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In an era where it has become the norm using ebooks, you need a piece of software that will help you handle working with electronic publications in the best way possible. Adobe Digital Editions will actually not only help you read ebooks conveniently but will also help you organize them in bookshelves in order to facilitate that seamless management. During this review, it has become clear that the ebooks supported by this software are either in PDF or EPUB format which are among the most common file formats for the ebooks. Better yet, you can get started with this program on either Mac or Windows platforms and thus you will not be left behind on this train.

Even if you have DRM-enabled books across several devices, you can use this app to sync all of them and have a chance to view them no matter where you are or the device. In addition to that, transferring ebooks from one device to the other is highly facilitated and easy to do especially when the sharing devices are connected. These are some of the features that Adobe Digital Editions comes with and even more outstanding ones are covered below so that you can make your comparison with other tools. Without further ado, let us find what makes this program really tick.

What Does Adobe Digital Editions Boast Of?

Definitely there are other ebook readers out there and consequently, this program has to have its own share of outstanding features in order to cope with the competition. This tool may not feature any advanced settings but the much it is able to boast of makes it top way above so many other programs. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this software keeps it simple and at the same time makes sure you get to enjoy the following features. Let us now find out more to have a better understanding of what to expect.

Simple and Instinctive

While some other programs will feature a complex user interface that poses navigation problems when getting around, Adobe Digital Editions has been crafted with the novice user in mind so that they do not have to through a steep learning curve to understand it. In fact, the interface is very clean, concise and welcoming in every way possible. In addition to that, you are provided with two library viewing modes that you can choose from depending on your preference. One is the thumbnail mode and the other is the list mode. The advantage of the thumbnail mode is that you get to have a preview of the ebook cover even before you open it.

Drag and Drop

We have all been accustomed to the native way of adding files into any software which involves navigating via the file explorer. Adobe Digital Editions will offer this method but on top of that provide an even more convenient way of importing files and as a result, save greatly on both the time and effort. This feature is none other than the drag-and-drop option that comes in handy when you are adding ebooks into Adobe Digital Editions. It is a very much-coveted feature that many users really look for especially when working on multiple files to facilitate the batch addition.


This review cannot fail to mention the availability of presets that you can call when you need to organize your bookshelves without having to tinker with so many options. Adobe Digital Editions gives you lots of freedom here and you can pick a preset of choice besides the ability to customize names, edit your new presets and even delete them at your convenience. However, it is prudent to note that the presets coming with Adobe Digital Editions by default are not editable but only the ones that you come up with from scratch. At the end of the day, these presets are aimed at giving you the ultimate personalization that you may be looking for.


There is nothing a user loves more while working with software than the convenience and simplicity and efficiency of completing tasks. This app takes this into account and boasts of handy hotkeys that rid you of the need to keep on navigating menus and clicking buttons to realize certain processes. Actually, almost any action that this tool can achieve has an equivalent hotkey that you can use. To make things better, they are divided to either be used in the library or reading mode depending on which one you are using.

Search and Annotate

You will not only read and view ebooks with this program but also you are opened up to other nifty features. One is the ability to search for any text in your PDF or EPUB-ebook with ease and efficiency so that you have the results in just a matter of moments. Besides that, you get the chance to annotate any text in your ebook and even have a navigation panel where you can view your list of notes on top of navigating directly to where the note has been applied. At your convenience, you can always edit, remove and also rename the notes as per your preferences.

All the features above culminate into a reliable tool that you can bank on for the best experience in regard to ebook viewing. Adobe has gone the extra mile to bring a tool like no other, no ads, ultimate simplicity, minimalism among others. To reiterate on the minimalism, Adobe Digital Editions is just a couple of MBs in terms of size and does not take up much of your computer resources be it storage or the processing power. Therefore, as long as you have a file with the EPUB or PDF extension, you can rest assured that it will be most convenient to view it on this program. This has been evident beyond any doubts after going through this review article. Try it today and get no disappointments whatsoever. All this is possible without the need to spend even a single penny to access the services given by Adobe Digital Editions.

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