3 Best Skype Screen Recorder to Capture Skype Video Calls


There are times when we would just rely on voice calls for communication purposes and with time, there have been advancements in this area to feature video calls. This has become possible as a result of the realization of powerful programs like Skype that have made the communication process less daunting. Even with the possibility of making video calls becoming possible, a new necessity of recording the same has been found, setting users on a quest for screen recorders to capture Skype video calls with screen sharing.

Normally, there are plenty of go-to solutions out there to satisfy this need but for the top-notch results, it is advisable to go for the best tools available. In that line, we have gone out of our way to bring you 3 of the best Skype screen recorder software that will deliver amazing results in the end. On top of that, you will be guided on how to use each of these programs and hence guaranteeing no hiccups or hurdles during the process to capture Skype video screen.

To be specific, you will be able to learn how to use the native Skype screen recording feature beside two third-party alternatives. With that said, it is time to find out the Skype screen recorders that you are opened up to here.

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A). Screen Recorder for Skype Desktop Version & How-to-Use Guide

For starters, we are going to look at the third-party desktop screen recorder programs that you can implement in the process to record Skype screen sharing scenarios. The advantage of these kinds of tools is that they bring in a ton of extra features like editing on top of accomplishing the core function.

In this section, we will be looking at TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype and Flashback Pro that have proven very effective screen recorder software. It is not time to get acquainted with how to record Skype screen videos with these solutions.

1). TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


Reliability and high-quality output delivery are the middle names of this screen recorder. It can capture Skype video screens in high-quality and in an automated manner that does not ask much interaction from you. This is realized because it can detect when a call has been placed or is coming in and starts the screen recording process.

On top of that, it is quite easy to use all thanks to the instinctive user interface it boasts of. Being a desktop, recording tool for Skype, it consequently means that the files will be stored locally on your computer waiting for further actions like sharing or playback. To record Skype screen sharing with this awesome app, follow the steps below.

      1. Launch TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype. This will also launch Skype automatically.
      2. Start a video call on Skype. TalkHelper will automatically start recording audio but you have to enable video recording as it is not automated.
      3. Activate video recording. On the TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype click on the “Video Record” button to capture the video too.
      4. Stop recording. You can achieve this either by clicking on the “Stop” button or simply ending the video call on Skype. After this, the video file will be generated and ready for you in the dashboard area ready for further actions.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype has proven to be a must-have add-on for Skype with recent times due to its wonderful design, reliability and at the same time not forgetting the high-quality Skype video calls it delivers. With the 7-day unlimited trial period, you will be able to evaluate its features extensively.

2). FlashBack Pro

BB-flashback express

FlashBack Pro will not only feature a screen recorder but also deliver a video editor that will come in handy to tweak the final videos before sharing. It has been considered to be one of the fastest ways to record Skype screen and therefore you can expect exemplary results. When you need to record a Skype screen, it will capture both the video and audio and provide you a wide range of video output formats that you can choose from. Of course, you can always refine the screen recording further using the incorporated video editor.

At the end of the day, all you have in your hands is a comprehensive screen recorder software that will make the process to capture a Skype video screen feel just like a knife through butter. Wondering how to get started? Here is a tutorial to follow.

      1. Launch FlashBack Pro and choose your recording mode. You can pick from the available full screen, region, and window modes depending on how you choose to run Skype.
      2. Enable sound recording. Make sure that the “Record Sound” option is enabled, otherwise, your video call will be recorded without sound.
      3. Place a video call and start recording. Once you have initiated a video call on Skype, click on the “Record” button on the FlashBack Pro interface to start screen recording. After this, you pause and resume recording as you see fit.
      4. Stop the recording. Simply click on the “Stop” icon after which the captured Skype video will be opened in the built-in editor.
      5. Export the final video. After you have tweaked the video call in the editor, export it in your preferred video format to your preferred directory.

FlashBack Pro will let you record Skype in full screen, as a region and even as a window depending on the mode you prefer with the ultimate convenience. The recording process yields very high-quality output and in an efficient way to save you a great deal of time and effort.

B). Screen Recorder for Skype for Business & How-to-Use Guide


Skype for Business has for a long time gone without a native screen recorder making the enthusiasts resort to third party programs that have been able to bridge this gap. Luckily, Skype came to feature a built-in recording manager that deemed third party tools not all that necessary after all.

The process to record the Skype screen with this feature is not complex at all as it will be evident in the step by step guide that will be availed to you below. This means that even if you are meeting this feature for the first time, you will be able to get started without any hiccups. To record Skype screen sharing, follow this tutorial.

      1. Start the Skype screen recording. Once you have started a call on Skype, click on the “+” button, and then hit the “Start recording” option. An alert will appear at the top advising you that the call is being recorded and by which party.
      2. Control the recording as you prefer. This includes actions like pausing and resuming the recording process when the need arises.
      3. Stop the recording. Once you are done with the video call, simply click on the “Stop” button to bring the task to an end. Again you will be notified that all running recordings have been stopped.
      4. Save your video recording. Since the recording will be saved online for only 30 days, open the recording, click on the “Triple-dot” button and select the “Save to Downloads” option. This will download the recording into your local storage disk.

Easy peasy! The process to use the built-in Skype recording manager is not complex at all and will save you a great deal of both the time and effort compared to setting up third-party solutions. Just start a call and directly commence your video recording.

In summary, you have many tools at your disposal, native and third-party, that will come in handy for Skype screen recording. At the same time, it all comes down to preference since you will be able to choose the one screen recorder program that gives you the kind of convenience you are looking for. Luckily, this article has featured several options that you can pick from and record Skype screen sharing without any hassle.

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