6 Best Excel to PDF Converters Offline & Online

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best excel to pdf converter

An Excel to PDF conversion tool is an online or offline program that helps to convert Excel spreadsheets into their PDF format equivalent. While Excel is easily editable, PDFs are known to carry data in a way that is not easy to alter. More specifically, when you turn XLSX to PDF or XLS to PDF, there are various benefits like;

  • Keeping the original Excel sheet layout, fonts, format, and images intact in the output PDF, and therefore communicating the intended information.
  • Viewing the document conveniently on any device with just a PDF viewer.
  • Avoiding accidental adjustments to the Excel file. PDFs are read-only and therefore not prone to deliberate or unintended tampering.
  • Enjoying hassle-free sharing and printing perks associated with PDFs.

Achieving this is only possible when you obtain the best Excel to PDF converter software and this article opens you up to several, top go-to solutions.

The Best Excel to PDF Converter: What to Consider

Settling on the best online or offline Excel to PDF converter software, especially in a market laden with so many programs,  is not an easy task unless you are guided by certain factors. In that regard, we will now look at some of the factors to put into consideration to help you obtain the best tool to export Excel to PDF.

A flexible Excel to PDF converter means that you are open to tweaking various options like the output PDF orientation, export specific content like table/charts, convert a specific Excel sheet, and more. Through such flexible options, you can tailor the output to your specific needs.

Sharing a document without format issues is everyone’s goal and an Excel to PDF software that can manage this is a plus. This means that you can avoid inconsistencies like adjusted page borders, non-uniform column/row spacing, images shifting position, altered margins, or certain content, like images, having a different size from the original Excel.

Through batch conversion, a tool to save Excel to PDF will save you a ton of time and effort since you can convert multiple Excel documents into PDFs simultaneously instead of the time-consuming process of doing it one Excel file after the other. Also, the combine/merge feature comes in handy for the convenient sharing of related Excel spreadsheets. Instead of sharing each file, you get to join all of them and share them as a single PDF file.

How fast or slow you can convert Excel to PDF is a big factor to consider. Of course, a conversion tool that is speedy will save you a lot of time by delivering the output almost instantly. In terms of privacy, an offline XLS to PDF is considered more secure, and for an online tool, settle for a program that ensures that the uploaded and converted files do not fall into the hands of unauthorized parties.

Top 6 Excel to PDF Converters Offline & Online

Software NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. Nitro Pro
  • Windows, MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 4. PDFCreator
  • WindowsFree VersionFree Download
  • 5. Soda PDF
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree DemoFree Download
  • 6. iLovePDF
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree DemoFree Download

    #1. TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)

    talkhelper pdf converter

    TalkHelper PDF Converter is by far the best Excel to PDF converter program going by the boatload of features it offers. In fact, it satisfies the majority of the factors to consider when choosing a tool to export XLSX to PDF. For instance, you can convert multiple Excel spreadsheets into PDF, thanks to the batch convert feature, besides the flexibility to choose where the output PDF is saved.

    Also, this top, offline, and free download program retains the original layout and formatting of the XLS/XLSX file to ensure that the output PDF file communicates the same information. Better yet, TalkHelper PDF Converter is very efficient, supports document merging, and working offline keeps all your files secure.


    • Fast Excel to PDF conversion
    • Format and layout retention
    • Offers batch conversion
    • Works offline to guarantee both privacy and security
    • Offers Excel merging options


    • Windows only

    Price info: TalkHelper PDF Converter provides a free trial version for you to evaluate all the features with limitation of up to 10 pages per conversion.

    TalkHelper PDF Converter License

    No of Users/Price(USD)

    1 User License

    1 User – $29.95/lifetime

    Supported Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

    Best for: Fast and overly efficient Excel to PDF conversion without quality loss.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    #2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    adobe acrobat pro dc

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another top Excel to PDF conversion tool that can be used both online and offline. Besides features like batch processing, format retention, and fast Excel to PDF tasks, this software also boasts the special Adobe Document Cloud.

    With this feature, you get the chance to convert, share, store and access any file while on the go, and therefore enjoy great levels of convenience, reliability, and accessibility. You get the chance to protect the converted PDFs with passwords where necessary and also get access to PDF editing options in case there are any adjustments to be made. Not forgetting options to rotate, watermark, combine, and optimize the resulting PDFs, among other options.


    • Offers cloud-based collaboration
    • Supports batch Excel to PDF processing
    • Delivers format-retaining output fast
    • Offers extra PDF editing options
    • Multiplatform


    • A bit pricey and robust

    Price info: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is generous enough to give you a free trial period but once you have exhausted that, you have to dig into your pocket to purchase any of the following paid licenses.

    Adobe Acrobat License Package

    Price (USD) per month

    Acrobat Standard DC


    Acrobat Pro DC


    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web-based

    Best for: Cloud-based, high-quality Excel to PDF conversion with format retention.

    Download adobe acrobat

    #3. Nitro Pro


    Nitro Pro undertakes the Excel to PDF conversion process with sheer diligence and speed. And even at those high conversion speeds, this offline XLS to PDF converter app manages to consistently retain the original images, fonts, and overall formatting.

    As a special feature, Nitro Pro can also automate the conversion of Excel attachments from emails with the help of the included Outlook plugin. To guarantee an overly efficient Excel to PDF process, the one-click batch conversion feature is at your disposal. And just like Adobe Acrobat DC, you are open to document security options, editing options, and cloud service integration.


    • Boasts batch conversion
    • Offers document merging options
    • Format retention
    • Offers PDF editing options
    • Easy-to-use Office-like interface


    • The trial version is pretty limited feature-wise

    Price info: You can try Nitro Pro for free and once you are satisfied with the features offered, grab the paid version as priced below;

    Nitro Pro Package

    Price (USD)/User

    Nitro PDF Productivity

    (Nitro PDF Pro & Nitro Sign Essentials)


    (Billed Annually)

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

    Best for: Batch Excel to PDF conversion with options for automation.

    Download nitro pro

    #4. PDFCreator


    PDFCreator is a free, open-source, and multilingual tool that comes in handy to save any Excel file into PDF format. This software is known to perfectly align with a user’s requirements by delivering both flexibility and efficiency. The task to turn any Excel spreadsheet into PDF is largely automated and this means that the output is delivered way faster than when you have to do everything manually.

    Besides, if you have multiple Excel sheets that need merging, PDFCreator will swing into action and output a single PDF that is convenient to share. Also, you get to use digital signatures to secure the output PDF in case you need to restrict access.


    • Offers remote deployment capabilities
    • Allows you to secure the output PDFs
    • Multilingual, free, and open-source
    • Offers the batch convert feature
    • Features an Excel to PDF merger tool


    • The free version is full of ads

    Price info: Alongside the PDFCreator Free edition, there are other solutions for different infrastructure and are priced as follows;

    PDFCreator Edition

    No. of Licenses/Price(USD)


    1 – $16.90

    Terminal Server

    1 – $319.00


    1 – $950.00

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: Automating Excel to PDF conversion tasks and remote deployment.

    Download pdfcreator

    #5. Soda PDF


    In just a matter of seconds, Soda PDF can convert any Excel spreadsheet into PDF no matter whether you are using the offline or online version. This top Excel to PDF converter can separate sheets and pages to save every sheet or page as a separate PDF document as per your needs. Keep in mind that, document components like formulas, charts, tables, and more will be carried over to the PDF file and inherit the original layout and formatting.

    This way, you can avoid the need to perform post-conversion editing which can prove pretty tedious. Before converting XLS to PDF, you can tinker with various options like page orientation, borders, size, and scale; to satisfy flexibility. In all instances, your documents remain secure.


    • Available for online and offline use
    • Offers PDF editing and optimization/compression options
    • Less pricey compared to the likes of Adobe Acrobat
    • Supports multiple platforms
    • Offers batch conversion and high-quality output
    • Integrates cloud services


    • You need to register to access the trial version

    Price info: You can obtain Soda PDF as a free download program and after the trial period is over, grab any of the licenses below.

    Soda PDF 360


    Price (USD)










    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile, Web-based

    Best for: Fast and efficient Excel to PDF workflows across multiple devices and platforms.

    Download soda pdf

    #6. iLovePDF


    iLovePDF is also one of the best Excel to PDF converter tools that boast high levels of simplicity while still delivering exemplary output. Besides letting you convert and merge multiple Excel files into a single PDF, you also get the option to rearrange the documents to fit your preference.

    Apart from converting your local Excel sheets, iLovePDF allows you to import documents directly from Dropbox or Google Drive cloud services for that extra touch of convenience. To keep up with the competition, you can rest assured that the original formatting and quality will not be compromised and therefore communicate the intended information.


    • One of the most affordable tools
    • Very simple and efficient
    • Supports batch conversion
    • Available on iOS and Android too
    • Offers both online and offline versions


    • A limited free version

    Price info: iLovePDF presents you with a free version for evaluation purposes before you can make up your mind to rock one of the following plans;

    iLovePDF Plan


    Price (USD)




    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web-based

    Best for: A featureful, simple, and affordable software to convert Excel spreadsheets into PDF.

    Download ilovepdf


    The best Excel to PDF converter is a must-have software that goes a long way to guarantee format/layout retention, fast conversion, besides a plethora of other flexible options. This article has gone the extra mile to not only let you in on the various go to solutions but also provides a summary of the pros, cons, price, supported platforms, and more.

    Coupling this with the factors to consider will help you settle for the best Excel to PDF converter. And now, the ball is in your court, pick the app that laces your shoes best and get started.

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