5 Best PDF Compressor Software For Mac


Ever had a bounce-back when you tried to upload a PDF document on a certain website or as an attachment to an email while working on your Mac? If so, I am sure you must have thought of re-editing the document to make it smaller or had to remove some content even when everything was important.

I can confidently tell you that there was a simpler and more convenient way to compress PDF files on your Mac OSX without having to part way with crucial content. In fact, there are tools that will let you amazingly compress PDF to 100kb or even lower than that without compromising on the original quality much.

Consequently, this has led to the realization of this article that focuses on the best PDF compressor for Mac. Your quest for a good PDF compress program ends here as we have featured the top cream. It is time to do away with the hassle for the best PDF compressor for Mac.

While some of the tools are available for free download, others are downloadable after you have purchased them. Let us dive in and find out the boatload of available software so that you can choose one that augurs best with you.

5 Great Mac PDF Compressor Software to Reduce PDF File Size – Free Download

Software NameSupported MacOS VersionOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. Lightweight PDF
  • Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, CatalinaFree VersionFree Download
  • 2. Cisdem PDF Compressor For Mac
  • High Sierra, Mojave, CatalinaFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. PDFOptim
  • High Sierra, Mojave, CatalinaFree DemoFree Download
  • 4. PDF Squeezer For Mac
  • Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, CatalinaFree TrialFree Download
  • 5. Neuxpower PDF Compressor For Mac
  • High Sierra, Mojave, CatalinaFree DemoFree Download

    1. Lightweight PDF


    As one of the best PDF compressor for Mac, Lightweight PDF lives to its name by being a very minimalistic software. In fact, the installation file is just a mere 4MB in size. Consequently, getting started takes moments with the aim of getting you to the core business as soon as possible.

    Better yet, you obtain it as a free download program and amazingly achieves up to 90% PDF compression. By simply dragging and dropping files on the interactive interface, you will manage to compress PDF Mac without losing quality in the most convenient way possible. Discrepancies may occur between the file size and the quality when using other PDF reducing software but this top tool maintains an optimal balance between the two.

    Moreover, since it is an offline PDF reduction software for Mac OSX, your files will always remain confidential and private. For a good quality PDF compression, give this downloadable software a try.

    Download Lightweight PDF

    2. Cisdem PDF Compressor For Mac


    If you are looking to compress PDF files in a radical way, Cisdem will give you exactly that while at the same keeping a good quality as much as possible. This is achievable by getting rid of useless elements like metadata. Even before you get to reduce PDF file size, it is suitable we don’t ignore the user interface.

    Actually, the user interface doubles as both simple and instinctive with no learning curve at all. The PDF compress process has been simplified to just take 3 steps and on top of that, batch PDF compression is also possible for multiple files. By implementing the simple drag-and-drop feature to add multiple files, you will manage to save on both the time and effort.

    During the conversion process, you will get real-time feedback on the file sizes depending on the compression mode. To make the PDF reducing process even simpler, several preset filter modes are provided depending on your PDF compression needs.

    Download Cisdem

    3. PDFOptim


    Imagine effectively being able to compress PDF to 100kb. PDFOptim sees to it that the delivered features are polished to almost perfection. Terming software as the best PDF compressor for Mac does not come that easy if at all a tool has outstanding features.

    This top PDF compress program lets you reduce PDF file size without compromising on integrity. To help you in this, some predefined compression filters are at your disposal to avoid you having to tinker with lots of options.

    You are also empowered with flexible file management options especially when adding PDF files like the drag-and-drop feature that brings that ultimate convenience. On top of that,  a real-time preview of the original and optimized PDF file is provided for you to compare the files even before the PDF reduction is completed on your Mac OSX.

    Batch PDF compression is also supported on top of trackpad gestures for preview with zooming options. With this downloadable Mac software, you will be able to reduce PDF file size dramatically.

    Download PDFOptim

    4. PDF Squeezer For Mac


    By simply dragging and dropping PDF files on this top program available for download on your Mac, you will have offset the journey to a comprehensive PDF reducing the experience. The convenience does not end there as you are also opened up to preset PDF compress filters that cutaway many steps and the good thing is that you can also come up with your own depending on your preferences.

    Better yet, you are empowered with a batch PDF reduction feature so as to efficiently work on multiple PDF files in a folder and its subfolders. If you are working on encrypted PDF files, do not hassle at all as this program is able to process them and at the same time offer an add-on for Finder, Safari, and Preview when accessing the share menu.

    PDF Squeezer the best PDF compressor for Mac, especially when you consider its automatic compression mode which is further facilitated by a ‘One-Click-Compression’ button.

    Download PDF Squeezer

    5. Neuxpower PDF Compressor For Mac


    Neuxpower is not left behind when you are looking for the best PDF compressor for Mac. In fact, it is capable of PDF reducing dramatically up to 95% a level that most of the other similar PDF reducer programs struggle to achieve. One of the good things about working offline is the fact that you get to enjoy a secure and most of all a convenient local PDF compression process.

    Better yet, this top software is available for you as a free download with the aim of helping you compress PDF to 100kb or even smaller than that. It comes in very handy to rid you of the need to keep splitting and merging PDF files which prove to be both tedious and time-consuming.

    For extra convenience, the simple drag-and-drop option is at your disposal so that you can add files efficiently. With a simple and intuitive interface, you will compress PDF files significantly without compromising on the good quality.

    Download Neuxpower

    Each of the programs above will try their best to beat the others but you are the one with the final decision on which gets an edge over all the others. At the end of the day, you are sure to get a PDF reducer that satisfies your needs. Whether in an online or offline working environment, you are taken care of comprehensively. No more splitting and merging of PDF files will be required once you get started with one of these top software.

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