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If you are an ebook fan, you must have come across the word Kindle. Actually, Kindle happens to be an Amazon line of portable ebook reader devices powered by Android that enable one to download and read electronic publications with the ultimate convenience. And then here comes Auto Kindle eBook Converter which, going by the name, is a piece of software that comes in handy when you are looking to convert between supported ebook formats. To be specific, you will be able to process PDB, PDF, CHM, Lit, HTML among other files to convert them into the Kindle-friendly MOBI format equivalent.

As much as this program does not feature any real user interface that you can navigate like other normal programs, it still hits the home runs by accomplishing the task at hand with ease on top of satisfactory results without minding much about the source type of the ebook. Better yet, Auto Kindle eBook Converter is delivered to you without having to spend a single penny, unlike other programs that may require you to dig a bit deep into your pocket. Depending on the size of the input file, the conversion happens pretty fast with the output being delivered in a matter of moments. In this article, we dive more into the process to convert PDF into the MOBI format using this tool.

How to Use Auto Kindle eBook Converter

Auto Kindle eBook Converter lacks a fancy user interface and that can be a bummer to users who are expecting a good looking interface to work. Consequently, hurdles will arise in regard to getting started which will prevent one from accomplishing the task at hand. Luckily for you, this article has got your back and presents you with a guide that will get you there in the transformation of PDF files into ebooks supported by Kindle for Amazon. No matter the version of Windows you are running on, you will be able to follow this guide and smile all the way to the output you have been looking for. Jump to the next section and get fully acquainted with the process.

Step 1: Configure Auto Kindle eBook Converter

Once you have installed and launched this program, you will be presented with the interface below where you can make adjustments regarding the output and how to handle images in the PDF files that you will be looking to convert. Therefore, Label 1 gives you the choice of picking your preferred output location while Label 2 allows you to enable the processing of images. Simply set your preferred options here and click the “Save” button labeled 3 to proceed. You can as well close the interface in the instance you do not want to make changes here.

launch software

Step 2: Add a PDF Document

On exiting the interface above, you will automatically be taken to the file explorer dialog box below so that you can pick the PDF file of interest. This will be possible after you navigate to the source folder and pick the file like in the instance below for this guide.


Step 3: Define the Output Location

Depending on how you configured Auto Kindle eBook Converter at the start, you will need to select where to save the converted MOBI file. On the interface below that pops up, use the explorer options under Label 1 to navigate to a folder of choice and then hit the “OK” button labeled 2 to accept the adjustment.


Hitting the “OK” button will kick start the actual PDF to MOBI conversion process and all you have to do now is wait for the output file that will be with you in just a few moments. Something to note here is that Auto Kindle eBook Converter does not convert a PDF to the MOBI equivalent directly but rather converts first into HTML and then the HTML file is converted to MOBI. You will be able to notice this when the progress tracker is shown below.

convert pdf to html

In the next instance, you will notice that the HTML will now be converting into the MOBI format as shown below. All this is aimed at making sure that the file you get as your output is pretty much compatible with the ebook readers that you are looking forward to opening the converted file with.

html to mobi

The dialog box will at the end show the message for completion as below which will translate that the output file can now be found in the location previously defined. Actually, depending on the size of the file you are processing, you might not even notice these instances changing due to how fast Auto Kindle eBook Converter works.

convert completed

If you have managed to find the converted MOBI file in the target directory, it means that you have managed to accomplish a successful task to convert your PDF file into the Kindle format using Auto Kindle eBook Converter which has no real user interface that you can really talk about. Even so, it manages to provide very high levels of efficiency no matter the number of pages that are in your PDF file. Consequently, it means that you do not necessarily have to wait for ages for the output file to be delivered especially if you are short on time.

Auto Kindle eBook Converter does not feature a good-looking graphical user interface but that does not at all make it not kick the ball out of the park for you. Actually, it is able to perform amazingly better than other fully-fledged apps that have a complete user interface. We can agree that Auto Kindle eBook Converter does not trade in functionality with a fancy user interface besides making the process to convert as simple as possible. It is minimalistic in a way that does not consume any considerable computer resources at the end of the day and hence resulting in a very smooth and flawless process. Therefore, if you are looking to convert PDF files into other ebook formats and the interface does not really matter to you, Auto Kindle eBook Converter is just the right candidate for you.

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