7 Best DVD to MP4 Converter Software for Windows & Mac

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MP4 or MPEG-14 Part 14 is a modern, digital multimedia container format commonly used to store video, audio, images, text, and is best suited for streaming over the internet. Its advantages over DVD is that MP4 is playable on almost any device, offers high quality in small size files, unlike the DVD format that requires special software or hardware to playback.

On the other hand, DVD (Digital Versatile/Video Disc), is a consumer video format used to store digital video data on physical media. DVDs require special players and also happen to come in huge VOB files. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the content delivered in DVD format, converting to a universal format like MP4 is prudent.

The best DVD to MP4 converter software aims at providing you with a reliable and convenient process to convert DVDs to MP4. In the subsequent section, you will get acquainted with some of the best video converter programs that will ensure smooth-sailing.

7 Great DVD to MP4 Converters on Windows & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • TalkHelper Video Converter
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • MakeMKV
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • Handbrake DVD Ripper
  • WindowsFree VersionFree Download
  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • WonderFox DVD Ripper
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • DVDFab HD Decrypter
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • Corel DVD Copy
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download

    1). TalkHelper Video Converter (Recommended)


    TalkHelper Video Converter is without a doubt the best DVD to MP4 converter program that boasts of a plethora of features all-in-one tool. With it, you can convert any DVD or Blu-Ray to MP4 in just a matter of a few clicks. As a good video converter, you are opened up to speedy and quality-retaining conversion processes through the use of top video and audio codecs.

    In the instance of a lot of DVDs that need conversion to MP4, you can call the batch convert feature. Besides that, TalkHelper Video Converter boasts of customizable presets that come in handy in case you are not sure what options to tinker with.

    Better yet, the obtained MP4 files are playable on almost any device out there due to the high level of compatibility ensured by TalkHelper Video Converter. That’s not all. This video converter delivers only the best quality possible in an overly efficient way for that ultimate convenient experience thanks to multicore processing.

    Download Instagiffer

    2). MakeMKV


    MakeMKV is the perfect DVD/Blu-Ray ripper tool that you can really count on no matter the platform, Windows, Mac, or Linux. It is perfect too for beginners as it features a simple and straightforward user interface. Featurewise, MakeMKV is capable of ripping multiple Blu-Ray disks in quick succession without any hiccups.

    In fact, you get to enjoy a fast DVD to MP4 conversion process besides experiencing the nifty feature where the metadata information is preserved in the output MP4 file.

    This is one of the best DVD to MP4 converter considering that it can handle almost any kind of encryption (AACSor BD+) on Blu-Ray or DVD without depending on any extra software. The output MP4 file will have all the audio and video tracks preserved in order to guaranteed a wholesome media experience. What’s more, is that MakeMKV is free.

    Download Giphy GIF Converter

    3). Handbrake DVD Ripper


    Handbrake DVD Ripper is a free and open-source video transcoder program that also doubles as a reliable option that helps rip DVD to MP4. It presents itself as the best DVD to MP4 converter software thanks to the ton of features it boasts.

    On top of being a good video converter, Handbrake opens you up to de-interlacing, audio track mixing, frame rate adjustment, video rotation, sharpening, among other features that gear you to your kind of MP4 file. To save you time and effort, you can batch convert DVDs to MP4 which means that multiple DVD files can be converted into MP4 simultaneously.

    If you are not sure of what options to tinker with, Handbrake DVD Ripper offers a rich list of built-in presets any user can choose from and make the DVD ripping process much easier. In addition, you can choose between the modern H264 and H265 codecs for the output MP4 files.

    Download Wondershare UniConverter

    4). WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the swiss army knife whenever you need to convert DVDs to MP4. It offers a good balance for the output size, quality, and compatibility of the MP4 file. This means that you should enjoy a hassle-free playback experience on supported devices.

    In addition to that, this is the best DVD to MP4 converter program especially when it comes to performance, thanks to the supported Level-3 GPU hardware acceleration. Basically, you get to experience a very quick process to compress and convert DVDs to MP4, up to 47X faster,  while keeping the original quality intact.

    For a more precise DVD to MP4 conversion process, you are opened up to some video editing features like cutting, removing black bars, besides adjusting various parameters including the video codec, resolution, framerate, bitrate, and more. Amazingly, all the new, regional, scratched and no-standard DVDs can be converted into MP4 with ease.

    Download Zamzar Video to GIF Converter

    5). WonderFox DVD Ripper


    WonderFox DVD Ripper is one of the best DVD to MP4 converter software that boasts of the ability to rip any DVD and save it in MP4 format in just under 5 minutes. Even with that efficiently quick conversion, the output quality remains flawless at a 1:1 ratio. In fact, this top program ensures that there are no lost keyframes, crashes, or even redraw issues.

    In addition to that, it promises zero-difficulty, especially for novice users. You will also love just how this DVD to MP4 converter keeps the perfect balance for the output quality, compression, and overall file size – compress DVDs into MP4 video without quality loss.

    Better yet, this tool to rip DVD to MP4 also lets you tailor the output to device-specific MP4 videos like smartphones, tablets, TVs, handsets, computers, gaming consoles, iPhones, iPads, among others. A bonus feature is that this video converter software is free to download.

    Download ezGIF

    6). DVDFab HD Decrypter


    DVDFab HD Decrypter serves to copy and convert DVDs/Blu-Rays into MP4 videos that are conveniently playable on almost any device out there. Amazingly, you are opened up to a free DVD to MP4 converter that not only features free conversion profiles but also strives to retain all the audio channels and high video quality for the output.

    In addition, any time you rip DVD to MP4, you can rest assured of a high processing speed and at the same time enjoy flawless DVD decryption with top-notch output quality. HD Decrypter has made a name for itself as a top video converter because it can handle any encrypted DVD/Blu-Ray and transform it into the universal MP4 format. The other amazing feature is that it is available for use on the most popular Windows and Mac platforms.

    Download ezGIF

    7). Corel DVD CopyCorel-DVD-Copy

    Corel DVD Copy is a simple and instinctive DVD to MP4 converter software that lets you convert DVD content into other formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV. At the same time, it gives you the ability to transfer the converted MP4 files directly into devices like iPods, on top of offering burning options.

    In fact, the process to rip DVD to MP4 with Corel DVD Copy is quite fast and completes in just a matter of moments. Better yet, working on multiple files is convenient and less time-consuming thanks to the supported batch convert feature.

    As one of the best DVD to MP4 converters, Corel DVD COpy boasts of extra features like task scheduling, a multilingual interface, user guides, and most of all, the highest output quality for both the video and audio.

    Download ezGIF


    The best DVD to MP4 converter program is a must-have tool for any user looking to digitize that physical media content into conveniently shareable and playable MP4 files.

    This easy, the DVD content will be preserved better and will be open to an even wider audience at small high-quality files. And the good thing is that you have a whole list of go-to solutions to choose from here.


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