7 Best Screen Recorder for Linux / Ubuntu

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Linux may not be as popular as the Windows and Apple platforms but still boasts of a considerable number of users. Screen recording is a process that is very important for every platform and Linux is also not left behind. Linux does not come with a built-in fully-fledged screencasting tool out of the box except for the popular screenshotting option.

Therefore, as the need to capture the desktop screen arises, third-party software is a requirement in order to fulfill this need. This article will look at some of the best screen recorders for Linux so that you can decide on the one to get started with based on the features each has to offer.

Just like Linux is free and open source, these applications are delivered to you free with some even boasting of being open source too. What will make a screencasting tool be termed as the best screen recorder for Linux? Definitely, it has to be because of the handy features that it delivers to the user to make the screen recording process a walk in the park.

At the end of the article, you will be able to differentiate thick from thin. Do not be stranded in Linux when you need to perform a screen record when the list of go-to screen capture software is so big. Lets us familiarize ourselves with some of these screen recorders for Linux.

Top 7 Free Screen Recorder Software on Linux/Ubuntu

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. Kazam
  • Ubuntu/Linuxv1.4.5Free Download
  • 2. SimpleScreenRecorder
  • Ubuntu/Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOSv0.3.9Free Download
  • 3. RecordMyDesktop
  • Ubuntu/Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOSv0.3.8.1Free Download
  • 4. Vokoscreen
  • OpenSuse / Ubuntu / Debianv2.5.0Free Download
  • 5. Open Broadcaster Software Studio
  • All Linux distributionv10.9Free Download
  • 6. ScreenStudio
  • Ubuntu/Linuxv3.4Free Download
  • 7. VLC Media Player
  • All Linux distributionv3.0Free Download

    1. Kazam


    It would not be wrong to term Kazam as the best screen recorder for Linux considering how rich it is in screencasting features. Enjoy powerful screen capture options including the ability to record the full screen, all connected display, application windows and also specific user-defined areas. Personalize screencasts easily using the webcam at the click of a button.

    When the need arises, you can capture footage from the webcam without much hassle besides being able to take screenshots accompanied by lots of control options. On top of that, live stream content as it happens to the target audience easily with Kazam. Moreover, audio from the system or microphone can be captured and mixed automatically with the recording video depending on the task at hand.

    For even more convenience, recorded files are saved automatically in the Videos folder for later actions like editing and eventual sharing. A range of saving formats is provided for you and work made less tedious by the inclusion of hotkeys. In addition, you can record mouse clicks and key presses as the need arises.

    download Kazam

    2. SimpleScreenRecorder


    SimpleScreenRecorder is another best screen recorder for Linux that is also free, open source and boasts of a graphical user interface. Getting started is very simple and straightforward as much as it takes a different approach to screen recording. Get to save, delete and add new profile settings so that you can reuse them without having to configure afresh every single time you do a screencast.

    You will be empowered with rich screen recording and live streaming options at your fingertips. Record the entire screen and have an option to choose a display to record from in case you have more than one connected to your Linux computer.

    You can record the full screen, a specific region, a window or even follow cursor mode. Capture audio on the go while getting full control on preferred video and audio codecs. You also get to implement hotkeys for convenience and get sound notifications when you start or end a screen capture.

    download SimpleScreenRecorder

    3. RecordMyDesktop


    This screencasting tool is unique in that it comes as a command-line program as the backend and a graphical interface for the frontend. Both are distinct although the frontend cannot work independently like the backend. In terms of screen recording capabilities, this app will enable you to capture the whole screen or just a user-selected portion of the screen.

    You also get to enjoy a special feature whereby you can capture the mouse path as you move it around hence maintain minimal recording resolution for easily shareable file size at the end. In addition, you will be able to record audio from different sources whether internal or external. For both the video and audio, you can customize the quality easily by just moving level sliders on the main interface.

    Besides, enjoy simultaneous encoding with screen recording as you implement necessary hotkeys. File management is very important and RecordMyDesktop ensures your freedom to choose the working directory besides determining whether to overwrite existing files in case they share same file names.

    download RecordMyDesktop

    4. Vokoscreen


    Vokoscreen is one of the best screen recorders that comes free besides being fully open source. Boasting of a simple and instinctive user interface, this app will help you capture gameplay, walkthroughs, video conferences and more in a convenient way. Action buttons to control the screen recording process are available on all the interfaces of the app for easy access.

    When you need to screencast, you can choose among recording the full screen, a window or even a specific region on the screen. In addition, you will have the freedom of choosing the display to record in case you have more than one connected. Enjoy a special magnification tool besides being able to capture footage from the webcam.

    For even better control, you will have the option to modify the frame rate, file saving format and even the preferred codec. In addition, record audio, show pressed keys and mouse clicks, monitor countdown on top of being able to manage output and user interface options.

    download Vokoscreen

    5. Open Broadcaster Software Studio


    OBS Studio is a professional-grade streaming tool for multiple platforms including Linux. You get to live stream content of choice to a wide range of streaming services while getting acquited with lots of video and audio effects. It supports services like Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox and more.

    All you need is to choose the preferred service, input server, and stream key and finally provide necessary credentials as required to get started. Hotkeys are just a click away to ensure the process is made even more convenient. Several output modes are supported with an option to set the recording path, recording format, video bitrate, and audio bitrate. In case of internet connection being lost as you stream, you can configure automatic reconnection by setting the retry delay and the maximum number of retries.

    You will be able to stream the screen and include audio as the need may arise. You are free to use a range of sources of content as you stream including cameras, application windows, external video clips, images, and any other type of supported content.

    download OBS

    6. ScreenStudio


    ScreenStudio is one of the best screen recorders for Linux which comes as a free, open source and GPL-licensed screencasting tool. This app is very rich in terms of what it offers as a screen recorder. With it, you will be able to capture the desktop screen, footage from the webcam, use custom frames, add images, labels, and even implement custom FFmpeg sources.

    Amazingly, you can capture footage from screens connected to your system regardless of their resolution. You will also enjoy live streaming capabilities of this app where you can share content to platforms like YouTube, Twitch and even via UDP. This app can capture audio if need be via the microphone or from the internal system itself at the click of a button.

    To ensure the best output, you are able to tinker with audio and video bitrate options whose combination guarantees very high-quality video and audible sound. On top of that, insert thumbnails on the go while enjoying a wide range of output formats, frame rates, and targets.

    download ScreenStudio

    7. VLC Media Player


    VLC Media Player is popularly known for its cross-platform media player capabilities but can also function as a screencasting tool for Linux. Basically, VLC will be able to record your screen with several control options provided for you. This application allows you to display the output as it gets recorded which is a handy feature as it can indicate whether the recording is delivering expected results.

    In addition, a deinterlacing option is also provided and can be enabled or disabled at the click of a button. Before you can start recording, you need to select a target profile to work with. What is in the target profile? Basically, it contains both the video and audio codecs to use like for instance you can have H.264 + MP3.

    You can also opt to dump raw input if the need arises and most of all, you must indicate the destination directory where to save your screen recording. VLC supports lots of file formats hence catering for all the popular types. This eliminates the need to convert the files later.

    download VLC Media Player

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