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Adobe Presenter is a fully-fledged software that will not only allow you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously but will also provide you with a ton of video editing tools for that final professional video. With this software, you are able to create true HD videos without minding your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC specifications as it is more of a hardware-independent software. This app provides you with powerful tools at your fingertips ending the intense hassle you would go to have a good screen capture and production.

The greatest wish of any user recording the screen is to have the best output in terms of quality. Adobe Presenter makes the wishes a reality by enabling you to capture the screen at full resolution without any alterations to anything. Backed by its enhanced pan-and-zoom scaling tool, video editing becomes a walk in the park. When it comes to publishing your content, you can go for either 1280×720 or 1280×800 resolution.


We can not just record the screen without considering whether we need audio to be included. If you choose to have audio included in your screencast, the quality of the audio goes a long way in determining how well your video will be catchy and enticing. Adobe Presenter has you covered here whereby by utilizing its built-in filters, you are able to suppress noise to a great extent while on the other hand enhancing the audio amplification. Your audio will be much clearer and at the optimum volume so that the viewer does not struggle to hear.

What Adobe Presenter offers

A video with a personalized touch augers well with many viewers. Adobe Presenter empowers you with personalization tools that save you on time and effort. For instance, you may want to include yourself in the video via webcam capture but the background does not really go well with the intended goal. This means you may be forced to move to a place with a preferred background for best results. This app saves you all this trouble by giving you the ability to modify the background at the click of a button.

Within no time, you will have changed the boring background in your video to a lively and eye-catching one that even the viewer can really love. You are free to change the background with any kind of media including an image or video. Adobe Presenter comes with various built-in assets too that can serve this purpose. It is worth noting that, all this is done without the need for a green screen like what other similar software require to have a customizable background. The same video can be personalized further with logos and color schemes that reflect your brand and this software goes even another step allowing you to save them as themes that can be used in future.

More in Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is very rich in video editing and enhancing tools that will make that recorded video look even more professional and informative. Some of these tools do their tasks automatically once you choose to work with them. For instance, this application will be able to apply video filters to your recorded video that will automatically enhance lighting, color and also the sound resulting in an overall improvement in the video quality.

The start and end of a video is a big determinant whether a viewer will be interested to find out what is in the rest of the video and to make sure it is catchy enough, Adobe Presenter comes with a wide choice of introductory and concluding clips. To draw the attention of a viewer a zoom tool comes in handy while making sure the same user knows what the video is about and the maker using lower thirds feature.

Why Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter has an instinctive user interface especially when it comes to the timeline. You do not need to edit your videos externally as this can be fully achieved on this app’s timeline. Tinker with the video in every way possible until it reaches your expectations be it in terms of brightness, trimming, sharpness, panning or zooming. For the audio, you can always eliminate the background noise and in so doing improve on the quality.

On the same timeline, you can add any extra audio or video media that you feel should form part of your final output. You are also not limited if you wish to include webcam footage on the timeline as Adobe Presenter is dynamic in a way to let you mix both media in any way you may feel fit for your final output.

In case you need to track how well the viewer is getting to understand what you are driving at in your video, Adobe Presenter enables you to insert quizzes at certain points in the video timeline. The feedback you get will tell you where you need to work on in order for the viewer to understand better. At the same time, this feature can tell you to what length your video is getting watched.

You can also include annotations when you need to emphasize certain instances in your video by highlighting, drawing, commenting, circling, or underlining specific areas to enhance better understanding. Better yet, you get extra control on the annotations in terms of font, color and even how long they last.

A special feature coming with this app is the ability to generate SRT files form closed captions. The SRT files carry subtitles that are important especially if you have to deliver the video in a regional language. This software will let you edit these files and then import them back to your video. I have not come across another software that has this capability.

Adobe Presenter can let you save your video on the Adobe Connect Server for convenience and also save on computer resources especially the storage. You can easily stream the video on the cloud at any time you need. Not only the video as the audio can also be streamed at the click of a button after you have uploaded your work to the cloud.

There you have it. Besides recording the screen, this software will provide video editing tools on the go. Will it have a home on your Windows PC?

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