Amolto Call Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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Amolto Call Recorder is without doubt one of the leading call recorders for Skype that boasts of its share of needed features. It has come out as one Skype call recorder software that will provide unlimited recording time and at the same time ensure that there is no quality loss even when the file grows in size, it also works with other VOIP software like Zoom, Google hangouts, etc.

Amolto records Skype video calls in the popular MP4 format that is usually very convenient when it comes to sharing and playback the recorded conversions.

By default, Amolto is set to record Skype conversions automatically when it is launched and will operate from the Windows tray area but that does not prevent it from featuring manual recording buttons to start, pause or even stop the recording when it is deemed necessary.

This premium call recorder comes in a very simple, clear, and concise user interface that will not be a headache to get around when you need to satisfy the need to record Skype calls.

It happens to feature a sneak peek of the call history, last video and audio call, right on the main interface.

Features of Amolto Call Recorder

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Amolto Call Recorder

How to Use Amolto Call Recorder

Getting started with Amolto Call Recorder should not be daunting at all especially considering the step by step tutorial that has been prepared for you no matter your level of experience. To successfully record calls on Skype,

Step 1: With Skype up and running but not on call, set up Amolto Call Recorder on your computer by grabbing it from the official website. After that, just install and launch it when done.

Step 2: You can close the Amolto Call Recorder interface which will minimize it to the system tray since it is integrated with Skype automatically without the need for your input. This brings in a sense of convenience.

Step 3: Start a call on Skype and Amolto Call Recorder will automatically start recording both audio and video sessions and will show a notification on the system tray that the recording process has commenced. With manual mode, simply click on the “Start recording” button to achieve the same once you have placed a call on Skype.

Step 4: In manual mode, click on the “Stop recording” button or simply end the call on Skype to stop the call recording process. From there, you will be able to access the recording by clicking on the “Recording History” button that will list all your recordings including the latest one ready for further actions.

With the simple and overly intuitive interface that Amolto Call Recorder delivers, performing Skype call recordings is just like a knife through butter. The trial version is still good enough to cater to the task at hand but for a comprehensive experience, it is prudent to consider the premium version.

This guide will kick the ball out of the park for you in a way that is hassle-free and does not deliver anything less than high-quality Skype call recordings.

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