8 Best MP4 Video Editor Software For Windows & Mac


When you decide to foray into the world of home entertainment through videos, the MP4 file format will be very useful in ensuring that your content reaches a wide audience as much as possible. The MP4 format is very popular due to its multiplatform nature which means it can be viewed on almost any device out there besides high degrees of compression that result in a smaller file of high quality that can be streamed online smoothly.

As a content creator, you will need the best MP4 video editor program to help you deliver just that content that any viewer can enjoy without special requirements. The search process for such MP4 video editing software can be a tedious and overly time-consuming task but in this review article, we have narrowed the search for you to bring you the top and best MP4 video editor software that you can get started with. There are great programs, free or paid, online or offline that you can choose from where you are just after just a one time MP4 video editing or that program that you will form a bond with to cater for your video editing needs.

With the MP4 video editor programs below, you will have a heaven of time kicking the ball out of the pack whether in regard to trimming, cutting, cropping, applying filters, transitioning clips, titling among other video editing features that lead you to that MP4 file at the end of the day. Let us find out what options you have at your disposal in the list of the best MP4 video editor software.

Top 8 Great Software to Edit MP4 Video Files Easily on Windows & Mac

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. Windows Movie Maker
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. VSDC Free Video Editor
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. Lightworks
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 4. Movavi Video Editor
  • Windows/MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 5. Blender Video Editing Software
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 6. iMovie
  • MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 7. Simple MP4 Editor
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • 8. OpenShot
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download

    1. Windows Movie Maker

    windows movie maker

    This is a free MP4 video editing software that is exclusive to the Windows platform and brings with it handy features like trimming, merging, rotating, adding music, and at the end being able to export the final video in the popular MP4 format that can be viewed conveniently. It is a good option when you also need to apply transitions, title, zoom, pan and apply filters to spice up your video file. To make the video even more captivating, you have the chance to include audio from your own library or the built-in one depending on which one augurs the best with you.

    Regarding the output, you are assured of exporting to nothing less than HD quality so that the user does not get bored to view the low-quality video. Ultimately, this is the best MP4 video editor to aid you in creating MP4 movies from photos, music, and video clips. It is simple and efficient enough to make sure the process to edit MP4 video files does not take ages to complete.

    download Windows Movie Maker

    2. VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor

    Featuring a non-linear editor, this free download program allows you to place media assets of any size on any position of the timeline. You get the chance to enjoy preset Instagram-like filters for those of us who need to save time in the process to edit MP4 video clips. This is in addition to making the best out of features like masking, motion tracking, video stabilization, among others. As one of the best MP4 video editor programs out there it features a YouTube uploader that makes the process to directly export streamable videos to YouTube easy on top of other export presets that are optimized for certain social networks.

    With the ability to blend colors, you are able to give your MP4 video that unique and professional touch of style. Even with the rich functionality, this MP4 video editor software still maintains a simple and intuitive user interface to ensure no one has a hard time getting around and as a result makes it the best MP4 video editor that you can download online for free.

    download VSDC Free Video Editor

    3. Lightworks


    Lightworks has been in the video editing industry for over 25 years and has never been anything less than the best MP4 video editor you can get started with. It does not matter whether you need a video for YouTube, social media or even a 4K film since this top MP4 video editing software will make it possible without breaking a sweat. Featuring a simple and instinctive user interface, trimming and other forms of video editing is easy to perform on the timeline.

    A special feature is that this MP4 video editor program supports a wide range of video formats even when the clips have variable frame rates. On top of that, video or audio effects can be applied in realtime to make your final video outstanding. In addition to that, considering that audio plays an important part in a video, you get the chance to add your own audio or choose from the royalty-free music included and in the end get to export an MP4 video that is not boring to watch. How else does the best MP4 video editor get better than this?

    download Lightworks

    4. Movavi Video Editor


    Movavi Video Editor is a free download program for both Windows and Mac that brings you an intuitive way to edit video files. The process to edit MP4 files will not be of much hassle as this good tool does not feature a steep learning curve. You have the chance to spice up your MP4 clips with transitions, titles, intros, on top of cropping, and turning as you see fit. To help you with the transitions when you need to edit MP4 files, this great tool boasts of a transition wizard that makes the process a walk in the park.

    In the instance, you recorded an MP4 file and it happens to be overly shaky, you have the best MP4 video editor at your disposal to stabilize it for you besides letting you personalize the same by implementing the included PiP mode. You can always pan, zoom, and style the video as you wish before you export it to the MP4 format that can be viewed from any device. For convenience, you can also call the automatic video creation feature that will give you a simple process to create MP4 clips without having to tinker with so many options.

    download Movavi Video Editor

    5. Blender Video Editing Software


    Blender video editing software is an open-source tool that you can download for free and use on any platform to edit MP4 files. When we talk of any platform, Mac, Windows, and Linux are supported. The included sequence editor lets you cut, splice, mask, and color grade your video for it to meet the expected standards. Having sound in your MP4 file is important and that is why this top MP4 video editor features an audio mixer feature.

    It is actually the best MP4 video editor when you consider the great control it gives you over the speed, layer adjustment, transitions, filters, and keyframes. All this is geared towards having the right kind of MP4 file that you can share conveniently with the target audience. Better yet, you have a chance to preview all these implementations live on your video and make necessary adjustments before you can render the final MP4 file.

    download Blender

    6. iMovie


    If you are a Mac enthusiast, iMovie will surely cross your path in your quest to edit MP4 video files. By just picking your video clips, adding titles, effects, and matching music, you will be set to edit your video file and enjoy support for video resolutions up to 4K. This is realized because of the built-in templates that you can use to make the process even more convenient. At your disposal is the picture-in-picture mode to help you personalize videos, green screen, or split-screen when you are working with multiple camera footage.

    Amazingly, you also have the chance to publish the MP4 videos you render directly to YouTube in 4K without much hassle. This MP4 video editor is able to deliver output that can be streamed smoothly even at 4K since the MP4 format is capable of that. The speed at which you are able to edit MP4 video files is unlike any other and as a result, makes it the best MP4 video editor for the Mac platform.

    download iMovie

    7. Simple MP4 Editor


    This is a great piece of MP4 video editing software for those of us rocking Windows 7 or the way up to the latest iteration, Windows 10. Unlike other MP4 video editing software that may be impractical to ordinary users out there, this free download program comes in to bridge that gap for you. For instance, you can edit MP4 video files by just cutting when you need a section of a long video without the need to interact and set up media files on the timeline. Simple Video Editor also comes in handy to help you share the edited video file to target destinations like YouTube without leaving the program.

    Actually, this is the best MP4 video editor that will let you join, trim and cut video clips in a pretty efficient way without compromise on the original video quality. Apart from the ability to edit MP4 video files, this great program will also help you extract audio from your MP4 and save in the popular MP3 format. The simplicity and effectiveness of this good MP4 video editing software will bring you the ultimate satisfaction.

    download Simple MP4 Editor

    8. OpenShot


    OpenShot is that free and open-source program for you that also happens to be cross-platform as it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux without any limitations whatsoever. You will be able to edit MP4 projects with the ultimate ease while taking advantage of the unlimited tracks on the timeline, animations, keyframes, slow motion, time effects among other features. The user interface is both simple and intuitive to give you an easy time getting around and in addition to that, this best MP4 video editor program also happens to be multilingual which means it can be localized to one of the over 70 supported languages.

    You are also not restricted in any way regarding the media assets you can add and the simple drag-and-drop feature will see to it that you have the ultimate convenience playing with media on the timeline. Audio can also be edited and mixed to your preference, implementing title templates on top of enjoying frame accuracy that will just blow your mind. Do not forget the live preview feature and at the end of the day, you have the best MP4 video editor at your disposal.

    download OpenShot

    This list of the best MP4 video editors is rich enough so that you can pick the one tool that promises to lace your shoes in the best way possible. We all know that the MP4 format is very versatile and having the best MP4 video editor is very important so that you can export the final clips in a convenient format viewable by everyone without any hiccups. Just pick the one tool that stands out as the best MP4 video editor and get started as the ball is now in your court.

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