4 Best PPT File Compressor Software


At one point or the other, you must have experienced a bounce-back when uploading a PowerPoint presentation file either on an email or a certain website. That must have proved to be a headache and most probably did not have a good solution but instead had to remove some content in order to have a PPT file of a smaller size. Obviously, that process is tedious and time-consuming on top of being hideously frustrating. This article tells you that there is a way you would have retained the same file content and have an optimized size that does not exceed the upload limits.

A good PPT file compressor ap does not come easily unless you are familiar with the available tools in the market. This is another area that this article will take care of by opening you up to the top PowerPoint file compressor software to can get started with. You will have a chance to choose between online and offline versions depending on your preferred working mode for the ultimate convenience. These tools to compress PPT files will certainly work the magic deliver output that retains the format and at the same time does not affect the overall visual quality. Let us now dig in and find out what tools have been featured.

Top 4 Free Tools to Compress PowerPoint Presentations With Offline Version for Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. PPTMinimizer
  • Windows 7/8/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 2. WeCompress PPT File Compressor
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 3. CloudPresso PPT File Compressor
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 4. Smallpdf PPT File Compressor
  • Windows 7/8/10Free DemoFree Download

    1. PPTMinimizer


    You need not necessarily have to zip PowerPoint presentation files when you can aptly reduce PPT file size without mesiśing up with the format. It is one of the tools that are able to optimize the compression in a great way that does not mess up with the viewing experience. When faced with multiple PowerPoint presentation documents, working on them is pretty convenient with the batch processing feature. You can kiss goodbye any limitations be it in terms of file size or the number of files that you can compress that may be the norm with other similar tools out there.

    Even when your document includes graphics in the form of images or photos, you can rest assured that this PPT compression software will perform an excellent piece of work. In fact, you will be happy to know that the format is retained to a great extent so as not to affect much the originality of the file and at the same time integrates with Microsoft Office to facilitate a faster and direct process to compress PPT files.

    Download PPTMinimizer

    2. WeCompress PPT File Compressor


    WeCompress will come in to compress PowerPoint files while on the go since it is a powerful online program that also happens to be free for use. No matter the PowerPoint presentation file size, this top toll to compress PPTX files is able to support all that without breaking a sweat. Whether you are after printing. uploading or sending via email, you will be able to reduce PowerPoint file size in a very optimized way that does not compromise on the visual quality.

    You will not be limited in any way when you need to compress PPT files both in the file size or the number of files to compress. However, in case you are after the batch compression feature, you are better of getting started with the offline version of this PowerPoint file compressor program for Windows 10. You will not be bound to only Windows 10 since this PPT compression software is not platform dependent.

    Download WeCompress

    3. CloudPresso PPT File Compressor


    With CloudPresso, the process to compress PowerPoint is pretty fast and easy to use. In fact, it is an online PPT compression software that brings in a pretty straightforward user interface that does not prove cumbersome to get started. You can import PowerPoint presentation files native or from the integrated clouds in case your files live online. Your security and safety are guaranteed since this tool to compress PPTX ensures that all connections are encrypted.

    Better yet, you will be surprised to achieve very top levels of compression without dramatic quality loss. The efficiency of the process to reduce PPT file size is also vital and that is why this PPT compression software delivers a smaller size within moments depending on the original size. This online PPT file size reducer is a better solution too if you are looking to achieve good batch compression with the convenience of the simple drag-and-drop option for importing files. Without a doubt, this is an undisputed top PPT file compressor software that will not disappoint.

    Download CloudPresso

    4. Smallpdf PPT File Compressor


    This is an online PowerPoint file compressor that will rid you of the cumbersome process of installing software on your computer. It is a top PPT file size reducer that is easy to use and at the same time delivers high-quality output even when the original file is of a smaller size. Actually, with this PPT compression software, the format will be retained to great levels. When it comes to the file size, you are pretty accommodated here as the limit is set at 5GB which is a size that is not common among PowerPoint presentation files.

    Your local computer resources will not be used much since the process to reduce PPT file size happens majorly on the cloud. No matter the platform you are on, this PPT file compressor program can be used with the only requirements being a good internet connection and a web browser. In fact, there is an extension available for Chrome that you can use for a direct and faster process to compress PPT. other than that, you are assured of a secure process to reduce PowerPoint file size. You also get to enjoy integrated Google and Dropbox cloud services.

    Download Smallpdf

    Grabbing one of this PPT compression software will set you on a path where your PPT or PPTX files will no longer occupy too much space on your hard disk and at the same time enjoy the convenience of uploading the same files to target destinations without the need to split them or even remove some content. You will be able to compress PowerPoint documents fast and efficiently without any expected quality or format loss.

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