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With support for iOS 9 and above AirShou is a simple and easy to use screen recording app for your iPhone/iPad. AirShou comes with an instinctive user interface that does not need you to have trouble getting started. AirShou can be installed at no cost and more so does not require your device to be jailbroken.

AirShou will use very little resources of your device but without even the slightest compromising of the quality of screen records. You can be sure to play intensive games or even apps without worrying about the kind of output to come.

This article seeks to review what features you expect once you have installed AirShou. Getting started is pretty easy and you will be ready for your first screen record within no time. But even before you install this powerful tool, you will get information on the features and decide whether it fits your goals. Without further ado, let us get started on this AirShou review.

High-Quality Screencasts

The quality of output is an area that AirShou does not fail a user. Being able to record in the best quality possible coupled with a good frame rate is something to boast of. This is an area that AirShou will not fail you. How does it accomplish that? You will be able to capture the iPhone/iPod screen in up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. You can be assured of the best quality recordings when using this screencasting app.

User Preset File Name

In my review, this is a unique feature that I have come to notice with AirShou. It stands out in the fact that you are able to set the name of the file to be recorded even before the recording starts. The advantage of this feature is that you will be able to name and organize your files in the best way for easy retrieval.

Contrary to other screen recording apps that just name files in terms of date and time, you will be able to set that preferred name for your next screencast. There will be no much hassle as you can always retrieve the right file based on the name you gave to it. For instance, you can name a recording based on the activity at hand.

Choose Orientation

More freedom is given towards your recordings by having access to a few extra control options. Before you can start recording, AirShou allows you to select the preferred orientation to work in. The orientations available with AirShou include portrait, reverse portrait, and landscape with the home button to the left or right.

You will be able to record any content of choice without limitations on the orientation. Like for instance, for a game that needs landscape orientation, you will set the appropriate one and get started.

Microphone Capture

Adding narrations, voiceovers or any form of external audio is just a click away. AirShou lets you capture audio using the built-in microphone to make the screen video recording as informative as possible.

Do not let your videos be boring when you are free to include audio with the microphone at no extra cost. Make the best out of this tool with a feature that is never less handy when it comes to recording the screen on your iPad/iPhone.

Internal Audio Capture

This is another feature that is availed to you by AirShou. It is best suited especially when you need stereo audio captured with the video. The internal audio will not just be captured but will feature a unique and high-quality stereo property that cannot be likened to any other screen recorder. Most of the other screencasting tools may lack this handy feature. With AirShou, you get it free out of the box.

Record Games

Gaming has become very popular in recent times and gamers like to share gameplay with an aim to showcase how they play or provide walkthroughs. Mobile gaming has not been left behind and a good screen recording tool is vital to enable you to capture the gameplay on your iPhone/iPad.

AirShou has proved itself to be very lightweight and powerful hence able to handle intensive games without impacting on the performance of the device. Recording games on your device is now simple and straightforward when you use this screencasting tool as it will also be able to detect games installed on your device.

One-Click Access to Recordings

After you are done with the recording process, do not be stranded on where to access your screencasts. AirShou has a one-click button to open the recording library from where you can manage the output files. The button is located at the top right-hand corner of the app.

From the list, you will have various actions that can be performed on the files including; playing directly, “open in…” option to open the file with an external app, saving to camera roll gallery, and also an option to delete the file in question completely. It is from this library that you will be able to open a specific recording with an external for that extra touch for later sharing to a platform of choice like YouTube.

Wide Range of Supported Devices

AirShou is really rich in the devices that is supports so it is very unlikely you be left out in having a taste of what it offers. With iOS 9 and above supported, it has universal support for iPhone, iPad and not forgetting the iPod Touch. Am sure one of your mobile devices falls in one of these categories.


AirShou is, without doubt, powerful when performing screen recording tasks on your iPhone/iPad. Do not expect a very huge app in terms of storage consumption as it is also very lightweight to ensure that does not take a toll on the device resources. You will be able to record at an above-standard high quality that a viewer will not struggle making out.

Better yet, all these and more features are given to you without any charges. Do not hassle much when AirShou is here to cater for all your screen recording tasks on the iPhone/iPad.

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