10 Best Excel To PDF Converter Software

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In the instance that sharing an Excel file is not convenient in the original format, the need to share in a certain way, like unmodified, is realized. Such a format is PDF that also brings in the convenience of viewing as it has been made a standard format that is compatible with any device you can think of.

There are so many tools out there in the market that offer Excel to PDF conversion which consequently makes the choosing process not that easy especially when you do not know what exactly to look for. This article will give you insight into the tools you can get started with and to be specific, the ones that really fit to be termed as the best Excel to PDF converter software [Jump to the list].

Besides that, you will get to know the factors to consider when picking the one that will augur the best with you among the boatload of available options. That is not all of it as you will also get some quick guides on how to get started with some specific tools in various aspects, platforms, devices among other working modes. What this translates into is that this is a very comprehensive article that will take you on a complete journey when it comes to converting XLS/XLSX into PDF. Without further ado, let us dive right in and discover the endless goodies open to you.

Best Excel To PDF Converter For Windows 10: What To Consider

Unless you are guided by some well-researched factors, choosing the best Excel converter software can be an overwhelming process if you do not know what to look for. So many tools are out there in the market and this is some kind of weighing scale that will determine what makes each tool superior when compared with others. In order to pick a tool that is guaranteed to give you a smooth run, here are the top features that you should be looking for even before anything else. Here is what you need to have at the back of your mind;

A). Flexible Options


Flexibility simply means that the software you decide to employ provides you with multiple ways through which you can tinker with various options in order to achieve the desired output. In the process to save Excel spreadsheet as PDF, you can get access to flexible options like;

  • Adjusting the output orientation; landscape or portrait.
  • Exporting just tables.
  • Saving a specific worksheet or range of worksheets instead of the whole workbook.
  • Transforming one or batch worksheets into PDF.

When you consider the listed output options, you will find that, at the end of the day, you will have a different kind of output. This means that depending on the mode you are looking for, you will be able to determine a suitable tool in the instance you are spoilt for choice.

B). Without Format Issues


It is in everybody’s interest to output a PDF file that has no formatting issues whatsoever. Just to mention a few, here are come of the common formatting problems that you can come about when converting XLS to PDF.

  • Images appearing bigger than they are in the original Excel document.
  • Images are shifted position-wise.
  • Nonuniform row and column spacing.
  • Altered margins.
  • Adjusted page borders.

You can rest assured of satisfactory results in the end if you have a tool that can overcome some of these issues if not all. Of course, such a program will take obvious top preference before any other hence a very important factor to consider. No one hates a conversion app that will get rid of the need to correct various missed aspects of the original XLSX file.

C). Batch Conversion/Combine Feature


When you are working on a single file, it is not tedious at all as you perform the process just once and you are done. What of when you have multiple files? Of course, working on one after the other will be quite tedious and time-consuming. But with a tool that supports batch conversion, you will be able to process these files simultaneously. Such a tool will be sort after much compared to a tool that does not offer such levels of convenience. As such, this is a factor that should not be overlooked at all.

D). Using Online Service Or Offline Desktop Software


Depending on the kind of environment you are in, you will either be open to using an online service or offline desktop software when you are on a quest to convert XLS or XLSX to PDF. Of course, these two modes have their own share of merits and demerits as we will find out. Definitely, an online service is very convenient especially when it to accessing while on the go and also is also not platform dependent besides saving greatly on your computer resources, both storage, and processing power.

As for the offline desktop software, you will be able to get started at any time without relying on an internet connection, get access to more control options and also enjoy efficient Excel to PDF conversion especially when you are working on huge files. The downside of the online service is that it always requires you to be on an internet connection whereas the offline desktop software can be tedious and time-consuming when it comes to getting started. After putting these factors into consideration, you will be able to pick whether to go for an online or offline app.

10 Great Free Tools to Convert or Save Excel to PDF With Offline Version for Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 2. SmallPDF Excel to PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/10Full Trial / 14 daysFree Download
  • 3. Soda PDF Excel to PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download
  • 4. iLovePDF
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 5. PDFCandy
  • Windows 7/8/10Free VersionFree Download
  • 6. PDF2GO Excel to PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 7. A-PDF.com
  • Windows 7/8/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 8. Cometdocs.com
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download
  • 9. PDFElement
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
  • 10. Icecream PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download

    1. TalkHelper PDF Converter(Recommended)


    If you are looking for an all-around converter software for your Windows PC, look no further as TalkHelper is here to give you all the tools you require. Over time it has qualified and topped as the best Excel to PDF converter. With multi-format support, you are sure to handle any kind of file when it comes to conversion.

    Therefore, whether you are dealing with XLS or XLSX file formats for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, converting them to PDF is just a few clicks away. Add files easily and conveniently using the drag-and-drop feature even though you can also use the normal file browsing. Convert multiple Excel to PDF without much hassle by taking advantage of the batch file processing feature.

    TalkHelper PDF Converter makes the whole process very safe since every activity happens on your local computer. Privacy is guaranteed too as no file are uploaded online for conversion. Expect very high-quality output for your PDF files similar to the original Excel files.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    2. SmallPDF Excel to PDF Converter

    SmallPDf xlsx to pdf

    Converting from Excel to PDF has been made very easy and convenient when using SmallPDF online on the web. With support for a drag-and-drop feature, you can add files very easily without a hassle and also choose the Excel file normally by browsing it on the file explorer. From the moment the file is added, expect your Excel spreadsheet to be converted into PDF instantly and be ready for download.

    This top tool is powerful as it supports the popular platform including Windows. Due to its user considerate privacy policy, all PDF and XLS/XLSX files are permanently deleted from the server after one hour. This ensures that your files are not shared and used by other unintended parties.

    To convert Microsoft Excel to PDF, the process is automated to a great level to ensure that the generated output is just as you need it to be. Convert XLSX to PDF without much hassle with this free download tool, SmallPDF.

    Download SmallPDF

    3. Soda PDF Excel to PDF Converter

    soda excel to pdf

    In just two simple steps, Soda PDF will convert Excel to PDF in a jiffy. You just need to add them by browsing for it in the file explorer or drag-and-drop it on the target area. In addition, you can add files for conversion from supported cloud platforms including Google Drive and Dropbox.

    This makes the adding of files for conversion very much convenient by far. Once the file is converted you can view and download the final PDF file to your PC for further actions. Please note that converted files are available on the server for only 24 hours after which they are deleted for privacy concerns.

    Several print options are available to tinker with including settings print areas, inserting page breaks, modifying page orientation, size, borders, and scale to change the way the output PDF file will look like. Content is converted as it is but formulas are not carried over though calculations are not interfered with including the content of tables.

    Download Soda PDF



    iLovePDF is an online Excel to PDF converter software that works quite exemplary to make a name for its. It boasts of supporting the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services that you can implement when you are importing Excel files or even saving the eventual PDF files.

    Otherwise, you are also empowered with the option to import files via the native file browsing method or via the simple drag-and-drop option. Since online programs are prone to security risks, this one overcomes that by making sure that both uploads and downloads are done over encrypted connections on top of all files being deleted from the servers once you are done. At the click of a button, you are opened up to efficient Excel to PDF conversion and at the same time greatly save on your local computer resources.

    Better yet, if you are on the Chrome browser, there is an extension available for download to facilitate direct conversions. This is also one of the best Excel to PDF converter software that will not restrict you to any device, place or platform as long as you have access to a supported browser and an internet connection.

    Download NovaPDF

    5. PDFCandy


    PDFCandy is one of the best Excel to PDF converter software for Windows that is available as an online and offline tool. Adding files for the conversion is pretty simple by either browsing using the normal file explorer method or use the much convenient drag-and-drop feature. It has support for both XLS, ODS and XLSX file formats so that not an Excel file is left out.

    Immediately, you add a file, conversion happens almost instantly to give you output within no time. You are assured of a safe conversion process as files with sensitive data are protected and ultimately kept very secure. Expect no ads or limitations with this top program as every feature is provided free of charge. Contrary to other similar functioning software, PDFCandy does not require you to sign up to gain access to its services. Access it online or better yet download the installation package for your Windows PC.

    Download pdfcandy

    6. PDF2GO Excel to PDF Converter


    Speed and ease of use are the main qualities attributed to this great tool. It gets better as you access it for free without any charges. Depending on the size of the Excel spreadsheet at hand, the conversion should happen within moments. This tool is very good in what it delivers especially that it makes sure you are safe from malware at all times.

    When you need to convert XLS to PDF, formatting is the main concern most of the time. Luckily, this top software sees to it that original formatting is retained for instance the tables and general layout. The output PDF files can be opened by anyone and on the other hand are printer optimized besides being shared more conveniently.

    Just as the name suggests, you will be able to use this tool from anywhere in the world. PDF is a more appropriate and versatile document format and converting the spreadsheet to PDF has been made easier with this tool.

    Download pdf2go

    7. A-PDF.com


    This is a fast tool to convert Excel to PDF in a professional and quality-conscious way. You can obtain the tool as a free download trial after which you have to spend $39 to get a free license. Converting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets cannot be easier without A-PDF. You can convert single files by simply right-clicking or convert batch files by implementing the drag-and-drop feature to add multiple files.

    This top software will accurately convert Excel files without compromising the original quality. You also get a choice to convert all or specific Excel spreadsheets to PDF in case your file has multiple sheets. Better yet, you are provided with a hot directory feature that monitors incoming XLS or XLSX files and automatically converts them into PDF.

    Instead of breaking a spreadsheet you can convert the whole sheet into PDF using the page setting. The conversion has been efficient as it saves time by using batch conversion, direct conversion in Microsoft Excel, support for context-sensitive menu and a command-line tool.

    Download a-pdf

    8. Cometdocs.com


    Looking for an easy way to convert XLS to PDF whether online or offline? You are in the right place as Cometdocs brings you just what you are searching for. This is a good tool that supports multiple platforms including Windows as our platform of interest. The tool is delivered in a straightforward and instinctive user interface making it simple to use even for a first time user.

    You can add files by browsing for them via the computer’s file explorer or use the more efficient drag-and-drop feature to save on time. To convert XLSX to PDF, you just need to add the Excel file, select the format to convert to (in our case PDF) and finally provide your email address to receive the converted file. Enjoy all these features free of charge without paying even a penny.

    Download Cometdocs

    9. PDFElement


    Excel files are marred by sharing and printing challenges on top of being very large at times. At such juncture, there comes a need to convert the XLS or XLSX files to a format that can be easy to manage. PDFElement is here to get rid of all the hassle by helping you achieve that and has passed as one of the best Excel to PDF converter for Windows.

    This top offline tool is so dynamic that you can achieve a lot with it. Lots of editing tools similar to word processors are provided at your fingertips to help you make necessary modifications in your conversion process. It comes with an optical character recognition feature that makes texts flatten so that they are editable and searchable like in the original Excel spreadsheet.

    Conversion happens very quickly and easily delivering high-resolution PDF output without compromising on any detail. You will get great value for your money and on top of that is a very affordable software to convert any spreadsheet to PDF.

    Download pdfelement

    10. Icecream PDF Converter


    This is one of the best Excel to PDF Converter that also supports other multiple formats. It supports bulk conversion where you can add multiple Excel files to the queue and convert them into PDF in a single click. You get a chance to play with the file layout settings including page size, orientation (landscape or portrait) and images. Besides that, you are able to rotate and select content to fit your preference.

    At one point or the other, you may want to convert specific parts of your spreadsheet to PDF. Luckily, this great tool allows you to select page ranges that contain just the content you need to convert. This top software will convert XLSX to PDF with no limit on the file size and the number of files to be converted when using the Pro version of the program.

    Better yet, you have a quick preview feature at your fingertips which comes with a built-in PDF reader so that you are able to review the output. In addition, add files conveniently with the more convenient drag-and-drop feature.

    Download icecream pdf converter

    How to Convert Excel to PDF: Top 9 Ways

    The following section outlines 9 different ways to convert or save Excel to PDFs through various software among different devices.

    • Windows 10
    • adobe.png Acrobat Ribbon
    • Office 2007
    • Office 2010
    • office-365 Office 365
    • Mac
    • Online
    • iphone-icon iPhone/iPad
    • Landscape

    How To Convert Excel To PDF In Windows 10

    When you are in a quest for a comprehensive Excel to PDF tool, TalkHelper PDF Converter will surely cross your path. It will offer partial conversion in the instance you are just interested in certain sheets and at the same time open you up to batch conversion when the need arises.

    No matter the version of Windows you are on, including the most recent Windows 10, you will not be left out on this train. The user interface has been crafted with the first-time user in mind and for that, you should have an easy time getting started. It will work flawlessly to retain the original formatting as much as possible and output in high quality.

    But how exactly do you undertake Excel to PDF conversion with this app? Read on to find out actually how simple it is.

    1. Launch TalkHelper PDF Converter.
    2. In the left pane, expand the “Convert Files To PDF” and pick “Excel To PDF” option.
    3. Add the Excel files.
    4. Define your preferred output folder at the top.
    5. Click the “Convert” button at the bottom-right area and wait for the conversion to complete.

    As simple as that, you will have an equivalent PDF file in your preferred directory read for sharing. Besides featuring a built-in OCR, you can download this tool as a free trial with no limitations at all before you make up your mind to grab the paid version. This is a tool that has won the hearts of many as it does not disappoint when it comes to delivering exemplary results.

    How to Convert Excel to PDF Using Acrobat Ribbon

    When you have installed Adobe Acrobat on your computer, it integrates an add-in in the Microsoft Office suite for convenience when it comes to certain actions. One of these actions is when you need to convert an open document, like an Excel file, to another format like PDF without much hassle.

    This add-in is referred to as the Acrobat Ribbon and will directly take you to the task at hand in a matter of moments. Actually, you can kiss goodbye the need to navigate lots of options and menus when you are converting Excel to PDF.

    To understand just how simple and convenient it is to use the Acrobat Ribbon, here are the steps that you need to go through to achieve a successful Excel to PDF conversion. The prerequisite is you have Adobe Acrobat preinstalled.

    1. Open the target Excel file.
    2. Navigate to the Acrobat Ribbon; it will be a tab on the main ribbon.
    3. Click on the “Create PDF” option.
    4. Pick a sheet to convert or just the whole document.
    5. Give the PDF a name of choice and then save it.

    This tool has eliminated the need to open the main Adobe Acrobat software when you are required to convert Excel to PDF. the whole process will now be less tedious on top of being less time-consuming at the end of the day. You no longer have to leave the Microsoft Excel interface to perform a successful conversion.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF In Office 2007

    One thing that we love about the Microsoft Office 2007 suite is its ultimate comprehensiveness when it comes to handling office documents. It even goes the extra mile to offer extra features like when you need to convert Excel to PDF. You will be able to save a selected range, active sheets, a table, and even an entire workbook to an equivalent PDF file in a very simple and straightforward process.

    To prove just how easy it is to use this tool, here is the guide to follow in order to accomplish the task at hand conveniently.

    1. Open your Excel file with Microsoft Office 2007.
    2. On the File menu, click on the “Save as” option.
    3. In the resulting dialog, choose “PDF (.*pdf)” as the “Save as type” and name the output file accordingly in your preferred directory.
    4. Adjust the “Options” depending on your output mode.
    5. Hit the “OK” button to finish the process.

    With Office 2007, exporting any Excel file to PDF is just like a walk in the park. It may not be a fully-fledged PDF converter software but the little it is capable of is enough to give a PDF file that does not need any extra adjustments. Actually, the few options available to tinker with will just require little to no prior experience to get started with.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF In Office 2010

    Even after you have made your Excel file on Microsoft Office 2010, it is necessary to have it in a format that can be shared and at the same time avoid unwanted modifications. Such a format would definitely have to be PDF which has been known to be a standard way of doing so. You will be surprised to know that you don’t need to download and install any extra PDF converter program when Microsoft Excel 2010 can do the conversion for you in just a few clicks.

    For that to happen, you have to follow the below guide as a reference to accomplishing the goal without any mishaps.

    1. With the Excel file open, navigate to the File menu and hit “Save as”.
    2. On the Navigation pane, choose a saving directory and an appropriate file name.
    3. Choose “PDF” as the output in the “Save as type” drop-down menu.
    4. Optimize the PDF as necessary and decide what content to export.
    5. Finally hit the “Save” button.

    And just like that, you have a shareable PDF file generated by Office 2010 without having to look for complex apps that prove not only tedious but also time-consuming to get started with. Now you can have peace of mind when you need to transform an Excel file into PDF conveniently.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF In Office 365

    If you are in the habit of creating documents, you must have come into contact with Office 365 which is an online alternative to Microsoft Office. Besides the creation of documents, it also delivers a handy feature of converting the same files into other formats. Like the instance to convert Excel to PDF, Office 365 comes in to satisfy this need in a very satisfactory way. All you need is to install the “Create PDF” add-in and you will be good to go.

    How exactly does one go about the conversion process? You get the answer with the guidance provided below.

    1. Open the Excel file in a supported web browser.
    2. Click “Create PDF” directly from the Home ribbon.
    3. On the resulting pane, click on the “Convert” button – the optional to add a password to the PDF file is available here.
    4. Perform any required sign-in if prompted.
    5. Once the file is converted, you can choose to save the PDF on the supported clouds or simply click “Download” to save locally.

    With that, you now have the perfect file to share without fear of unauthorized modifications especially if you restrict access with an appropriate password. This is all done on an online PDF conversion service that will not require you to install any software on your Windows PC or Mac.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF On Mac

    On the Mac platform, there are perfect tools that you can employ when you need to undertake Excel to PDF conversion. The candidate that has been picked to provide a solution to this is PDFelement for Mac that delivers a plethora of features. It opens you up to the much-coveted drag-and-drop option on top of support for batch conversion. Besides that, you can edit the final PDF file as you so that it matches your preferences. The process is not complicated at all and you should be done within no time.

    To convert an Excel spreadsheet to PDF with PDFelement for Mac, follow these steps.

    1. Launch PDFelement and import Excel files via simple drag-and-drop – the PDF file will be generated immediately.
    2. On the top menu, click on “File” then hit “Save as”.
    3. No further action needed as the created PDF file will be saved directly on your Mac.

    As mentioned earlier, you can edit the resultant PDF file after the steps above in the instance you want to tweak it further before sharing. Otherwise, if your only interest was to obtain a PDF file, the steps provided are guaranteed to take you there. As evidence, it is one of the simplest processes that you can find out there.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF Online

    When we do not want to install software on our computers in order to accomplish certain tasks, going for an online app is always the go-to alternative. For our case on converting Excel to PDF, we are seeking services from iLovePDF that promises a secure process that is also ultimately pretty efficient. No matter the platform or place you are on the globe, you can get started with this document converter as long as you have a supported browser and a good internet connection.

    How about the exact steps involved in getting the job done? You can follow this guideline to have a smooth run.

    1. Drag-and-drop Excel files or optionally add them natively.
    2. Wait for the conversion to complete.
    3. On the new page, edit the PDF file as necessary.
    4. Finally, download, share directly or save the output to the supported cloud services.

    All that is involved is just a few clicks and the conversion process is achieved conveniently. This tool will save greatly on your computer resources especially storage space and processing power as everything is done on the cloud. Therefore, this is a perfect program to use while on the go.

    How To Convert Or Save Excel Into PDF On iPhone/iPad

    How about an Excel maker/viewer app that can also offer conversion features? That is what the Microsoft Excel app for iOS will give you. The app is available on the App Store and will work magic for you. Besides conversion purposes, it also opens you up to direct file-sharing options without leaving the app. To be specific, you can opt to share the converted file as a link or as an attachment in an email. Looking at some of the extra tweaks provided, this app proves to be quite a force to be reckoned with in the process to save Excel to PDF.

    If you have not explored this app before in regard to converting Excel to PDF, here are the steps that are taken to realize that.

    1. Download the Microsoft Excel app for iOS from the App Store.
    2. Open the target Excel document.
    3. At the top right, tap on the user icon and select “Email as Attachment”.
    4. Select the “Send PDF” option to generate a PDF file.

    Even after you have generated the PDF files, you have a chance to make further adjustments. This can be done by modifying several document parameters like the orientation and page size among other options. All in all, you will have managed to have a PDF file by just using your handheld iOS device.

    How To Convert Excel To PDF In Landscape Mode

    With Microsoft Excel, you will not only create and view Excel files but you will also be able to perform quick and easy conversion to a convenient format like PDF. Aside from the direct conversion, you may want to go a notch higher and convert in a specified way like for instance in a particular orientation, landscape or portrait. In such a  case, this software will not fail you not even in a single instance.

    You may be wondering how exactly to go about this but luckily for you, here are the steps involved in that.

    1. Open the Excel file, navigate to the “Page layout” on the main menu ribbon.
    2. Click on the “Orientation” option.
    3. On the resulting dialog box, turn the “Landscape” radio button and hit “OK”.
    4. Now, head over to the File menu and click on “Save as”.
    5. Pick a saving directory and name your PDF file
    6. In the “Save as type” drop-down menu, pick “PDF” as the output format.
    7. Make the necessary adjustments.
    8. Finally, click on the “Save” button.

    After you are done, your PDF file will no longer be in a portrait like the original Excel spreadsheet but instead will be in landscape orientation. It is just like the process for normal conversion only that you have to define the orientation even before you start exporting to PDF. Better yet, even with the extra steps, the process is still not complicated at all and any user should be able to get started without any hassle.

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