7 Best Free Online PDF Compressor to Reduce PDF File Size


I acknowledge the fact that not everyone is a big fan of cumbersome software installation processes especially when you want to dive right into the task at hand. PDF compression is one such task that you may want to accomplish without having to install a program on your Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android device.

However, this will not just happen automatically for you unless you know some of the online PDF reducer tools you can employ to handle exactly that. Luckily, we have done the hard work for you to bring you a rich list of the PDF reducing web programs you can lean and the long search process.

Of course, the best online PDF compressor will have to deliver good quality files that have not degraded the resolution at all. Actually, you will be amazed to come across top online programs that are able to compress PDF to 100kb and even lower than this is also possible. All these tools are cross-platform and do not tie you to a specific location or device; you will be able to work while on the go and from any device as long as you have a compatible web browser and a good internet connection. Without further ado, here are the online PDF reducer programs.

1. HiPDF Online PDF Compressor


If you are looking to compress PDF online, HiPDF is one of the online PDF compressor programs that you can find solace in. With just a simple drag-and-drop option, you get to add PDF files for PDF reducing very conveniently. For security concerns that may arise when working online, this PDF reduction tool ensures that the process is safe with no file falling into the hands of unauthorized parties.

This is achieved even further by ensuring that PDF files are permanently deleted from the server in an hour tops. Better yet, this process is available to you for free without any registrations, subscriptions or even ads on the interface so as to give you a smooth experience.

For an even tip-top working experience, several cloud services are integrated including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Onedrive. This means you can work online without impacting on the local resources at all. Batch conversion is also available when processing multiple PDF files.

Download TalkHelper PDF Compressor

2. Online2PDF Compressor


Online2PDF will deliver a simple and instinctive user interface for you work with to compress PDF online. You will be amazed by just how this web tool is able to provide all the options in a single interface. The maximum file size that you can process is 100MB which is pretty accommodating although all files combined must not exceed 150MB per session.

On the other hand, batch PDF reducing is also supported in the instance you are to process multiple PDF files all at once. For image-based PDF files, you will be able to tinker with the resolution and quality depending on the compression level you are looking for. For an even smaller file, you can opt to convert color images to black and white.

Your privacy is guaranteed with secure uploads, downloads and files being deleted from the server once the PDF reduction process is complete. At the end of the day, you will be working with a powerful online PDF compressor.

Download online2pdf

3. Sejda Online Compressor


Sejda is a very feature-rich PDF compression tool that will see to it that you reduce PDF file size online without losing quality. It offers a free service so you do not have to dig into your pocket in order to access online PDF reduction capabilities.

For security and privacy purposes when working to PDF compress online, both uploads and downloads are handled over encrypted connections to ward off third-parties on top of automatically deleting files from the server after 2 hours. Dragging and dropping to add PDF files is supported and for extra convenience, Dropbox and Google Drive are integrated to make the whole process even simpler and less time-consuming.

Lots of options are provided for you to tinker with depending on the level of PDF compression you are looking for. In fact, you will get to play with so many options especially when it comes to image-based PDF files which in turn affect the file size you get at the end of the process to convert PDF online.

Download Sejda

4. iLovePDF Online PDF Compressor


Even as an online PDF compressor web program, iLovePDF features a very simple, intuitive and straightforward interface that is ultimately clean. It promises to reduce PDF file size online while at the same time not compromising on the good quality of the original PDF file.

It provides the native file browsing method of adding PDF files or alternatively you can go for the very convenient drag-and-drop option that saves on both the time and effort. For those of us who like working online with cloud services, you will be able to implement the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations that are supported out of the box.

This is a very powerful online PDF reducer that is amazingly able to compress PDF to 100kb or even to a lower level than that without losing quality. It lives by its slogan that it is capable of PDF reduction while at the same time keeping maximal PDF quality. Confirm this when you get started with iLovePDF.

Download ilovepdf

5. SmallPDF Online Compressor


SmallPDF is a comprehensive tool to compress PDF online in one of the most convenient ways. Besides supporting the addition of PDF files via the simple drag-and-drop option, you get to implement the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud integrations for that all-online experience. With this online PDF compressor, all your files are secure at all times and deleted from the server one hour after you have downloaded the compressed files.

It also goes without saying that this is a cross-platform program that only requires you to have a good browser and a reliable internet connection. For scanned PDF files, you will be able to dramatically reduce them to 144dpi which is best-suited for uploading on the web and email attachments.

SmallPDF is one of the best online PDF compressor software when looking at just how accommodating it is; it has a file size limit of 5GB and is sure to deliver output pretty fast. You get to PDF compress online on the cloud hence saving greatly on the local computer resources.

Download smallpdf

6. WeCompress File Compressor


WeCompress offers just the best when you need to compress PDF online. Actually, you will not need to go through any registrations, adverts, or intrusive watermarks on the output however much the tool is delivered free. It boasts of trust from over 2 million users thanks to being able to reduce PDF file size online without losing quality.

You are opened up to unlimited online PDF compression which takes into account both the number of files and the time allowed to use the service. As an online PDF compressor, it has managed to come out as a versatile online PDF reducer which is not platform-selective. Getting stuck on an online PDF reducer is possible and the developers have ensured that there is comprehensive and reliable user support when such moments arise.

It is also prudent to recognize that you can add PDF files for conversion via the native file browser method or alternatively use the simple and convenient drag-and-drop feature.

Download wecompress

7. PDF24 Tools


One of the top tools you can employ to compress PDF online is PDF24. It has been crafted to deliver the best in regard to PDF reducing tasks. It is also a cross-platform tool that is not platform-selective be it Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone or Android. One thing you will love most about the PDF compression delivered is the control you are given over the output.

In fact, you are able to tinker with the compression algorithm options so that the result at the end is as you would have wanted it to be. It is good to note that image-based PDF files are compressed better than text-only documents when working with this good PDF compress online tool.

In addition to that, you get rid of cumbersome software installation processes as all the PDF reductions activities happen fully on the cloud. You need not worry about the security of your files as the uploads and downloads are done via encrypted connections and no files are left on the server after your session.

Download PDF24 Tools

The ball is now in your court to select that one tool that has proven to lace your shoes best. Remember, your choice will be highly driven by the preferences you have. As we pointed out earlier, the best online PDF compressor will have to give dramatically small files that do not have the quality of content compromised in them.

Having that in mind will take you on a path to getting that top PDF compression tool that will not disappoint you in any way. Also, at the back of your mind, consider that a good browser coupled with a good internet connection is important for the success of the process to compress PDF online. Grab one of these PDF reducing tools and get started.

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