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Aide is very popular among users who are looking to convert PDF to DWG or DXF especially due to the batch mode it carries under its arms. The other thing is that it is independent software that does not require you to have programs like AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. Better yet, it is not selective in regard to the version of Windows you can run the software on. Actually, you will be amazed to learn that Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 are all supported. Regarding the conversion, Aide PDF To DWG Converter opens you up to several ways that you can do it; for instance, you can choose whether to convert all pages or just specific ones and even convert the embedded images too.

Other than that, this piece of software is easy to use with top-notch performance without compromising on the output quality. To ensure that no one is left behind regardless of the CAD software you are running on, Aide PDF To DWG Converter is able to output files that are supported all the way back to AutoCAD 2.5 to the latest version. Better yet, software developers have also been considered and can access the ActiveX DLL and the command-line version of this tool when the convenience and need arises. In order to ensure that anyone that comes across this program can get started without meeting any hurdles on the way, we present you with a guide in the subsequent section that will make you smile all the way to satisfactory output.

How to Use Aide PDF To DWG Converter

Once you have been acquainted with the features Aide PDF To DWG Converter delivers, the next thing that follows is getting to perform the task at hand with the help of such software. Features are one thing while getting around is another process that unless you know how to go about, the features will not be of any value. We have done the hard work for you and here we deliver the steps you need to follow so that you can make the best out of Aide PDF To DWG Converter. It is a simple but overly comprehensive guide that can be followed by just anyone no matter their level of expertise regarding the conversion process. The steps to follow are;

Step 1: Get Started With Aide PDF To DWG Converter

To kick start the process, this step requires you to download, install and launch the program so that you have an interface similar to the one below on your desktop ready for the task at hand. You will notice just how minimalistic and simple this tool is in regard to the user interface. Actually, all the activities will be done on this interface.

launch Aide converter

Step 2: Add PDF Files or Folders

Aide PDF To DWG Converter is generous to let you do this in two ways depending on your preference. Label 1 shows where to drag and drop the PDF files you are looking forward to converting into DWG. alternatively, Label 2 shows the buttons to use when you want to add files or folders natively via the file explorer. Therefore, pick the method that augurs the best with you and add the PDF file(s) of interest.

add source files

Step 3: Pick Your Preferred Output Format

Aide PDF To DWG Converter has the ability to convert PDF files into either the DWG or DXF format and since DXF will be selected by default, you will need to make the appropriate adjustment here and pick DWG as the target output format. Just dismiss any message that advises you to output to DXF. The place to do this is none other than the one indicated below.


Step 4: Specify the Output Directory

Unless you want to save the output in the same folder as the source file, use the area indicated below to specify another destination. Clicking on the icon with three dots will open up the file explorer dialog for you to navigate to a folder of choice otherwise tick the “Output to Source Folder” option to save the converted DWG file in the same folder as the original PDF file.


Step 5: Adjust Advanced Settings (Optional)

Aide PDF To DWG Converter gives you more control over the output by letting you tinker with various options once you click on the “Settings” button indicated below.


Under the “General Settings”, you will be able to specify the output file version depending on the target AutoCAD software version, the output scale and misceöineious options like opening the output folder once the conversion is done, overwriting existing files and the option to automatically include subfolders when processing whole folders.

output file version

Next up is the “Input Settings” tab that basically lets you define the pages to be converted for the case of a multipage PDF file, lets you provide the password for an encrypted file on top of the option that deals with the background layer of the PDF.

page range

Last but definitely not the least is the “Image PDF File” tab where you specify how to handle embedded images in the PDF files in addition to the option of even extracting the same images.


Therefore, make sure that you make the necessary adjustments here guided by how you want the final output to be like. Hit the “OK” button once you are done so that the changes can be applied and saved.

Step 6: Convert

All the steps above culminate to this final step that will see to it that the PDF to DWG conversion process gets to happen actually and deliver the output. Click on the “Convert” button to start the actual process to convert your PDF files into the DWG format equivalent.


As long as you added a compatible PDF file, the processing will be started immediately and after a successful conversion, the output directory will be opened for you automatically. It is here that you will be able to find the DWG file carrying a similar name to the source file only that now it has the DWG file extension.

And just like that, you have managed to accomplish a successful task of converting PDF files into DWG so that they can be edited further in supported CAD software. You may have realized just how quickly the output is delivered while at the same time retaining the quality to the greatest extent. This is geared to letting you have reliable output and Aide PDF To DWG Converter will not fall anything short of that. Not sure about purchasing the paid version? You have a considerable trial period whereby you can evaluate what Aide PDF To DWG Converter has to offer before you make up your mind. The good thing is that during this trial period you will not be in any way limited when it comes to functionality. When duty calls you to such a task guided here, make sure Aide PDF To DWG Converter is at the frontline to weather anything that comes.

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