Apowersoft Screen Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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Apowersoft Screen Recorder



Apowersoft Screen Recorder delivers a plethora of features that are aimed at the capture, annotation, editing, and sharing of screen video without much hassle. It is an online screen capture software that also boasts of a desktop version too if you prefer to work offline. You are free to use this software without any watermarks, hidden charges, or time limits on your platforms of choice – Windows or Mac.

With this screen recorder app, you can capture a section of the screen, the entire screen, Around mouse, audio-only, webcam, or even mobile-like dimensions. Lots of customizations are offered too like hotkeys, the saving directory, highlighting the mouse cursor, adjusting the video frame rate, to mention just but a few.

It is just amazing how a web-based app like Apowersoft Screen Recorder is able to deliver such features that some tools miss out on completely. To ensure that the screen recording does not start without you being ready, a countdown will appear before the actual screen capture pross can commence. Better yet, supported video and audio sources comprise the screen, webcam, mic, and system sound.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
ApowerSoft Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of Apowersoft Screen Recorder


      • No time limits – As a free time, you are not limited in regards to how long your screen recording can be.
      • Full image editing – With most tools just featuring video recording capabilities, Apowersoft Screen Recorder also boasts of editing features like for images to ensure they pass the intended message.
      • Versatile and simple – This screen recorder software for Windows and Mac offers a range of recording modes and at the same time is easy to get around.
      • No watermarks – You will be happy to know that Apowersoft Screen Recorder will not at all place watermarks in your videos.
      • Highly customizable – You can always play with the various options delivered by this online screen capture tool to suit your goals.
      • Real-Time Editing – During the screen capture process, you get to add annotations and necessary editing live which comes in very handy for training and gameplay walkthroughs.


      • Requires a plugin – For this tool to work properly, you are required to install an addon which means that it is not really a standalone app.
      • No support for multiple monitors – In the instance, you gave a setup of more than one monitor, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is not able to capture content from the secondary monitor.

How to Use Apowersoft Screen Recorder

17 Alternatives to Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Key Features in Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Here are some of notable features that Apowersoft offer:

  • Reliable Screen Recording


Lots of screen recording modes are provided here including full screen, window, menu, scrolling window, freehand, region, and polygon depending on your preferences.

Besides the normal screen recording, Apowersoft is capable of scheduling capture tasks to a time in the future. This is possible using the delayed-capture feature and hotkeys that make the implementation of this very convenient and efficient. And of course, after you have recorded the content you needed, you have to share it to your destinations of choice.

To read the target audience conveniently, you can get hold of the supported socials including screenshot.net, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox, although saving locally is also supported before further actions like editing.

  • Get Total Control Over the Output


At the same time, you are also offered great control over the output whereby you get specific lots of options that determine how the output will be delivered.

To be specific, the Apowersoft Screen Recorder lets you tinker with the video bitrate, frame rate, quality, not forgetting the audio format. By default, videos are saved in the popular, MP4, WMV formats that can be opened from just any device. There is also a countdown before you start capturing in order to avoid you missing out on an important section of your screen recording.

  • Access Video Editing Features


In terms of editing, you get a good share of features here including annotation tools like text, shapes, arrows, on top of other nifty features like the option to apply blur, pixelation, and even sharpening images as part of the effects you have in the image editor.

It does not end there since Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro makes it overly easy to resize, add borders, crop, rotate, and even apply the much-coveted torn-page look. All this is realizable thanks to the simple and instinctive user interface that has been woven into this app.


You can concur with me that this screen capture app has a good share of features that will sail you towards professional recordings. It brings in all the flexibility sought and in turn sees to it that you have an enhanced screen capture experience. It is now time to have a first-hand experience of these features by grabbing the Apowersoft Screen Recorder and making the most out of what it has to offer.

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