6 Best PDF to TIFF Converters Offline & Online


A PDF to TIFF Converter is a program that is used to convert PDF documents into TIFF image format. Both PDF and TIFF offer document digitization capabilities when you scan documents, but there are instances that the TIF/TIFF format proves superior. Of course, PDF is more popular but TIFF files can be notably smaller than PDF, due to a heavier compression, and can be converted into a single page. Even better, the TIFF format offers faster viewing as it boasts quicker indexing, besides being easy to add in other documents like Word.

To experience these TIF perks, there is a need to convert PDFs into TIFF format. This review article, therefore, presents the go-to and best PDF to TIFF converters at your disposal.

6 Great PDF to TIFF Converter Software – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree DemoFree Download
  • 3. Bravo PDF To TIFF Converter
  • WindowsFree VersionFree Download
  • 4. PDFCreator
  • WindowsFree DemoFree Download
  • 5. iLovePDF
  • Web-basedFree TrialFree Download
  • 6. PDF To TIFF Converter Extension
  • ChromeFree DemoFree Download

    #1. TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)


    As our best PDF to TIFF converter program, TalkHelper PDF converter is best suited to turn any PDF, native or scanned, into TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or EMF. It also boasts the ability to turn specific PDF pages or page ranges into single-page or multipage TIFF images without the need to convert the entire PDF file.

    With this free download software, there are no limitations, both in file size and the number of PDFs you can convert. TalkHelper will also keep intact the original PDF layout and formatting to output high-resolution TIFF image files.


    • Helps to output high-resolution TIFF images
    • Offers partial and batch processing options
    • Allows you to extract specific PDF pages
    • No file size limitations
    • Superfast PDF to TIF conversion


    • Lacks PDF editing options

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: A comprehensively fast and high-quality PDF to TIFF conversion task with options for partial or batch processing, and no limitations.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    #2. Adobe Acrobat DC

    adobe acrobat

    Adobe Acrobat DC is a PDF king and whether you are looking to use a PDF in a Word document or send information to an audience without a PDF reader, converting it into TIFF is much called for. Acrobat also allows you to convert PDFs into other formats like JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, etc.

    This online and offline program outputs very high-quality TIF file formats and also allows you to convert multiple PDF file formats into TIFF image files all at the same time. Even better, Acrobat allows you to tweak the PDF through editing before converting.


    • Supports batch PDF to TIFF conversion
    • Lighting fast with high-quality TIFF image output
    • Available for online and offline use
    • Offers PDF editing options
    • Allow you to convert specific PDF pages or page ranges


    • Considerably expensive
    • The online version requires registration

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Web-based

    Best for: Fast and high-quality PDF to TIFF conversion besides offering PDF editing and batch processing options.

    Download adobe acrobat

    #3. Bravo Free PDF To TIFF Converter


    Bravo provides you with the best PDF to TIFF converter software especially if you wish to transform PDFs into multipage TIFF image files. It presents a high-resolution output at all times with options to tweak the TIFF image dpi, color, and compression level.

    Also, when you have multiple PDFs to work on, calling the batch conversion feature will save you a ton of time and effort. There are no limitations coming with this free download offline tool and you can rest assured of the original PDF layout and formatting to be preserved in the final TIFF image.


    • Allows you to adjust TIFF dpi and compression level
    • Supports batch PDF to TIFF conversion
    • Preserves the original PDF quality
    • Convert PDFs into multipage TIFF files
    • Free and open-source


    • Lacks PDF editing features

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: Ideally the go-to PDF to TIFF converter especially when you need to batch convert PDFs into multipage TIFF format images.

    Download Bravo

    #4. PDFCreator


    For a quick and efficient process of converting PDF to TIFF, PDFCreator is your go-to offline solution. Unlike other PDF to TIFF converter programs, PDFCreator functions like a printer. It goes further to offer more output control by allowing to adjust the color (8bit, 12bit, 24bit, etc) and resolution in DPI (150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, or custom dpi) to determine the output quality.

    Besides, you get the option of adjusting various metadata like the title, author, subject, and more. Even better, you can merge multiple PDFs into a multipage TIFF file.


    • Allows you to merge multiple PDFs
    • Offers options to adjust document metadata
    • Allows you to adjust the output TIFF dpi and color
    • Supports an automated TIFF printer
    • It can be controlled from other apps/scripts via a COM interface


    • The free version has ads
    • No PDF editing options

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: Allows you to convert PDF to TIFF quickly and efficiently as a printer with options to automate and optimize your workflow.

    Download pdfcreator

    #5. iLovePDF


    iLovePDF provides a superior and secure online tool that allows you to convert PDF to TIFF 100% free. Apart from TIFF, this online app also allows you to convert native or scanned PDFs to other high-resolution image formats like PNG, JPG, and more.

    You also get the option of rotating and reordering the uploaded PDFs before conversion. For a multipage PDF, every page is converted into a separate TIFF image. Even better, iLovePDF allows you to import PDF files from popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google; the converted TIFF images can also be saved on the same cloud services.


    • Safe and secure PDF to TIFF conversion
    • Integrates Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services
    • Allows you to batch convert PDF to TIFF
    • Offers options to reorder and rotate PDFs
    • Multiple TIFF images are downloaded as a zip file


    • No option to output multipage TIFF image files

    Supported Platforms: Web-based

    Best for: Convenient online PDF to TIFF conversion with options to batch process and rotate pages.

    Download ilovepdf

    #6. PDF To TIFF Converter Extension


    If you are looking to avoid the hassle of setting up software on your computer, the PDF to TIFF Converter extension for Chrome is the perfect solution. As long as a PDF is not password-protected, you can turn it into TIFF format in just a matter of moments.

    For the privacy of your files, download links expire after an hour and you are also free to set your preferred file names for the converted TIFF file. However, unlike other online tools that offer batch processing options, you can only convert one TIFF image at a time.


    • Fast PDF to TIFF conversion
    • Allows you to output transparent images
    • Easy to use online tool
    • No registration required
    • Allows you to set custom file names for the output


    • No batch processing
    • Only usable on Chrome browser

    Supported Platforms: Chrome

    Best for: Instant online PDF to TIFF conversion using just a Chrome web extension.

    Download pdf to tiff extension


    The best PDF to TIFF Converter is a must-have tool anytime you need to transform PDFs into high-resolution TIFF images. This is necessary if you need to insert the PDF content into a document like Word as a TIF image or to suit users who may not have a PDF viewer at hand. The good thing is that this review article has presented a boatload of such go-to software.

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