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BB Rec screen recorder

Screen recording has become very popular in recent time especially for the gaming community. And since the most device that we are able to carry around is the smartphone, screen recording capabilities on an iPhone/iPad come in handy. However, these devices do not carry a built-in screen recording features except for the recent version of iOS.

If you are not accessing this feature out of the box, you will need to seek help on that by using a third-party screencasting app. Luckily, BB Rec Screen Recorder is here for you to get rid of all that hassle.

BB Rec Screen Recorder is brought to you free of charge so you do not have to worry about spending money that you may not have especially for content that may not be monetizable. This app is supported by iOS devices out of the box without the need for jailbreaking.

This app also boasts of a simple and instinctive user interface to an extent that a newbie can work with the app without much struggle. As a screen recorder for iPhone/iPad, this article gets on a journey to find out what features you will enjoy once you decide to get started with this powerful tool. Tighten your seatbelt as we take off with this review article.

Features Of BB Rec Screen Recorder

From the moment of inception into the market, this application quickly annexed popularity among users due to the rich features it offers compared to other competing apps in the same category. Below we look at what makes this app tick on the iPhone/iPad.

  • Screen and Camera Recording – This is the main function of a screen recorder app and BB Rec does not fall short here at all. You will be able to record your device screen directly without the need for other external apps or software to complement the process. Footage from the camera can also be captured with this app. The recorded video will not fail you in terms of quality as this application produces very crisp and clear quality captures making sure the viewer has the best experience even when viewed on a large display. Besides this, you will also be capable of live screen recording.
  • Duration Of Recording – The length of time that you are able to record is important depending on the kind of recording you are working on. BB Rec gives you a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes stretch of recording time without stopping. Other apps will limit your recording to very short lengths of time but with this app, that limitation will be a thing of the past. Whether it’s gameplay, presentation or any other lengthy content to be captured, this app will give you ample time for that.

  • Orientate Captures – Depending on the content you are recording on your iPhone/iPad, you may need to change orientation to display content in the most appropriate and convenient way. For instance, a gameplay capture may require you to set the horizontal orientation for a game that displays best in a horizontal way. The same case goes for any content or games that are displayed vertically on the screen.
  • Customizable Frame Rate and Resolution – To make sure you make the most out of your recordings, BB Rec lets you decide on the frame rate and resolution to work with depending on how you want the final output to look like. Going for the best level of these two combinations guarantees you the best quality. This app has the capability of supporting full-HD videos. By tinkering with these options in the right way, your YouTube video, presentation, app preview or gameplay will be as informative as intended.
  • Inbuilt Share Options – After you have recorded the video to your satisfaction, BB Rec provides several sharing options directly to some of the popular social platforms without having to leave the app. This makes the sharing process quicker and more convenient compared to other apps that require you to share externally from the default gallery app.
  • Import Recorded Videos – Another handy feature that this BB Rec Screen Recorder review cannot miss mentioning is the option for importing previously recorded videos to form content for a new video. Better yet, to make the process simple, you are able to use a drag and drop feature with just your fingers. You will be able to finish your project within no time.

From what we have seen in this review, this app is with no doubt superior in what it has to offer as a screencast tool for the iPhone/iPad. Starting with a simple and intuitive user interface, any first-time user will have a very easy time getting around the app. BB Rec aims at letting you focus more on the work at hand that learning how to go about using the app.

This app can be installed on any iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 9.0, iOS 9.01, iOS 10.0 and higher without any issues whatsoever. Even though the latest version of iOS features a built-in screen recorder, it cannot match what BB Rec has to offer especially in terms of control options.

Get out of the cumbersome process of having to connect the iPhone/iPad to the PC and recording the screen using third-party or external applications. You will not carry your PC everywhere you go as it will be tedious and that is why BB Rec is here for you to help overcome some of these drawbacks of iOS. You also get to enjoy a dark UI that is a current trend in recent times besides an eye-catching and addicting design.

Do not fail to share screen recordings from your device with an excuse that your device does not have this feature. In just three simple steps, you will be up and running for your first screencast job. Download BB Rec screen recorder, install in a very short time and finally launch it. Does this app meet your expectations of a screen recorder for the iPhone/iPad? Give your opinion in the comment section.

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