7 Best MKV Editor Software for Windows & Mac


MKV is a free open standard container data format container that boasts of the ability to incorporate an unlimited number of tracks for video, audio, images, metadata, and subtitles all in a single file. Actually, it has become very popular in recent times due to it being supported across most of the devices in the market. On top of that, it is very easy to play with it especially when you need to change it in any way as long as you have the right editing tools. It is pretty compact, streamable, and able to handle variable video frame rate encoding and variable audio bitrate encoding without breaking a sweat.

In the instance you are looking to tinker with this video format, you definitely need a good MKV editor program, the right editing tool, that will kick the ball out of the park for you conveniently. And while there are so many good programs out there, you will require the best MKV editor app in order to make the best out of the process. Unfortunately, settling on the best MKV editor is no easy task unless you are conversant with the solutions you are opened up to.

Luckily for you, we have got you covered to bring you a boatload of the best MKV editor programs that you can download and get started with. Without further ado, let us jump right into the list of top MKV editing software.

7 Great Software to Edit MKV Video Files Easily on Windows & Mac

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer +
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Avidemux
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. MKVToolNix
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 4. VSDC Free Video Editor
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 5. Movavi Video Editor
  • Windows/MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 6. MKVtools MKV Editor
  • MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 7. iMovie MKV Editor
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download

    1. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer +


    Free AVI Trimmer+ boasts of its own SolveigMM video editing engine that is powerful in a manner that you never need to go through encoding and decoding processes. You will be happy to learn that this is the best MKV editor that promises to keep both the video and audio in perfect synchrony to ensure that they match perfectly in the output file.

    You are also not limited in any way when it comes to splitting the MKV files be it in terms of duration, segments, or even file size; you are free to slice the video in any way you wish to easily achieve the goal at hand without messing with the video quality. This is a very handy feature that will help remove any commercials or unwanted parts of the video you are editing. We talked of MKV files supporting subtitles, and this top program lets you edit MKV video files in a way that you are able to preview embedded or even external subtitles at the click of a button so that you can make necessary adjustments.

    download SolveigMM AVI Trimmer +

    2. Avidemux


    Avidemux happens to be an open-source, free download tool to edit MKV videos no matter the platform; Windows, Linux, Mac, or BSD. Besides video conversion, it takes the process to edit MKV video a notch higher by automating the process as much as possible. It is a good and reliable MKV splitter tool where this feature is realized via cutting portions of the original video. This MKV editing software features presets that you can implement especially when you do not want to tinker with so many options.

    Worry not if you are working on a low-quality MKV file as it is capable of improving the overall quality in a big way. In addition to that, it supports non-linear video editing coupled with rich visual effects, transcoding, and muxing. It is a great MKV editor that also opens you up to lots of filters, gauss smoothing, chroma shifts, auto-resize, deinterlacing, black border among other nifty features. As one of the best MKV editor, it features both a graphical and command-line interface depending on your preference.

    download Avidemux

    3. MKVToolNix


    MKVToolNix bundles several tools that are all geared towards allowing you to manipulate Matroska files in various ways. One of these ways is none other than the ability to edit MKV files with the ultimate convenience. Convenience here is reiterated further by the fact that this MKV editor is cross-platform in nature which means you can get started with it on Windows, Linux, or Mac all for free without any limitations.

    In regards to tinkering with MKV files, there is pretty much to do with this free program including splitting, merging, extracting, among other editing features. What’s more, is that you have the choice of a graphical user interface or the native command-driven version depending on the function mode that suits you. Better yet, this is one of the best MKV editor software that boasts of the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature when importing media files to work on. Besides its simplicity and intuitiveness, this MKV editing software is also overly efficient with the output being delivered within a short time. This is a definitely a must-have open-source MKV editor.

    download MKVToolNix

    4. VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor

    Featuring a user-friendly user interface, this tool will not only help you create a video but also features a built-in video editor tool. You will actually be amazed by the plethora of video effects that this free download MKV editor program delivers. To be specific, you are able to apply color correction, transform objects, on top of applying necessary filters be it on images or videos in your project timeline. You also have the chance to tinker with the audio by correcting volume, normalizing sound, adding effects, applying filters, echo, and reverberation just to mention a few.

    As the best MKV editor program, it features a modern user interface that does not have any steep learning curve especially when you consider the availability of wizards that guide you in various tasks. By featuring a non-linear editor, there are no limitations, be it in terms of size or placement on the timeline. Motion tracking, masking, blending are some other special features you get when you edit MKV video with that subpixel accuracy.

    download VSDC Free Video Editor

    5. Movavi Video Editor


    This is a very powerful and feature-laden MKV editing software which is the ultimate choice for those of us looking forward to having an easy time to edit MKV video files. Of course, you have the chance to implement the basic video editing options but there is even more than that. You have the chance to edit MKV video and on top of that, spice it up further using transitions, effects, filters, and transitions. At the same time, you have an accommodative timeline that ensures that your media assets are properly arranged, possible intros and outros inserted, animated tiles added, highlights made on top of a concealing tool that comes in handy to hide sensitive content in your video.

    It has proven to be the best MKV editor especially when you look at the built-in sample video clips and music that you can take advantage of to make the final video less boring. Better yet, you get to enjoy efficient processing with support for resolutions up to 4K. Not forgetting the PiP mode, stylizations, video stabilization, the straightforward transition wizard, and the convenient pan-and-zoom feature.

    download Movavi Video Editor

    6. MKVtools MKV Editor


    This is a set of tools that is delivered at your disposal to help you edit MKV files in the most satisfying manner. It is a good free download program that carries a lot under its arms. At the click of a button, you are able to split MKV clips following a specific size or even a custom start and end position making it a great MKV splitter app. Moreover, you are able to extract tracks from an MKV file and have separate audio and video files before you can apply further actions like incorporating your own audio.

    For subtitles, you are opened up to different fonts that you can easily resize and position as you wish. At the same time, you have a chance to join two or more MKV clips easily without much hassle – only the best MKV editor gets to do this. Besides the simple and instinctive user interface, there are various presets that make the process to edit MKV video even more convenient. As the best MKV editor, it boasts of a preview feature that comes in handy to confirm how the changes are effected.

    download MKVtools MKV Editor

    7. iMovie MKV Editor


    Mac enthusiasts will definitely fall in love with this great program when you look at the goodies it brings to the table as an MKV editing software. You get quality titles, special effects, top-notch filters, and smart soundtracks to spice up your MKV video with that ultimate ease. It is also very accommodating resolution-wise since it can comfortably handle video resolution of up to 4K in a lossless way. Working with footage from multiple sources is easy too when you make use of the split-screen feature.

    On top of that, personalization is also possible thanks to the picture-in-picture feature at your disposal. Of course, this MKV editor still offers the basic tools to cut, crop, trim, merge, and enhance videos in a hassle-free process. As the best MKV editor on Mac, working on the Matroska videos is just like a walk in the park. By implementing this great tool to edit MKV video, you have set yourself on a path of masterpieces.

    download iMovie

    After going through this list of the best MKV editor programs, you have a deep understanding of what each software has to offer so that you can make relevant comparisons. Due to different preferences, the best MKV editor will not be the same program for all of us. By identifying the one tool that laces your shoes in the best way possible, you are set to edit MKV video with that ultimate feel of convenience. All you need to do now is pick your best MKV editor and get started.

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