from the word go.

Surprisingly, the whole task can be done in under 4 steps and still deliver high-quality output. Reliability is also another sweet spot for this program as you only need a web browser and an internet connection to handle 3GP conversion.

Download cloudconvert

Steps to Convert 3GP to MP4 Online Using CloudConvert:

Step 1: Open the CloudConvert online video converter. 


Step 2: Select the 3GP file to convert. Expand the “Select File” option, pick the file source, and add the source 3GP video.


Step 3: Configure MP4 as the output format. Next to the “Convert to” option, click on the drop-down arrow, and select MP4 from the “Video” category.


Step 4: Adjust some advanced options and convert. If necessary, adjust some output parameters by clicking on the spanner-like icon, and then hit the “Convert” button.


Wait for the upload process to complete which will be followed by the actual process of converting 3GP to MP4. Once done, hit the “Download” button to save the converted MP4 file locally on your PC.


Download cloudconvert


Finding the best way to convert 3GP files into MP4 can be quite painstaking but that hassle is now gone thanks to the various workable methods this article lays at your disposal. You not only get acquainted with the software to use but also the specific step-by-step guide on how to accomplish the task at hand.

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