9 Best Video Recording Software for Windows & Mac

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A video recording software is basically a utility program that helps to capture both the visual and audible constituents of a video. With a video recorder, it becomes easy to describe bugs/problems, give instructions, create software tutorials, share knowledge, capture a streaming video, record gameplay, among other tasks, in a process that takes even less time.

To satisfy the need for video capture, a lot of tools have been crafted, and all aim at giving a convenient experience at the end of the day. Of course, for the best results, you definitely need the best video recorder available. While the search process can be way daunting, we have gone the extra mile to round-up programs that will ensure smooth sailing.

The best video recording software can capture the screen in multiple ways, can offer webcam capture, supports audio recording from the system and microphone, has a user-friendly interface, and can also feature built-in video editing and sharing options. It goes without saying that the output quality must also be top-notch too to guarantee total viewer engagement. With that said, here is a rundown of the top video recorder programs;

9 Great Video Recording Programs on Windows & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • TalkHelper Screen Recorder
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • Camtasia
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • ScreenFlow
  • MacFree TrialFree Download
  • Movavi Screen Recorder Studio
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • Bandicam
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • CloudApp
  • Windows/MacFree VersionFree Download
  • Flashback Express
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • TinyTake
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download

    1). TalkHelper Screen Recorder (Recommended)


    TalkHelper Screen Recorder is a simple and intuitive program that helps you record video footage from your Windows computer screen and save it to an easily shareable video file. It is best suited for recording video webinars, tutorials, streaming games, walkthrough gameplay, with the option to include audio from the system and mic.

    Apart from the main screen, you can also capture video footage using the webcam either in picture-in-picture mode together with the main video or separately. Remarkably, audio can be captured in real-time with the video or added later like in the case of background music or voice narration.

    On top of that, you are opened up to a special around the mouse recording mode, besides the ability to add your logo or watermark to the video recording as a way of achieving personalization. Even more, TalkHelper Screen Recorder lets you tinker with mouse effects to highlight the areas of interest in the video for the viewer.

    This video capture software offers real-time drawing, one-click pause, and resume buttons that can be used where necessary, not forgetting the ability to schedule screen recording tasks to run in your absence. Ultimately, you are looking at the best video recording software that will deliver the highest output quality possible.


    • Simple and intuitive
    • Able to schedule video recordings
    • High-quality video output
    • Real-time drawing and highlight options


    • Windows-only

    Download talkhelper screen recorder

    2). Camtasia


    Camtasia, by TechSmith, is an all-in-one screen video recorder and editor that also has a good taste of simplicity on both Windows and Mac. It has proven to be the best video recording software for professional recording of how-to/training/instructional/tutorial videos, demos, webinars, presentations, gameplay videos, YouTube videos, among others.

    In fact, the ton of features delivered by this video capture software cannot be exhausted here. To make the video recording process easy, you have access to video templates and presets to work with besides annotations to help the viewer understand better by identifying areas of interest. Basically, you can record video from the entire screen, a specific area of the screen real estate, specific dimensions, the webcam (PiP mode for personalization), or even an application window.

    As for the audio, you get to record that from the system or microphone in complete sync with the video and get to spice up the same using the available Audio FX tool. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the features available with Camtasia.


    • Simple and powerful
    • Video recorder and editor
    • Excellent user support
    • Features templates and presets


    • A bit pricey

    Download Camtasia

    3). Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder


    Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder is presented as one of the easiest video capture software to use and delivers professionalism when it regards screen recording. The recorded video footage can be saved in the standard MP4 format and using the built-in converter, the MP4s can be transformed into SWF, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, MPEG, VOB, WEBM, among other formats.

    The video recording can be done from the full screen, a user-specific region, around the mouse, an application, or even the webcam for PiP mode. Besides, audio can be captured with the video simultaneously and in total sync, eliminating the need to edit later.

    Remarkably, Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder also lets you schedule video recordings with presets of both the time and custom duration to ensure that you do not miss that streaming video, webinar, or any other content in your absence. Even more, as one of the best video recording software, you get a video converter at your disposal, besides the ability to upload and share the output videos via FTP, YouTube, or even the Showmore.com free cloud storage.


    • Simple and highly customizable
    • Offers real-time editing options
    • No time limit or watermark


    • Needs a plugin to work

    Download Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder

    4). ScreenFlow


    ScreenFlow, a Telestream Inc. craft, is one of the best video recording software on Mac OSX that offers both video capture and editing options on a simple and instinctive user interface. Using this video recorder, you can capture the video and audio footage, access editing features, add annotations and highlights, and ultimately output to a ton of formats including AIFF, GIF, M4V, MOV, and MP4.

    You are opened up to the highest screen recording quality possible on single, multiple, and even retina displays, in a pretty easy process. To make things even better, you have the chance to record video from your iPhone or iPad directly to achieve the best quality app demos. When the need arises, you can export the output as an animated GIF/PNG instead of a video.

    To spice up the recorded video, you can take advantage of the stock media and the powerful video editing options like transitions, closed captions, text and video animations, multi-channel audio, annotations, among others. At the end of the day, you have the best video capture software to record professional demos, video tutorials, training videos, dynamic presentations, and more.


    • Easy to use
    • Supports multiple displays
    • Lots of effects and transitions
    • High-resolution video capture


    • Mac-only

    Download screenflow

    5).  Movavi Screen Recorder Studio


    Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is a good go-to video recorder if you are looking to capture online calls, video instructions, webinars, tutorials, online events, streaming videos, among others. To be specific, you can capture video from the screen, the webcam, and at the same time incorporate audio from the system and microphone.

    Also, you are provided with a free extension, Movavi ScreenShot, to help you grab screenshots from web pages with ease. During the recording process, you get to draw on the video, especially for a tutorial, to make it more engaging and show areas of focus. Besides, you can choose whether to show keystrokes and the mouse cursor in the recording when the need arises besides scheduling video capture at a time in the future and set the time limit.

    While most of us record video and audio simultaneously, it is prudent to note that Movavi Screen Recorder Studio can capture streams separately and save them in MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, or JPG, depending on the task at hand. Other than that, the best video recording software also offers a converter and direct sharing via YouTube or Google Drive.


    • High-quality video output
    • Offers webcam capture
    • Extremely fast processing
    • Multiplatform


    • No direct video upload to YouTube

    Download Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

    6). Bandicam


    Bandicam is the best video recording software in the market when you take into account the plethora of features it has in store for you like delivering very high-quality videos. It has proven to be the most advanced video recorder that presents three working modes. One is the Screen/Video Capture mode that lets you record everything on the display, with the option to add a webcam overlay and save in a video (AVI, MP4) or image files. The second one is the Game Recording mode that is best suited for capturing 2D/3D gameplay with resolutions going up to 4K UHD and frame rates of up to 480 FPS.

    If you are looking to record video from external devices like gaming consoles, smartphones, IPTVs, and more, the Device Recording mode is at your disposal. Amazingly, Bandicam can perform the video recording process while applying a high compression ratio and still manages to retain the original quality to the greatest extent. Besides, you get to enjoy real-time drawing, scheduled video capture, real-time Chroma Key, and the ability to include audio from the system or narration.


    • Excellent video output quality
    • Avid game recorder
    • Supports 4K UHD and high FPS
    • Multiple video recording modes


    • Limited recording time
    • No editing tools

    Download Bandicam

    7). CloudApp


    CloudApp is a cross-platform video recording software that also offers online storage and sharing options. As a multi-platform video capture software, CloudApp can be used on Windows, iOS, Chrome, and Mac OSX super flawlessly.

    You are opened up to both full and partial video recording processes where the output can be saved in popular and convenient video formats like MP4. When the need arises, you are free to record the video in GIF format to facilitate instant sharing. At the same time, CloudApp makes it easy to grab screenshots as you record the main video and save it in either PNG or JPG formats.

    To communicate your message effectively, especially on screenshots, you are presented with some nifty and powerful annotation tools to get you there. On top of that, you are presented with online cloud storage to save the video recording and also make the sharing process much easier. Better yet, the overly easy to use interface makes the whole process really streamlined and therefore culminating in the best video recording software.


    • Intuitive controls
    • Automatic video upload
    • Video trimming options


    • A bit limited free version

    Download CloudApp

    8). Flashback Express


    Flashback Express is a top video recording software for WIndows that also doubles as a reliable and powerful video editor. It aims at helping you record, edit, and output videos that are engaging enough and also communicate the intended information diligently. At the basic level, you get to record a video from the screen or the webcam and include audio too if necessary.

    In fact, you can add commentary and background music easily using this top video capture software. Besides, you can apply some forms of editing like trimming, adding captions/video effects, drawing arrows, adding text annotations, importing external images or music, all to enhance the final output video.

    There are no restrictions whatsoever to what you can capture from the screen (gameplay, streaming video, tutorial, among others) which means you can have videos of any length too without any watermark. To make the process even sweeter, you have an express sharing option to YouTube or just save a local video file in formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, just to mention a few.


    • Simple and intuitive
    • Free video editor
    • No watermark


    • Windows-only

    Download Flashback Express

    9). TinyTake


    TinyTake, by MangoApps, presents one of the fastest ways to capture the screen, video capture, and still offers reliable sharing options all for free. As one of the best video recording software, TinyTake lets you capture video from the entire screen, an application window, a selected region, or the webcam together with audio from the system or narration using the microphone.

    You are free to record a video from 5 minutes to a whopping 2 hours in length depending on your needs and enjoy custom hotkeys. At the same time, this video recorder delivers a plethora of annotation tools to help you highlight, blur certain areas, or even draw on the video to indicate areas of focus.

    TinyTake is perfect when you need to create demos, product reviews, capture bugs, and then share with the relevant audience. In addition to screen recording, you can take screenshots at the click of a button and save locally, print, copy to clipboard, or send via email directly. For convenience, the recorded training/help/presentation videos can be shared easily and directly thanks to YouTube integration.


    • Direct sharing options
    • Multi-platform
    • Easy to use
    • Offers editing options


    • Poor game capture

    Download tinytake


    The best video recording software saves you a great deal of time, effort and at the end of the day guarantees the most worthwhile video content for the viewer. All the video capture apps featured here are powerful enough to deliver the right features and take your screen recording experience to a whole new level. Grab the specific one that laces your shoes best and make the most out of it.

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