10 Best Open Source Screen Recorders For Windows/Mac/Linux

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open source screen recorder

With so many programs out there to capture screen video with, making a decision on the one to go for can be problematic unless you have a comprehensive look at what features you are to expect. A category that interests a great following of users is the open source screen recorder one that has free full version software that is nothing less than featureful. Featureful in the sense that it will help you accomplish the main function to capture screen video even before any other features like webcam personalization, video editing or even live streaming.

These kinds of programs are known to have their source code out there for you to copy and modify in the instance you need to implement improvements or even bring in extra features. Well, as much as there may be a boatload of tools out there, we have done the hard work for you to narrow down the list of open source screen recorder solutions cutting across the popular Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Just have the features you are looking for at hand so that you are able to make a decision after making your comparisons feature-wise. It is time to get knowledge on the tools you are opened up to and in the end, get to make an informed decision choosing the best open source screen recorder.

Top 10 Open Source Screen Recording Software for Windows/Mac/Linux

Software NameSupported OSDownload Link
  • 1. CamStudio
  • WindowsFree Download
  • 2. ShareX Screen Recorder
  • Windows/Mac/LinuxFree Download
  • 3. OBS Studio
  • Windows/Mac/LinuxFree Download
  • 4. UltraVNC Screen Recorder
  • WindowsFree Download
  • 5. Freeseer
  • LinuxFree Download
  • 6. Screenflow
  • MacFree Download
  • 7. SimpleScreenRecorder
  • LinuxFree Download
  • 8. RecordMyDesktop
  • LinuxFree Download
  • 9. XVidCap
  • LinuxFree Download
  • 10. Taksi
  • WindowsFree Download

    1. CamStudio


    This open source screen recorder has really become popular among users especially because it is capable of delivering bandwidth-friendly flash videos that are converted for you from the original AVl video format. No matter how big a video file gets to be, the compression feature coming with this tool will help you realize an even smaller file without any compromise on the output quality. Basically, it is able to capture everything on the screen, or even a customized region on the screen no matter the resolution you choose, with the same going for the audio; both from the built-in microphone or the system.

    All this is done at a very high-quality level so that the output file is nothing else but outstanding. Better yet, you have a chance to personalize your screen recording by putting the picture-in-picture mode into use via the webcam. You can rest assured that there are no limitations whatsoever regarding the screen capture time on top of the ultimate ease of use at the end of the day. Being an open source screen recorder program, you get to download the full version for free and even have a chance to contribute to the code for the case of developers.

    download TalkHelper Screen Recorder

    2. ShareX Screen Recorder


    Going by the name, this screen recorder program is geared towards giving you the ultimate convenience when it comes to sharing your screen captures be it in terms of snapshots or videos. This open source software avails to you hotkeys that you can implement to accomplish tasks in a quicker way other than just navigating menus and interacting with buttons. As a desktop recorder, you have the freedom to pick your preferred mode like the full screen, a program window, selected region no matter the shape.

    On top of that, you are able to capture screen content even when you have a multi-monitor setup. For those of us who are big fans of time lapses, this open source screen recording software features an automated capture mode that snapshots on certain set intervals. When you record the screen, you can choose to either save as an animated GIF file or just a normal video file depending on which one augurs the best with you. This full version software will not cost you any penny and has even more in store for you. You will also get a chance to perform certain actions in a batch mode like handling multiple screenshot uploads straight from the clipboard or from the context menu on file explorer thanks to the integrated cloud service.

    download CamStudio

    3. OBS Studio

    OBS Studio

    This open source screen recorder is available for all the available platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux to aid in the process to record video or even live stream content. It will offer you realtime top performance when you need to capture and mix both the audio and video on top of offering you the functionality to create scenes in an unlimited way. You will also get an audio mixer that carries some nifty features too like noise suppressions, noise gate and also gets the chance to make work easier through the use of presets that see to it that you tinker with lesser options.

    Actually, this open source desktop recorder boasts of the support for hotkeys which bring convenience and efficiency to accomplish tasks. By being able to deliver a powerful API, this software is able to bridge the gap when it regards collaborative creativity. All these features and more are accessible from this open source screen recorder in a less complex way making the process to capture screen video feel like just a walk in the park. Remember that you are not limited when you need to work with as many scenes as possible.

    download obs studio

    4. UltraVNC Screen Recorder


    What makes UltraVNC Screen Recorder really tick is no other than the speedy screen recording it is able to achieve all thanks to the supported hardware acceleration feature. With comprehensive support for the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, no one will be left out on this train. Among the features, you will love about this open source screen recorder is its audio mixing capabilities, timed recordings, export and sharing options, and subtitle editing.

    It does not end there since you are also able to perform the core function of screen recording, apply necessary effects and utilize the webcam when duty calls to personalize the final video. By integrating a mirror driver, speed and efficiency are boosted and the online Divx compression results into output files that are not that huge. In the instance you get stuck, there is reliable support available for you at any time you need it all from this open source screen recorder. You will enjoy all this all for free without spending not even a single penny; a plus for open source recording programs.

    download UltraVNC Screen Recorder

    5. Freeseer


    Freeseer will not only bring you cross-platform functionality but is also open source in a big way that consequently makes it free to download as a full version. In fact, this desktop recorder has topped among other tools as it offers a comprehensive way of recording conferences with the ultimate convenience. It is able to accommodate all users no matter their level of expertise in screen recording. The process to capture desktop streams is just like a knife through butter.

    Actually, this open source screen recording software is popular among trainers, lecturers or those undertaking presentations during conferences. To be specific, this open source screen recorder can capture VGA output or from other external sources like s-video, firewire, RCA or even a USB. In addition to that, you need not seek another software when you are looking to live stream content on your desktop since this tool has got you covered. Regarding output, OGG is the format in which this program renders the recorded videos. You will also be opened up to various configuration profiles to use and enjoy the convenience brought about by the use of supported hotkeys. Better yet, you are allowed to input audio from multiple sources without limitations.

    download Freeseer

    6. Screenflow


    This open source screen recorder is pretty feature-laden but also keeps the user-friendliness that is important to help any user get started without any problems. You will be able to capture screen video or podcasts without breaking a single sweat. It features top-notch algorithms that ensure that the video obtained is of the highest possible quality to the greatest extent. You do not need to worry about getting very huge video files especially when you choose to record the whole screen since this software also comes with a video compression feature out of the box. Being a Mac exclusive app, this desktop recorder is able to feature the latest technologies like automation.

    Better yet, you have a built-in video editor that is very useful when you need to tweak the video further after recording. Actually, you will be able to tinker with video aspects like the scale, cropping, position, opacity among others, audio parameters, screen capture options just to mention a few. The good thing is that you get to adjust all that way before you can dive into the screen recording process. In addition to that, you have a video uploader tool that helps you directly share the recorded video to social sites like Facebook, or to the integrated Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services without leaving the desktop recorder.

    download Screenflow

    7. SimpleScreenRecorder


    This is one of the open source screen recorder programs that are exclusive to the Linux platform. SimpleScreenRecorder was realized due to the need for a simple desktop recorder that is easy to use and delivers the best results possible. In fact, getting around this tool is not complex at all as it feels like a walk in the park. To do this, it incorporates profiles that you can choose from and implement in the instance you do not want to tinker with options that you are not sure of.

    Being open source has enabled this screen recording software to see so many features added to it gradually resulting in an unrivaled app. Versatility is also in this program’s DNA since it provides several screen record modes; recording the whole screen, a fixed rectangle, following the cursor mode and not forgetting the option to capture OpenGL. Do not forget that this open source screen recording app lets you adjust the frame rate and scale of the final video depending on your preferences on top of letting you pause or resume the recording as you see fit. As for the audio, it can be captured from any supported source with complete sync and also can be disabled at the click of a button. Better yet, you will have a statistics window coupled with a preview to ensure that you are on the right track.

    download SimpleScreenRecorder

    8. RecordMyDesktop


    If you are looking to capture screen video with the ability to adjust both the audio and video quality, recordMyDesktop is the perfect candidate for you. By doing so, your videos will be top-notch and at the same time feature crisp clear audio. You have the chance to choose your working mode, graphical user interface or the command-driven one, depending on the one that works best for you. The ease of use brought about by the graphical user interface ensures that you have an overly effective open source screen recorder program at your disposal.

    When you are not recording the whole screen, you can avoid the tool obstructing other parts by configuring it to just capture the specified regions. While some similar functioning screen recording apps open you up to more than one format for the output, recordMyDesktop only supports OGG as the output and getting started with this software is exclusive to the Linux platform. Even before you can start recording the screen or window, you have the chance to define your preferred frame rate, the mouse cursor style and whether to enable compression. This full version free program boasts of a preview feature that comes in handy to confirm the area you are recording at all times.

    download RecordMyDesktop

    9. XVidCap


    Linux has a good share of its own open source screen recorder programs and XVidCap happens to fall in this list. It has actually been considered as an alternative to the various commercial tools out there that support other platforms in a comprehensive way. You can choose between capturing single or multiple frames besides being opened up to a rich set of audio and video settings. For instance, you will be able to adjust the video filename, output format, codec, framerate, quality and even how long the recording should go.

    Regarding the audio, you get to decide on the input device to use, the codec, sample rate, bitrate and even the number of channels in play. The user interface is very straightforward and by getting the chance to localize the user interface to one of the supported languages, the simplicity of use is automatically reiterated. You have the freedom to capture the whole screen or even parts of the screen depending on where the content you need to record is. At the end of the day, you will be able to share the screen recording and ultimately communicate the intended information in a reliable way.

    download XVidCap

    10. Taksi


    Taksi is a utility program that is best suited to handle the capture of screenshots or video clips on your Windows computer. It is the perfect alternative to the paid version programs as it is delivered as a free full version software with all the necessary features available thanks to being open source. Actually, it has a special feature whereby it is able to achieve live video compression as the recording process continues. On top of that, this open source screen recorder also happens to feature customizable hotkeys that help you perform tasks faster. In fact, you will be able to customize the hotkeys without the need to restart the program or the content you are working on.

    You are also opened up to lots of options to tinker with during the screen recording process like the frame rate and the weight of source frames. Through this, you are able to realize smoother and ultimately faster videos in the instance normal algorithms do not give the expected results. Therefore, whether you are playing a game or dealing with 3D graphics, this screen recorder software will not disappoint you. This program to capture screen video is not capable of recording audio but when you want to capture screen video be it in full screen or a user-defined area, you are not limited in any way when it comes to running time.

    download Taksi

    And there goes your list of go-to open source screen recorder software available in the market. Settling on a specific one will depend on the features you are really after at the end of the day. Therefore, after going through the list of open source screen recorder programs, have you discovered one that has promised to lace your shoes in the most reliable way? Also, let us know in the comment section in case of any wonderful open source screen recorder software that may have been left out. Otherwise, grab one of these full version apps as they are all open source and free without limitations.

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