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Just as the name suggests, this program will be able to convert just any format of an ebook into other formats including MOBI, EPUB, PDF, AZW, KFX, and TXT. These ebook files that you may be looking to convert can be from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe, and Nook besides extra  24 input formats that include HTML, PRC, DOCX among others. On top of all these diverse input and output formats, this software also boasts of the ability to decode DRM-protected ebooks even before you start converting in order to remove any restrictions in viewing. To make sure you have a heaven of a time getting around this piece of software, the user interface is overly simple and intuitive with every part of the software being as concise as possible.

In addition to that, if you have an ebook collection that you want to convert, you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort when you implement the supported batch conversion process. Better yet, no one will be left out in this bandwagon since Any Ebook Converter supports all the available versions of Windows. As a result, no matter the level of experience you have when it comes to converting files between formats, you should be able to get started with this app without much hassle. Take the instance you need to convert a PDF file into the ePub format equivalent, how do you go about it? Well, you are in the right place as this article is guided by that need to bring you the tutorial below.

How to Use Any Ebook Converter

Earlier in the introduction, we have mentioned just how simple-to-use this program is. In this section, we are going to prove just that by taking you through a comprehensive guide that you can call anytime you need to get the best out of Any Ebook Converter. The only thing to note is that the free trial version of this tool is limited regarding the number of conversions you can do so be sure of the file you plan to convert unless you are ready to jump directly to the paid version. Even with the trial version, all features are available to you for that comprehensive evaluation at the end of the day. Here are the steps to follow to convert PDF to ePub or any other supported format that you prefer.

Step 1: Set Up Any Ebook Converter

Any Ebook Converter is not a bulky tool and therefore the process to download and install does not take long to complete. On successful launch, you will be looking at an interface similar to the one below which will mean that you are ready to dive into the PDF to ePub conversion process. As pointed out earlier, you can confirm that the user interface is very simple and straightforward.

main ui of any ebook converter

Step 2: Import a PDF Ebook

Any Ebook Converter lets you add files in two ways; one is by clicking on the shown icon below that opens up the file explorer dialog where you navigate to where the target PDF file is stored while the other method involves you just dragging and dropping the files on the indicated area. The drag-and-drop method is known to bring in the ultimate convenience. Therefore, choose your method and add PDF files to be converted.

import source ebook files

This program boasts of the ability to decode any DRM-protected files and in that line, you will see the dialog box below appear on the screen in case you have any protected PDF file. You may not see the pop-up in the instance the files you are adding are plain ebooks. By removing the DRM protection, you will be able to have readable files on your computer.


Once the file(s) have been added, the loaded PDF file will be shown with the Title and Author as shown by Label 1. At the same time, you get the chance to adjust the selected file metadata which you can achieve by hitting on the edit icon shown by Label 2 in order to open the pop-up window that has all the adjustable fields. Just make your preferred changes here and continue.

edit ebook settings

Step 3: Define Output Destination

In order to facilitate the easier retrieval of output, later on, it is advisable to make changes regarding the saving directory. To do this, click on the “Settings” icon shown by Label 1 and make the necessary changes in the area labeled 2. You can pick your own directory or just opt to rock the default one. To save the changes you have made, click on the “OK” button labeled 3.

set output folder

Step 4: Pick an Output Format

This tutorial is being guided by the task to convert PDF to ePub and as much as ePub is the default output format, you can choose a different one by clicking on the drop-down icon labeled 1 in order to open the expanded list of formats shown by Label 2. From here, you can pick your output format of choice in readiness for the final step.


Step 5: Convert

The indicated area below will show the format that you have picked so make sure you have selected the right one. To start the conversion process, click on the shown area or just the “Convert to EPUB” button as for this case.


Immediately you do that, Any Ebook Converter will provide you with the progress bar indicated below that will give you information on how far the conversion process has gone. Once it hits 100%, it means that the task at hand has been completed.


This software is very good at its job and takes the duty if informing you how the process has gone. From the indicated dialog box below, you can deduce that the process has been completed, how many files were successfully converted and which ones did not. At the same time, you have the “Open Folder” button that will take you directly to the output folder.


If you have managed to get here, it means that you have been able to accomplish your first conversion using Any Ebook Converter. The process is not complex at all as it does not have any instances that can prove problematic to achieve.

In just a couple of steps, you have excelled in a reliable process of converting PDF into ePub within no time. Amazingly, the output delivered by Any Ebook Converter is of high quality and goes a long way to retain the original layout and formatting as much as possible. Therefore, Any Ebook Converter is a powerful and convenient tool when you are on a quest to convert ebooks no matter the source format. But doing that, Any Ebook Converter is able to live to its name.

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