BB FlashBack Express Full Review and Alternatives

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FlashBack Express



BB FlashBack Express is the one-stop screen recorder software when you need to whip up vlogs, tutorials, walkthroughs, presentations, short videos, and demos through that over the top screen recording. It also goes by the name BB FlashBack Express, a product by Blueberry. It comes in very handy to capture the screen for you together with the accompanying audio from the mic or system depending on the kind of activity you are undertaking.

FlashBack Express boasts advanced ease of use which is at no expense of the features delivered. Regarding the various sources supported, you get to record the screen, webcam, and microphone, not forgetting that this screen recorder saves the videos in MP4, FLV, Flash, WMV, or AVI formats. On top of that, you have the chance to choose how you want the screen to be recorded, for instance, a specific area, and whether or not to include audio or webcam overlay.

FlashBack Express does not require you to go through any registration processes even when you are rocking the 30-day trial version making it have a plus over other screen capture tools you can download out there.

Besides the screen recording capabilities, you are also opened up to BB FlashBack Express Player which comes in handy when you need to preview the output video before uploading directly to sites like YouTube, Revver, Flashback connect, and

FlashBack Express – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
BB FlashBack ExpressWindows 7/8/10Free TrialFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of FlashBack Express


      • User-friendly interface – This is what makes it easy to use this app without going through the much-dreaded steep learning curve.
      • Gameplay recording – You get this feature as a dedicated mode in FlashBack Express, a mode that you do not get to have in some top tools out there.
      • No time limitations – While some screen capture tools cap on how long you can record, this program will let you screen record till your harddisk space limits you.
      • No watermarks – Expect no intrusive watermarks in your final video even if you are rocking the free version of this top software.


      • Requires a plugin – For this tool to work properly, you are required to install an addon which means that it is not really a standalone app.
      • No support for multiple monitors – In the instance, you gave a setup of more than one monitor, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is not able to capture content from the secondary monitor.

How to Use FlashBack Express

Key Features in FlashBack Express

This BB Flashback Express review article will explore the features and everything else that this software gives to the user to work with. Without further ado, let us get started. This app offers the following;

  • Amazing Screen Capture With Real-Time Annotations


During the screen recording process, you are able to draw focus and enhance your video by applying annotations using images, GIFs, arrows, stickers, captions among others. In doing so, your target audience will get to understand your video better making your work a lot easier.

To add to this, FlashBack Pro or Standard lets you enhance this even more by giving you the ability to add narration in your video and also music to make the video less boring. Do not forget that you get to capture the full screen, a user-defined area, or an application window depending on the task at hand.

Amazingly, this Express recorder software happens to be among the few tools that achieve frame-by-frame screen capture on top of great control over the output video and sound quality.

  • No Watermark, No Limitations

Unlike other applications that are available for download out there, FlashBack Express recorder does not feature any watermark in your video even when using the free trial version and better yet, expect no limitations at all especially in regards to how long your video can run.

At the same time, you are opened up to video editing tools that you can take advantage of to help you refine the output footage even further. In fact, the editing process is very fluid like when cutting or trimming your clips to remove unwanted sections before sharing.

Better yet, you get to enjoy high FPS with small-sized video files that incorporate high levels of fluidity and professional looks.

  • Schedule Recordings and Refine Output Parameters


It does not end there as you also get to enjoy some extra nifty features of this Blueberry Software like scheduled recordings. These are very convenient especially when you need to automatically capture footage in the future after you have defined the time, date, and the exact content you wish to capture.

That will be all you have to do and then no more interaction will be required though you have to configure when to stop the screen capture process to avoid very lengthy and huge video files. If you wish to, you can always tinker with parameters like the video resolution, gameplay recording frame rate, quality, hiding icons on the desktop or a plain background to suit your preferred environment – you can also let FlashBack Express use the defaults if you are not sure how to go about these settings.


Despite it not being all that feature compared to other counterparts, FlashBack Express still delivers exemplary results with the little features it carries under its arms. Getting it for a free download is a big plus and when you couple that with amazing features and ease of use, you get that reliable screen recorder tool you have been missing.

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