8 Best ePub to PDF Converters Offline & Online

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An ePub to PDF converter is a special program that helps to turn ebooks into PDF documents. Of course, the task to convert ePub to PDF is backed up by various reasons as we are about to find out. While ePub files can only work on supported e-reader software, PDFs are way more universal, compact, and versatile, therefore, can be viewed on almost any platform.

Also, ebooks are best suited for reading and therefore not suitable for printing like PDFs. Even better, PDF documents are easy to edit, compress, lock/protect, and overly functional compared to the ePub format.

For a reliable ePub to PDF conversion process, only the best ePub to PDF converter is needed and this article opens you up to a boatload of such tools.

8 Great Tools to Convert ePub to PDF Offline & Online

Software NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Adobe Digital Editions
  • Windows, Mac, MobileFree VersionFree Download
  • 3. Calibre
  • Windows, Mac, MobileFree VersionFree Download
  • 4. Epubor ePub to PDF Converter
  • Windows, MacFree VersionFree Download
  • 5. PDFMate
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • 6. Wondershare PDFElement
  • Windows, Mac, MobileFree TrialFree Download
  • 7. Zamzar
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree DemoFree Download
  • 8. EPUB to PDF Converter App
  • AndroidFree VersionFree Download

    #1. TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)


    TalkHelper PDF Converter is the best ePub to PDF converter software that is not only fast and but also guarantees the highest output quality. You get to convert individual ePub files conveniently and the batch convert feature allows you to process multiple ebooks (including entire folders) all at once. Also, you can extract specific pages or page ranges using the partial conversion feature and output to a new PDF.

    Even better, TalkHelper PDF Converter can also convert PDFs into ePub without the need to seek other external programs.


    • Supports partial and batch ePub to PDF conversion
    • Fast and high-quality output delivery
    • Available on all versions of Windows
    • Simple and multilingual
    • Offers an affordable perpetual license


    • Windows only

    Supported Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

    Best for: A simple but effective way of converting ePub to PDF with high-quality output, fast, and on all versions of Windows.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    #2. Adobe Digital Editions

    Adobe Digital Editions

    Adobe Digital Editions is meant to offer you the most optimum format across all devices when reading ebooks. With it, you can download/purchase ePub ebooks and convert them into PDFs suitable for universal viewing and printing. Going by the reputation of Adobe, you get a polished ebook converter that combines speed, quality, and reliability, all under the same roof. Other than that, expect to obtain exemplary output promptly every time you convert any ePub to PDF.


    • High-quality ePub to PDF conversion
    • Very simple and minimalistic
    • Offers some editing options
    • Supports EPUB 3 standard
    • Offers a built-in ePub downloader


    • No batch processing

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile

    Best for: The most optimum ePub to PDF conversion tool that strikes a good balance between speed and high-quality output.

    Download Adobe Digital Editions

    #3. Calibre


    Calibre is an open-source ePub to PDF converter that is not only an ebook management tool but also offers document conversion options. When converting an ebook to PDF, you get to carry over the metadata besides access to a comprehensive editor tool for popular formats like ePub and Kindle. The built-in viewer helps to preview and double-check the source ePub file before conversion. Calibre also offers a portable version, meaning that you can carry the ebook converter anywhere like on a USB stick.


    • Completely free and open-source
    • Features a built-in ePub viewer and editor
    • Supports multiple platforms
    • Edit and create metadata with ease
    • Offers a portable version of the ebook converter


    • Does not support DRM-protected ePubs

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile

    Best for: A free, powerful, and simple ebook manager with options to view, edit, and convert ePub files into PDF documents across multiple platforms.

    Download Calibre

    #4. Epubor ePub to PDF Converter


    Epubor ePub to PDF Converter’s base version can only handle DRM-free ePub files but Epubor Ultimate goes further to convert DRM-protected ePub files into PDF. With this free download tool, you are open to a rich set of customization options to suit specific devices too.

    Amazingly, Epubor ePub to PDF Converter can auto-detect broken ePub files to avoid wasting time and possibly fix the underlying issue. Just like the counterparts, this software boasts superfast ePub to PDF conversion (up to 60X) besides the ability to convert hundreds of ebooks simultaneously.


    • Supports DRM-protected ePub files
    • Allows you to customize the output
    • Able to detect broken ePub files
    • Offers comprehensive user manuals
    • Very efficient with batch conversion options


    • DRM-protected ebooks are only supported by Epubor Ultimate

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

    Best for: The simplest but professional ePub to PDF converter tool and guarantees to keep the original pattern and quality intact.

    Download Epubor ePub to PDF Converter

    #5. PDFMate ePub to PDF Converter


    PDFMate ePub to PDF Converter helps you to convert ePub, Mobi, AZW3, KFX, and other ebook formats into PDF diligently. Besides the much-coveted batch convert feature, you are free to edit the metadata of the converted PDF file to match your needs.

    Coupling this with a concise interface ensures that you can complete ePub to PDF conversions fast and in good time. To confirm its prowess, the output PDF files inherit the content features of the original ebook, and printing fidelity is realized. Even better, you have comprehensive customer support at your disposal in case of any issues arising.


    • Allows you to edit PDF metadata
    • A straightforward interface
    • Retain the original layout, fonts, and formatting
    • Supports batch ePub to PDF processing
    • Outputs printing-suitable PDF documents


    • Windows-only app

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: Professional ePub to PDF conversion with options to batch convert, edit metadata, and deliver high-quality PDFs overall.

    Download pdfmate

    #6. Wondershare PDFElement


    Wondershare PDFElement helps you to use the minimum effort to convert ePub to PDF and still delivers exemplary output. Besides converting ePub to PDF, this ebook converter allows you to edit the output PDF file and apply encryption when the need arises.

    For instance, you can password-protect the converted PDF file without the need to seek external software. And by keeping the original layout and formatting intact, the output PDF will look just like the original ePub, but with better universal viewing, sharing, and printing perks.


    • Offers post-conversion options to edit and secure PDFs
    • Allows you to batch convert ePub to PDF
    • Available for online and offline use
    • Keeps the original quality intact
    • Available on multiple platforms
    • Lightning-fast ePub to PDF conversion


    • A bit costly
    • A limited trial version

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile, Web-based

    Best for: Easily convert ePub to PDF on desktop, web, and mobile, with options to edit and secure the output PDF document.

    Download pdfelement

    #7. Zamzar


    Zamzar is one of the best ePub to PDF converters for online use. It offers just 3 conversion steps with an option to notify you via email once the task is done. You get to import ePub files from the local storage or direct URLs if the source files live online too.

    Zamzar is anchored on convenience, experience, speed, and support, therefore, a perfect go-to solution. To address security concerns, Zamzar utilizes encrypted connections and deletes your files from the servers once you are done.


    • Offers online storage
    • Supports batch processing
    • Excellent customer support
    • Faster ePub to PDF conversion
    • High-speed output download


    • Sign up is required to convert ePubs of 50MB+
    • Limited free version

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based

    Best for: A high-speed, secure online ePub to PDF conversion process across all platforms.

    Download zamzar

    #7. EPUB to PDF Converter App (Android)


    EPUB to PDF Converter App satisfies the need for converting ePub format into the PDF format equivalent on almost any Android smartphone or tablet. Specifically, you get to capitalize on retaining the original fonts, layout, and also print the converted PDFs with ease. This ePub to PDF converter for Android can tackle ePub to PDF tasks on the go, without any limitations. Not forgetting the high-efficiency levels considering just how lightning-fast conversion tasks are completed.


    • Superfast ePub to PDF conversion
    • Retains the original fonts and layout
    • Can be used on-the-go
    • Provides printing fidelity
    • Easy to use
    • Offers direct PDF sharing options


    • No batch processing
    • Contains ads

    Supported Platforms: Android

    Best for: Converting ePub to PDF on Android, superfast, while keeping the original fonts and layout intact.

    Download epub to pdf converter app


    The best ePub to PDF converter is for sure a must-have tool if you wish to conveniently turn ePub format into the PDF format equivalent. This article has outlined a plethora of programs, online and offline, that have proven to offer a comprehensive and reliable ebook to PDF conversion process.

    This way, you can avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of raking through tons of apps. Eventually, you will bridge the gap and get to print ebooks properly, share universally, achieve platform-independent viewing, among other PDF perks. After going through the listed programs, I am sure you have set your eyes upon an ePub to PDF converter tool you like. Grab it and start working the magic!

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