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Apowersoft Image To PDF Converter is one of the tools that live online and do not require you to install any other tools on your PC to complete conversion tasks. This automatically means that to use this great program, you must have a good and reliable internet connection to comfortably handle input uploads and eventual output downloads. In line with this Apowersoft review article, we are interested in the conversion of JPG images to PDF.

Besides converting JPG images to PDF, this tool will, of course, bring you lots of extra features that make the process even better. This Apowersoft review article looks at all the features accredited to this tool in details so that you are well informed on what to expect. Let us get started with the review. Once you get started with Apowersoft Image to PDF converter, expect to explore the following features;

Intuitive User Interface

To avoid a steep learning cover for any first time user, Apowersoft is delivered to you in a simple and intuitive user interface. Ease of use is greatly enhanced to the best way possible so that JPG to PDF conversion does not become a hassle at all. In a matter of a few mouse clicks, your images are converted into PDF within no time.

Modes Of Conversion

We use software for many purposes and how we interact with them depends largely on the task at hand and the convenience coming with the process. To complete a task, you may be provided with different methods that ultimately give you results as expected. Apowersoft is one of the tools that will give you more than one conversion method to choose from. Let us look at each of the modes below;

  • Convert images from URL – Some of the images we may want to convert may not be stored locally on our PCs but uploaded online. Instead of downloading and uploading the files again, you can just get the JPG image URL file, input it in Apowersoft and the rest will be handled. This tool will be able to get the image and convert it to PDF. Images from URLs can be from cloud platforms like Google Drive, Imgur, and others.
  • Convert images locally – Locally means that the JPG images are saved on your computer’s disk. You will be able to upload JPG files from the disk one by one using the normal file browser. This is ideal when you have a few files that need to be converted.
  • Batch convert images locally – Yes, you heard it right. Apowersoft supports batch processing of files to enable you to convert multiple JPG images into PDF. Browse local JPG images, make multiple selections and once uploaded, this tool will convert all of them to PDF simultaneously.

Quick and Convenient

If you are looking to make quick conversions, Apowersoft is definitely your go-to software. Besides coming to you free of charge, it is greatly fast in conversion and most of all very effective.

What’s more? In addition to handling JPG to PDF conversions in the fastest way possible, it does not compromise on the quality of original images even in the slightest way. Just sit back and relax as Apowersoft will take care of every detail for you to deliver just the kind of output you expect.

File Management

Apowersoft gives you the freedom to manage your images as you see fit. Like for the case of batch addition of files, you may include JPG images that you do not want to appear in the output PDF.

This tool will let you remove these files before the conversion process starts beside letting you add any more files that you may feel need to be converted to PDF. Therefore, there is no need to start the process all over again in the instance you include unwanted images in the upload list.

Resize Images

In the instance that you need to have the original images resized, Apowersoft gladly lets you do this with an added advantage on the side. Which one is this? This image to PDF tool will resize images and while we expect the quality to go down, Apowersoft surprises us by not compromising on the quality at all.

Other similar functioning apps will interfere with your original quality and deliver output which is not up to standards. Luckily, Apowersoft has got you covered here.

No Limitations

When other tools limit you on the number of JPG images that you can convert to PDF, Apowersoft makes this unlimited for you. It does not matter the number of images you as this tool will process all of them for you free. Enjoy complete freedom of converting images to PDF without any unnecessary hassle at all with Apowersoft image to PDF converter.

This Apowersoft review has gone into details and explored all the features to enjoy from this tool. Ultimately, you will be able to convert your images and especially the most common JPG format to PDF at the highest level of convenience. Try it today!

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