7 Best PDF To TIFF Converter Software


Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the best formats for saving multiple page text information in. In current times, you find that most document formats are converted into PDF for various reasons with the main one being to share information in an alter-proof mode. This ensures the data is protected from any modifications and can only be opened with the right software.

However, sometimes it is necessary to create TIFF copies of PDF files for further use in other sharing options like mail, fax in addition to printing and more. The Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is also one of the most used image formats as you will find out wh next. TIFF files implement lossless compression, which means that no image quality loss occurs at all.

The process does not happen in very great speeds but the various tools available always try to outdo each other here. This article delves into the world of the best PDF to Tiff converter software to help choose one that will serve you best. User-friendliness, batch conversion, speed, among other traits are some of the features that distinguish each from the rest to battle for the top position.

You will go through a boatload of these programs and at the end choose one that laces your shoes best. Let’s begin!

7 Great Tools to Convert PDF to TIFF Files – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 2. Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Windows 7/10Free DemoFree Download
  • 3. Bravo Free PDF To Tiff Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 4. Tiff Printer
  • Windows 7/8/10Free DemoFree Download
  • 5. PDFCreator
  • Windows 7/8/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 6. Soda PDF
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 7. PDF To Tiff Converter (Chrome Extension)
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download

    1. TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)


    TalkHelper PDF Converter is a fully-fledged PDF tool that has proven beyond any doubt to be a very top-notch software. It has gone a long way in becoming proficient in tasks that involve PDF files whether converting to or from. Tiff is one of the popular images formats used and this offline tool is able to handle it pretty well.

    Speed of PDF to Tiff conversion is like none other and at the same time, no compromise at all comes to the output as accuracy is a guarantee. Adding files should not be cumbersome at all when the drag-and-drop feature is just a click away waiting for you to implement. Consequently, this feature also facilitates the process to batch convert PDF to Tiff hence saving you both time and effort.

    It is a very reliable tool that supports not less than 49 languages and has comprehensive support for all version of the Windows operating system.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    2. Adobe Acrobat DC


    Adobe Acrobat DC comes as an all-in-one PDF tool with so many features to exploit. One of these features of the PDF to Tiff conversion that is fully supported out of the box. The user interface is not very much of a hassle though you may find it confusing for a start then get used when you understand it.

    As one of the best PDF to Tiff converter program for Windows, it promises an experience you cannot be likened to any other. Batch conversion is very possible besides speed and accuracy.

    Even with the speed, you can rest assured that the original formatting of your input PDF will be maintained on the exported Tiff file with no compromise at all on the quality. You are also opened up to lots of control options in order for you to get just the kind of output you have in mind. In addition to that, you are able to specify your own saving directory and an accompanying appropriate filename.

    Download Adobe Acrobat DC

    3. Bravo Free PDF To Tiff Converter


    This is without a doubt, the best PDF to Tiff converter especially if you are looking to convert PDF files into multipage Tiff. With it, you are to expect a high-quality output you can really appreciate besides adjusting properties like dpi, compression level, and colors.

    Worry not if you have to work on multiple files as you can comfortably batch convert PDF to Tiff at ultimate convenience. Bravo comes as a freeware tool so you can use it without having to dig into your pocket. Using the tool has been put into consideration especially for first-time users making it very easy to use.

    However much the tool is free, the tool does not come with any limitations whatsoever like what other similar programs would do. The quality of output outdoes other software when it comes to preserving the original format and layout of the input PDF file. It works as a standalone Windows software with no Adobe Acrobat installation required to work.

    Download Bravo Free PDF To Tiff Converter

    4. Tiff Printer

    Tiff Printer

    Tiff Printer brings along a plethora of features that you can employ when you need to convert PDF to Tiff. Working with this software is pretty easy and at the same time saves you a great deal of time due to how fast it handles conversions. Converting PDF to Tiff for multiple PDF files is possible thanks to the batch conversion feature that this offline tool supports.

    In terms of the output, you are guaranteed of high-quality Tiff image files that are at the same time of small manageable sizes which comes in handy when sharing. During the PDF to Tiff conversion, you will be able to adjust various factors of the images like rotation, trimming, resizing, cropping among others.

    You can automate the whole process in case you are away and implement customizable naming of the converted files. Amazingly, you will be able to convert PDF to Tiff files with a 300 dpi, 600 dpi and in general between 50-1200 dpi making it one of the best PDF to Tiff converter.

    Download Tiff Printer

    5. PDFCreator


    PDFCreator is freeware for a certain trial period after which you have to upgrade to the paid version for full functionality. It is by far a very complete PDF converter that brings you convenience when converting PDF to Tiff. It is capable of combining multiple PDF files into a single Tiff image file that becomes easy to share and view without the need for specialized software.

    Amazingly, this top program works with any Windows software that has printing capabilities making it very reliable. The process of working with the tool is very simple and should not be mind-boggling at all. Since it works more like a printer, the interface should be easy to understand to drive you to achieve PDF to Tiff conversion in the best way possible.

    Batch conversion is not available here so you have to go one file at a time which proves tedious most of the time when you are working on multiple files. Apart from that, it is a good tool.

    Download PDFCreator

    6. Soda PDF


    Soda PDF can be obtained as freeware both as an offline or online tool when looking to convert PDF to Tiff. In case you are working with the online version, there are Google Drive and Dropbox integration to facilitate the direct addition of PDF files for conversion. The process has been simplified to require very little to no input from you when converting PDF to Tiff.

    Basically, you are just required to add PDF files, choose the format to export and finally get to the actual conversion process. This means that even for first-time users, they will be able to get started without encountering any hiccups. The interface is also very simple and intuitive to guarantee an experience any user can covet.

    Security and confidentiality are assured when working online by encrypted connections and files being deleted from the servers in utmost 24 hours after the start of a session. At the end of the day, you get access to a satisfying tool.

    Download Soda PDF

    7. PDF To Tiff Converter (Chrome Extension)

    PDF To Tiff Converter (Chrome Extension)

    Chrome is a very popular browser that has really advanced with time. It supports many types of extensions to add more functionality to the browser and it is through this that the PDF to Tiff Converter extension has come to be. Using this tool is very straightforward as you just need the Chrome browser and then install this specific extension.

    The process takes a very short time to make sure you get started almost immediately. Conveniently, there is no need for any kind of registration like what other tools would require before you can get started with them. Whether you are working on the home page or a new tab, this good tool will convert PDF to Tiff files instantly.

    The tool is very minimalistic which also translates to great levels of ease-of-use. However, unlike other tools that are multilingual, this extension only supports English. Grab it and converting PDF to Tiff will become a walk in the park.

    Download PDF to Tiff Converter for chrome

    Having gone through the list above, you must have found one good tool that has all that you need when it comes to PDF to Tiff conversion. In fact, it is a tool that you can refer to as the best PDF to Tiff converter as per your preferences feature-wise. Each of these tools tries as much as possible to give you the best experience in your endeavor. Which one have you decided to get started with?

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