12 Best PDF To Excel Converters For Windows

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As we all know, PDF is a format that has grown very popular among users. It is a good format to share information with but faces some obvious issues like editing.

To get the most out of these PDF files, it is necessary to convert them into a format like Excel for further actions like the analysis of data. Excel is just one of the many formats you can convert a PDF file to and this article takes a deeper dive into the whole process of converting PDF to Excel.

In fact, this article will recognize the reasons why you need a tool for PDF to Excel conversion and at the same time provide you with the top factors to consider when on a quest for the best PDF to Excel converter for Windows [Jump to the list]. It does not end there.

You will also get a chance to learn how to use some of these PDF to Excel converting programs besides a review on each to determine what features you are to expect from a specific PDF to Excel converter software when you get started with it.

At the end of the day, you will get yourself a comprehensive tool that will not disappoint in either personal or commercial purposes. You can rest assured that you will be able to obtain a very reliable PDF to Excel converter that is both accurate and efficient when it comes to output delivery. Read on to find out a lot that is in store for you.

Why Use PDF to Excel Converter Software?

Of course, you cannot just wake up and think of converting PDF to Excel without a good reason at the back of your mind. At the same time, we cannot all have the same reason regarding that. Below we look at some of the reasons that can influence the need to convert PDF to Excel.

  1. Type Of The PDF File

As much as PDF has become a document format de facto over time, not all the PDF files are the same even when they share the same file extension. To be specific, a native PDF is very different from a scanned one. It can be a bit easy to convert a native PDF file but the scanned one will require a special tool that features an optical character recognition (OCR). Therefore, you will have to seek the services of a tool that has a built-in OCR in order to perform a successful conversion.

  1. Excel File Complexity

Looking at the PDF files you want to convert, you may find out that the data or information is presented in a very complex way that can involve a lot of manual copying and pasting in order to have an Excel spreadsheet. To handle this complexity in the best way, the need for a PDF to Excel converter is realized. With it, you will be able to save greatly on both the time and effort you would have used in manual input.

  1. Need For Batch Conversion

When you are faced with many PDF files that are supposed to be converted to Excel, Working on all of them at the same time is not possible especially when the only available option is to work on one file after the other. This task can actually be made much convenient with a good PDF to Excel tool which is capable of processing multiple PDF files all at the same time. At the end of the day, this is a task that is only achievable via an appropriate tool.

  1. Data/Information Extraction

In most instances, you will find that you just convert the whole file even when it was not necessary. There is no way you will be able to extract specific content like a certain page or page range and avoid the need to process everything. If you are on such a quest to extract specific tables from a PDF file and save in an Excel spreadsheet, you will definitely need to get a specialized tool for that.

12 Great Software to Convert PDF Files to Excel Speadsheets in Windows – Free Download

1. TalkHelper PDF Converter(Recommended)


As the leading PDF to Excel conversion solution, TalkHelper offers the best quality and accuracy in converting PDF to XLS file and keep the original formatting as accurate as possible, with the integrated most advanced OCR technology, TalkHelper PDF to Excel converter provides you an easy way to extract tables from either a normal PDF or scanned / image-based PDF to Excel sheet, batch conversion is also supported within this PDF converter software with a straight forward layout.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

2. Cogniview PDF2XL

Cogniview PDF2XL

PDF2XL is one of best PDF to Excel Converter software that offers sophisticated features to extract data, tables, forms from a multiple-page content to one single excel spreadsheet, the whole PDF documents to spreadsheet conversion process is super fast even if you convert a hundred-page document in this wonderful PDF to XLSX software, and the format of the converted excel file is accurate compared to the original document, as one of Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, Cognivew’s PDF to spreadsheet conversion app is widely used among many well-known companies,

There are three different versions available in this PDF to XLS converter software, the basic version offers essential features for converting PDF to excel at a price of $199, and the OCR version has an additional function to convert a scanned and image-based PDF to spreadsheet, the most expensive version enterprise edition contains a virtual printer which allows you to send any documents into PDF2XL for processing, if you are interested in testing it out, PDF2XL offers a 15-days free trial for Windows users.

Download PDF2XL

3. PDFElement

wondershare PDF converter

Wondershare Converter aka PDFElement is another PDF to Excel converter app for Windows OS users, with intuitive UI, you can easily convert a native or scanned PDF file to an editable Excel spreadsheet with a few clicks, the best part to use this PDF to XLS converter app is that you don’t have to spend time on reformatting the output sheets due to the accurate preservation, all the elements including tables, charts, forms, columns and images from the original document will be preserved after the conversion from PDF to XLSX.

In addition, you can set a specific page or page range of each PDF document you want to convert to Excel, batch PDF processing is also supported in PDFElement, which means you can convert multiple files to single or multiple excel files at the same time.

Download PDFElement

4. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

iSkysoft PDF Editor

When talking about best PDF to Excel converters for Windows, iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 comes in handy. It is not just another PDF to Excel converter, rather it is a premium PDF to spreadsheet converting tool that offers a whole lot more than the regular when it comes to getting the job done, saving PDF as an Excel spreadsheet with iSkySoft PDF Editor is an easy job.

You can also select the areas that you want to extract data from the fillable and scanned PDF documents, it’s extremely useful when you want to convert a specific table or part of the table to Excel spreadsheet rather than the entire data from the original document. With OCR technology integrated, iSkysoft’s PDF to XLS converter charges $89.95 for a single license, and it’s available for  mainstream operating systems including Windows,  Mac and Linux.

Download iSkysoft PDF Editor

5. Nitro Pro

Nitro PRo

Nitro Pro provides the top-notch quality in converting PDF documents to Excel spreadsheets without losing formatting, as well as a user-friendly layout similar to the latest version of Microsoft Office, with Nitro Pro 12, you can extract any data(table, form, page, or all text) from your PDF, and choose to export them in Microsoft Excel Workbook(.xlsx)/CSV format or even sent it into a Excel file hosted on Nitro Cloud which allows you to sign and share documents online, Nitro Pro 12 offers 15-days free trial, and after that, you can purchase a full license at $159.00.

Download Nitro Pro

6. Adobe PDF to Excel Converter


Acrobat PDF converter aka Acrobat Pro DC is a well-known PDF to Excel conversion software provided by Adobe Systems, this PDF to spreadsheet program provides an easy way to save tables as formatted Excel files from Windows, web browser or a mobile phone, you can either export all the data in the original document or select the pieces to export to Microsoft Excel Workbook, the ability to accurately and quickly change PDF files to Excel is one of the main reasons users choose Acrobat, since PDF-to-Excel conversions are economically significant, choose a reliable commercial solution like Acrobat Pro Dc might be your best bet.

Download Acrobat Pro DC

7. iLovePDF PDF to Excel Converter


iLovePDF is a solid online & offline service for converting PDF files to Microsoft Excel files and vice versa, it provides a single button to import files and one-click to start the conversion process without complicated customization settings, the greatest part of this PDF to XLS conversion service is that you can save the output Excel files to Google Drive or Dropbox, the free version has some features limits in batch conversions, and glitches may happen when you try to convert a large PDF file with complex format, the result is not as accurate as other commercial PDF to XLSX converters, besides, OCR is not supported in the iLovePDF, which means it doesn’t support converting scanned and image-based PDF file.

Download iLovePDF

8. Able2extract Professional


Able2Extract Professional from InvestInTech is all-in-one PDF tools that offer highly customized options in changing PDF into Excel sheet, the best part in Able2Extract is its quality conversion feature which includes a leading OCR technology widely used to convert any native or scanned content, another highlight feature is its Custom PDF-to-Excel Feature which enables you to choose the data area you want to extract from the original documents, then export what you exactly need to the output spreadsheets, apart from being able to convert a PDF into an Excel sheet, the PDF to XLS conversion program supports many other file format conversions.

Abl2Extract has 7 days free trial period on Windows version, and after that, a lifetime license costs you $149.95.

Download Able2Extract Professional

9. UniPDF PDF Converter


UniPDF is an intelligent PDF to spreadsheet converter tool that guarantees a seamless transition from PDF into spreadsheets, with this intuitive app, you can easily recognize rows and columns of tables within your PDF file and convert them into tables in the output Excel sheets, all the formats will be well preserved after the fast conversion process.

Download UniPDF

10. Weeny PDF to Excel Converter

weeny pdf to excel converter

Weeny’s PDF to excel converter is a powerful tool supports batch converting PDF to Microsoft Excel Workbook with a few simple steps, as well as other Microsoft Office file formats like DOC, DOCX, PPT, etc. the free version of Weeny allows you to add text or image watermarks to the converted file, you can also specify the certain page or page range to convert, this avoids you to waste time on converting unwanted content from the original file, the flawed part is accuracy of the output Excel is not as good as other commercial competitors when converting a PDF consist of rich layout and formats, but its full version is still worth a try if you don’t want to spend valuable time on learning other complex PDF to XLS converting app.

Download Weeny’s PDF converter

11. Soda PDF

Soda PDF

Soda PDF has an Office-like look which is also very well-organized. With Soda PDF you will be able to convert all pages, the current page of an opened PDF file, the first page, the last page or even a range of several pages. Besides that, you are opened up to 3 conversion methods. First is the “Tables On Separate Sheets” mode that will convert the PDF file with each table output on a separate Excel sheet but within the same document.

Second is the “Text Only” mode that converts the PDF files as it is and displays all text values on a sheet. The third is “Text and Tables” mode that will help you convert both text and tables into a spreadsheet. On top of that, there is an OCR feature available at your disposal that comes in handy when you are dealing with scanned PDF documents. It is on by default but you can always disable it when not needed.

Download Soda PDF

12. PDF Suite Pro

PDF suite

PDF Suite Pro is a very comprehensive tool when you need to convert any PDF file into Microsoft Office Excel format so that you can apply further actions like possible editing. You can download PDFSuite on your desktop or else use the online service for the same. When converting PDF to Excel, the most outstanding feature you will love about this PDF to XLS converting software is that it is capable of retaining the original formatting.

This means that your tables, text, pie charts and other details will not be distorted in any way. In case you have bulk PDF documents to work on, PDF Suite Pro offline version comes with a batch conversion feature to enable you to achieve multiple PDF to Excel conversion at once. In case you opt to work with the online service, security has been enhanced as all uploads and downloads happen through secure SSL encrypted connections and files are automatically deleted from the servers after you are done.

Download PDF Suite Pro

Best PDF to Excel Converter for Windows 10: What to Consider

Choosing the best PDF to Excel converter is not that easy especially when you do not have factors to guide the decision. When you consider the following tidbits, you are sure to settle on the best program at the end of the day. These factors include;

1. PDF to Excel Conversion Without Losing Format

The overall formatting of a document is of very much importance as it goes a long way in communicating the right information. In that line, when you convert a PDF file, you wouldn’t want to lose the formating especially for content like tables which when distorted will not give the correct information.

A tool that will be able to maintain the layout of a table in terms of rows, columns and the data in the cells is advisable as it will avoid you having to manually edit the final Excel file so as to correctly align every component.

2. Quick PDF to Excel Conversion

The level of convenience when working with any tool is a very important factor when deciding on a go-to program. A tool that delivers the output pretty fast will go a long way to save on both time and effort greatly.

It does not make sense at all having to wait hours for the output to be delivered to you even when the data is not that complex. When you couple this with the previous factor, you will have a very comprehensive tool at your disposal. With a fast PDF converter, you will be able to process PDF files faster and have the equivalent Excel documents in a matter of moments.

3. Batch PDF to Excel Conversion

It is both a tedious and time-consuming task when you have to convert PDF to Excel one file after the other. A software that is capable of accepting the addition of multiple PDF files and then processing them to Excel file format equivalent all at the same time is definitely a winner.

The best PDF to Excel converter will make a task that would have taken a lot of time to be completed within moments depending on the file sizes. A tool that is able to offer both partial and batch conversion is definitely a very good option to go for.

4).  Use Online Service or Desktop Software

The environment you are to use the software is also a very important factor to consider when picking the best PDF to Excel converter to work with. If you are on the internet most of the time, online software will augur best with you as you will be able to accomplish all tasks there.

Not having a good internet connection does not mean that you cannot achieve the task at hand. Actually, you can just obtain an offline desktop software that does not rely on the internet to achieve the required transformation. At the end of the day, both online and offline environments can be used depending on which one you are comfortable with.

5). Price

We cannot fail to recognize this factor that is usually a big deal-breaker on the choice of PDF to Excel converter software. Actually, free PDF to Excel programs have a larger following when compared to paid ones. The market has both free download and paid PDF to Excel converter software and the one to work with will be determined by how deep your pocket goes especially for the premium programs.

Most of the time, personal tasks will command the free download PDF to Excel converter while commercial purposes are best satisfied by premium software that has all the features needed. Therefore, it is best to have a good balance between the price of a PDF converter and the features that it has to offer.

How to Convert PDF to Excel: 8 Easy Methods to Choose

There are many ways to extract PDF data into Excel, choosing the most suitable tool is based on your specific needs and situation, here we outline the 8 most common scenarios to achieve the conversion of PDF to Excel.

How to Convert PDF to Excel With Offline Desktop Software

Starting with the simple and instinctive user, this offline converter software promises an experience of a kind. In fact, TalkHelper PDF Converter has proven to be a very powerful tool when it regards the PDF file format.

It will help you extract just the data or information you need and at the same time let you choose where you want the output Excel files to be saved. In the instance of scanned PDF files, you do not need to seek the services of an external program as TalkHelper has a built-in OCR feature that comes in very handy. It is also very affordable software on top of providing a free trial period.

convert by TalkHelper PDF Converter

Once you have installed this program, follow these steps to achieve a complete PDF to Excel conversion process;

      1. Click on the “PDF to Excel” option on the left panel.
      2. Add the target PDF files via the native way or simply drag and drop them on the designated area.
      3. Click on the “Convert” button to commence the process.

As you can see, the process is not cumbersome at all and is guaranteed to give you the highest quality possible for the output and at the same time maintain the overall formatting of the original PDF file in the output Excel file.

How to Convert PDF to Excel in Windows 10

Able2Extract Professional is a very comprehensive tool that accommodates both the online and offline working environments. We will put our focus on the offline version that delivers very handy features.

This software will give you a preview of the output Excel file even before you perform the actual conversion on top of supporting batch conversion out of the box. When the need arises, you are empowered with the option to extract PDF tables without including any text surrounding the tables. All these features and more are just waiting for you to get started with this tool so that you can have access.


Without further ado, let us go through the steps to convert a PDF file to Excel with Able2Extract Professional.

      1. Open your PDF file in Able2Extract Professional.
      2. Choose your preferred conversion mode.
      3. Convert the PDF file to Excel.
      4. Save the output Excel file ina a directory of your own choosing.

There may be other options you can tinker with to make the output fit your requirements further but the above steps are guaranteed to take you through the process to convert PDF to Excel in the simplest way possible even for a first-time user.

How to Convert PDF to Excel on Mac

PDFelement from Wondershare is a Mac program that comes in very handy when faced with the need to convert PDF to Excel.

Prety everything in the original PDF file will be retained to the greatest extent possible. To be specific, you can expect all tables, overall layout and formatting to be retained in the Excel file you get at the end of the transformation process.

It is delivered to you as a free download trial software and also features a premium version that is pretty affordable when compared to some of the programs in the market. PDFelemnt on Mac promises high-quality output while at the same time keeping your files secure.

PDFelement for mac

The process to convert PDF to Excel on Max with PDFelement involves the below simple-to-follow steps.

      1. Download and install PDFelement on your Mac.
      2. Start PDFelement and click on the “Convert” option at the top right corner.
      3. On the resulting pop-up, click the setting icon and adjust the output option to Excel
      4. Add the PDF files to convert via the native or the drag-and-drop option.
      5. Tinker with the relevant settings – OCR is available for scanned PDF files.
      6. Finally, click on the “Convert” button and wait for your Excel spreadsheets.

PDFelement is delivered in 3 packages namely Standard, Pro and Business with offering unique features when compared to the others. The one you will go for will depend greatly on the environment and the features you are looking for. All in all, when you follow the steps above with any of the versions, you will be sure to have a successful PDF to Excel conversion process.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet Online

SimplyPDF is a good PDF to Excel converter especially if you are accustomed to an online environment. When you opt for this path, you will have done away with cumbersome software installation tasks on your local device.

This will, in turn, save greatly on the computer resources especially the storage and processing power. Actually, all you need to do involves just a couple of steps as we will come to see below. Better yet, you get access to this service absolutely free without any charges whatsoever.


To convert a PDF file into a standalone Excel document, the steps involved are;

      1. Head over to the PDF to Excel conversion web page.
      2. Add your file via the native file browsing method or simply drag and drop the PDF file.
      3. Hit the “Convert to Excel” button.

As simple as that, you will have converted your PDF file or files into the equivalent Excel format without breaking a sweat or worrying about the resources to use as all the processing is done on the cloud. As an added advantage, you can implement the integrated Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services to add and save files for that seamless online experience.

How to Convert PDF to Excel in Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite has been with us for a long time and is available on almost any computer out there. On top of being able to create and view office files, you will be surprised that it also carries files conversion capabilities under its wings.

In our case here, we are going to explore the steps involved in converting a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet using Microsoft Word. The process is pretty simple and therefore should not pose any hurdles when it comes to a successful conversion process.

pdf to excel in MS word

To convert PDF to Excel with Microsoft Word;

      1. Open the target PDF file in Microsoft Word.
      2. On the resulting pop-up, click on OK to confirm.
      3. Save the Word file as a web page in your preferred directory.
      4. Start the Microsoft Office Excel app, locate the web page file that you saved in step 3 and select to open.

This is not a cumbersome process at all although at the same time you need to be keen and follow the instructions as they are to avoid getting stuck. The next time you need to convert any PDF to Excel, remember that you do not necessarily have to go for sophisticated programs while the Microsoft Office suite is at your disposal.

How to Convert PDF to Excel using Python

Python is a very popular and powerful programming language that can also be used as a PDF converter. This will be different from what you have been used to as it is a command-driven software.

This means that you should not expect to find a graphical user interface with this tool but rather a terminal where you issue commands by typing. Consequently, you need to have some knowledge of how to use the terminal. In addition to that, I would like to point out that you will need to follow keenly on the whole process lest you are left stuck.

To get started, follow the following steps as keenly as possible.


To get started, follow the following steps as keenly as possible.

  • 1. From the Anaconda website, install Anaconda. This will install Python on your computer and at the same time have pip set up to help install packages.
  • 2. Set up the PDFTables Python library. In the directory containing the PDF file to be converted, start a command interface, input the code below, and hit “Enter”.

pip install git+https://github.com/pdftables/python-pdftables-api.git

   If you get a git related error, install it from here.

  • 3. Create a Python script containing the code below. This is the code that will be necessary to make the conversion successful.

import pdftables_api

c = pdftables_api.Client(‘my-api-key’)

c.xlsx(‘input.pdf’, ‘output’)

#replace c.xlsx with c.csv to convert to CSV

#replace c.xlsx with c.xml to convert to XML

#replace c.xlsx with c.html to convert to HTML

A few things to do here though include;

            1. Grab your API key from the PDFTables website and replace my-api-key
            2. With the target PDF filename at hand, replace the pdf appropriately
            3. Replace output with your preferred name for the converted file.

Once you have done that, save the PyPDF2 script as convert-pdf.py in the same folder as the source PDF file.

  • 4. Open a command line in the source folder and run the saved script. Click on the Address bar, type the word cmd, and hit “Enter”. Next, type in this code py convert-pdf.py and hit “Enter”.

And just like that, you will have converted your PDF file to Excel using Python. This is not a process for the faint-hearted as it requires you to have some knowledge on how to use the terminal. You will then need to locate the output Excel file in the source directory.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Excel Spreadsheet

Scanned PDF files are a bit different when put head to head with the native PDF files. This is because, unlike the native PDF files that can be converted almost directly without any hurdles, scanned PDFs will not convert in the best way and you may experience some content missing or distorted.

Cogniview PDF2XL features the much-coveted OCR feature that comes in to make the processing of scanned PDF files a worthwhile task. In fact, Cogniview PDF2XL has support for over 130 languages and is also pretty fast when it comes to output Excel file delivery.

To convert any PDF file, follow the steps below and get the most out of the PDF to Excel conversion process.

      1. Select Excel as the output format.
      2. Add the PDF file or files via native file browsing way or simply drag-and-drop the file on to the tool.
      3. Input your email address so that you can be notified once the conversion is completed.
      4. Click on the “Convert” button and be patient for the output to be delivered ready for download.

The conversion is not at all cumbersome not even for a first-time user when you consider the great extent to which this tool has been made simple and interactive. It will automatically detect the language on your PDF file and then apply the OCR Appropriately.

How To Convert PDF To Excel Within Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a pretty versatile program that offers both an online and offline experience when you need to convert PDF to Excel. To facilitate the online experience, there is an integrated cloud that you can sign up with and have all your work synchronized and have access no matter where you are. however, this is only achievable if you register for an account.

It is worth noting that this service does not come for free so you get a limited trial period especially when you engage in personal purposes. By upgrading to the paid version especially for those looking to satisfy commercial use, you are opened up to all the features in an unlimited way.

Adobe Acrobat

Enough of the introduction section. Let us now dive into the steps involved while converting PDF to Excel with Adobe Acrobat DC.

      1. Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC.
      2. Make use of the Export PDF tool located in the right panel.
      3. Select Excel as the target output format.
      4. Hit the Export option.
      5. Customize the file name and directory as you prefer and then click on the save option.

The Adobe team is generous enough to give you a considerable trial period for you to decide on the package to stick with and it goes without saying the premium package is, of course, the best one to go for. It is also prudent to note that you have to register in order to achieve a successful PDF to Excel conversion although the mobile platform is an exception.

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