6 Best SWF To MP4 Converters For Windows & Mac


SWF is a video file that carries in it an animation created using Adobe Flash and can only be played via a Flash Player or on a web browser with the Flash plugin installed. SWF can either be interactive or non-interactive but the hassle comes in when you need to playback the file. Unless you have the requirements right, the SWF file will be useless.

To come out of this, you can convert SWF file into an easier and convenient format to handle like the MP4 format. The MP4 format is quite popular when it comes to sharing videos since it is compatible with almost any device out there. In order to have the best quality output, you definitely need a top tool to convert SWF to MP4 in the most comprehensive way be it online or offline.

In that line, lots of software has been developed to satisfy this need but not all of them can make it to the list of the best SWF to MP4 converter programs. Luckily, we have identified the go-to apps that promise to give you an experience of a kind. You will be able to download any of the free offline versions of these tools or alternatively get access to the services on the online version depending on your preferred working mode. These software include;

Top 6 Great Free Tools to Convert SWF Files to MP4 Format in Windows & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. Flabaco SWF To Video Converter
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Adobe After Effects
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 3. Handbrake SWF To MP4 Converter
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • 4. Easiestsoft Video Converter
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 5. Xilisoft SWF Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 6. VLC Player
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download

    1. Flabaco SWF To Video Converter


    Flabaco is a free online SWF to MP4 converter app that will rid you of the need to go through cumbersome software installation processes. It will aptly convert flash file to HTML5 devices including iPhones, iPad among other supported devices. You can import SWF files into this software by browsing for them via the normal file explorer method.

    Even though it does not support the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature, it allows you to add URL links of files that live somewhere on one of your clouds. At the same time, your security and privacy of your files are taken care of by making sure that both the upload and download processes happen via encrypted connections.

    The SWF to MP4 conversion will also be done quickly and ensure that the quality is maintained as much as possible. Better yet, this is not a platform-dependent tool as realized by the fact that it is an online version program that can be used on either Mac or Windows PC.

    Download Flabaco SWF To Video Converter

    2. Adobe After Effects


    Besides polishing videos to make them outstanding, Adobe AFter Effects happens to be a good offline solution too to convert flash to MP4. It is pretty simple and instinctive to use with support for the convenient drag-and-drop feature when you need to import files into this program besides the native way of adding SWF files via the file explorer.

    In addition to that, you are able to perform the much-coveted batch conversion and get access to file management options on the render queue. In order to get the kind of output file you desire at the end of the SWF to MP4 conversion process, you can tinker with the output module settings that go a long way to determine the quality of the final MP4 file.

    Other than that, you can pick the directory where you want the output to go as a way to facilitate easier and faster retrieval for further actions like sharing. This is without a doubt a good app to convert SWF to movie equivalent in one of the most convenient ways.

    Download Adobe After Effects

    3. Handbrake SWF To MP4 Converter


    Whether you are on Mac or Windows PC, Handbrake will offer you a smooth SWF to MP4 conversion process without any hurdles. It comes with inbuilt presets that you can choose from in case you do not want to tinker with options that you are not sure of. When the need arises, you can choose to optimize the MP4 file for the web and even support specific devices like the iPod 5G.

    At the same time, you can modify the video encoder to use, the frame rate, quality, bitrate and even extra options to tweak the video encoder with. To ensure that the output of the SWF to MP4 process is as you want it, there is a preview feature that you can confirm the changes you make. Besides that, you have to define the output file name and directory to save in so that you have an easy time locating the files later.

    To make things better, this tool is open-source and available for free download on both Windows PC and Mac. As the best SWF to MP4 converter, you can rest assured that the video quality will be maintained all through.

    Download Handbrake

    4. Easiestsoft Video Converter


    To convert flash to MP4, Easiestsoft Video Converter is an ideal solution with no spyware or adware whatsoever and is available as an online and offline download version software. It is one of the best SWF to MP4 converter program that boasts of two conversion modes that you can choose from.

    One is the automatic mode that works unattended especially if you want to convert SWF to MP4 without having to keep interacting with the interface. The other one is the manual mode that requires user interaction before the output can be delivered. Depending on your preference, you can go with one of these modes. On top of that, you get the chance to select the output mode and in our case, the MP4 video format is the one to go for.

    Besides choosing the output mode, you can adjust various output settings like the video resolution, quality, bitrate, sample rate among others as a way to tweak the video. To facilitate the easier retrieval of the MP4 files, later on, you can specify your preferred output directory in case you don’t want to go with the default one.

    Download Easiestsoft Video Converter

    5. Xilisoft SWF Converter


    This is one of the best SWF to MP4 converter program that on top of being multilingual, delivers a plethora of features. It happens to be a clear and concise app whose interface is very easy to get around. It features multi-core processing by utilizing multiple threads to make the SWF to MP4 process occur even more efficiently and consequently save greatly on time.

    In the same line, batch conversion is also supported in the instance you need to process multiple SWF files simultaneously. Better yet, you are also opened up to various rich MP4 customization settings like video splitting and adjusting audio and video parameters like the quality, bitrate among others so as to tweak the output even further.

    In addition to that, you can know the size of the MP4 file even before you perform the actual conversion task all thanks to the available bitrate calculator. This tool to convert SWF to MP4 has a special feature that lets you manage the system power in addition to automatic after-conversion actions like shutting down or hibernating.

    Download Xilisoft SWF Converter

    6. VLC Player


    VLC Player has been with us for quite a while as a fully-fledged open-source media player and has never disappointed. Here, it features as one of the best SWF to MP4 converter software for offline use on both Windows PC and Mac platform. It supports batch SWF to MP4 conversion on top of various profiles that you can choose from depending on the kind of output you want at the end.

    For instance, you get the chance to choose a website preset if you are looking to upload the final MP4 file to a video hosting site like YouTube, Facebook among others. For your convenience, this app will not only let you specify the output file name but will also give you the freedom to decide on the directory where you want the output to be saved.

    During the conversion process, you get to preview the output in the form of playback and once it is completed, the output MP4 file will be ready for you. VLC Player is definitely a good match to convert flash to MP4 without any compromise on the video quality. Apart from the MP4 file format, you can also opt to convert SWF to MOV format which is convenient on the Mac platform.

    Download VLC Player

    Whether you want to work online or offline, you will not lack to find one program that laces your shoes the best. An online version can be used on the go while for the offline version, you have to download, install and use at any time without the need to rely on a constant internet connection. Either way, as long as you have picked the best software depending on your feature preferences, you can rest assured of a smooth SWF to MP4 conversion process with high-quality output.

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