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Adobe is a renowned name in the PDF sector and it is no longer news that it converts PDF files to Word documents. The concern, however, is the how well it performs that and what key features it brings to the table. In this Adobe PDF to Word converter review, I will be looking at the rich features that this one of top PDF to word converter has to offer while also touching on some of the few misfits that comes with it.

As is the norm, I will be considering everything from the look and feel of the app to the functionality and user-friendly nature that this PDF to Word converter offers. This review will take a thorough approach that will disregard the reputation of Adobe and dig deep into the pros and cons and everything else besides.

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Adobe PDF To Word: An Overview

The homepage of Adobe PDF to Word converter says it all: “Spend more time on real work, less time on busywork. In the office or on the go, you can save your PDF files as formatted Microsoft Word documents — and start new projects without starting over.” This just summarizes what this converter for you which is captured in two themes: ease and efficiency.

Adobe PDF converter

From the home page, it is clear what it does: convert PDF to word. This means that it delivers to you without any unnecessary side distractions. To make everything far better, there is a little video on the home page that details everything you need to know before making the commitment journey.

Unlike the many other PDF to word converters out there, Adobe requires your payment details to get the free trial access to download and experience the app. As much is a good way to keep unserious prospects at bay, it also doubles to keep interested ones who need to test the app before commitment.

payment part

Analyzing The Adobe PDF To Word Converter

First off, the cloud-based provision of this PDF to word converter gives it a better edge over many of the other converters available out there today. For one, the Adobe Cloud is very reliable and secured such that you can be comfortable keeping confidential files up there.

With this, you are assured that you can access all your documents on the go and also make substantial editing to them even when on the go. This is a super cool feature that I found both helpful and useful for cross-platform synchronization and seamless work process.

Aside from this, Adobe also offers you the ability to even convert scanned PDF docs into Word files. This may come across as kind of generic, but the point is in the level of efficiency. On the Adobe Acrobat, the level of efficiency that a scanned document delivers is not at all different from that done from a soft-copy document.

Adobe Converter: How To’s

Part of the things that endeared me to the Adobe is its very sleek way of processing. In five simple steps. The first thing to do kick-start the conversion process when you have downloaded the app is to open and click on the conspicuous “Export PDF” tool to the right.

With a clear “call to action,” it is very clear where to go to start the conversion process. After this is done, you then need to select MS Word as the choice of conversion or export preferred.

The next step after this is to upload the file and click on the “Export” button to complete the conversion process. The final thing to do is to save the file in your preferred location.


Although the Adobe PDF To Word Converter is well reckoned as high class and very efficient in delivery, there are some things about it that are not so cool. First on this list is the cost. Adobe comes across as relatively expensive. Also, as mentioned earlier, the hurdle encountered with the activation of the trial process is quite a thing. I for one was put off by it. Aside from these, there is scarcely any other issues.

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