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ActivePresenter is not just a great screen recorder but comes as an all-in-one package that also includes a video editor and an eLearning authoring app. Our greatest interest falls on the screen recorder side which is accompanied by the video editing tools. What makes ActivePresenter tick as a screencasting software for the Mac OS X? This is the question that will be answered in this review article. Tighten you belt as we get ready to take off.

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Recording Features

To be termed as a screen recorder, ActivePresenter is able to capture the screen in the form of a video that can be later edited and be ready for sharing. This software also features a smart capture option whereby the screen is captured in the form of a slide at the click of a mouse button or better still with the implementation of a hotkey instead. Recording the webcam is also not left out.

You can record the webcam separately on its own and if need be implement picture-in-picture mode to record both the screen and webcam together to form single footage.

Better yet, audio is very important when it comes to screencasting so ActivePresenter allows you to capture both the system audio and sound from audio capture devices connected to your Mac OS X like the microphone.

The audio will form either be narration or a voiceover in your video. If you are looking to make a quick tutorial, ActivePresenter gives you smart annotation tools that enable you to make a screencast that will be ready for sharing immediately after you are done with the recording process. How this becomes possible is that you will require little to no edits before sharing.

Editing Features

When it comes to editing the resulting screen record, ActivePresenter is pretty rich in the features it avails to the user. The features are very many but we will look at those that are directly related to the screencasting process. I do not think it is possible to exhaust all of them in one review article but we will cover as many as possible.

    • ActivePresenter gives you the ability to get the best from your video and audio. No quality is lost for each of these components of your recording. On top of that, you get to delete, cut, crop, blur, split, join and even adjust the playback speed to fit your needs. In addition, you can adjust the audio volume appropriately and for the video, freeze frames anytime on the go. Fade audio in and out, reduce the noise and normalize the audio in general with a few clicks.
    • Blur and Transparency – The blur effect is very vital when you need to hide sensitive information like passwords from the viewer during the recording. The transparency is especially used with screenshots to modify them to user-specific needs.
    • Transitions and Animations – Make your video eye-catching and attractive by implementing the wide range of these features that come with ActivePresenter.
    • Annotations – With this feature, you will be able to draw shapes of any kind and even free forms that fit what you need to put across. For instance, you can circle a region to drive the attention of the viewer to that specific area.
    • Mouse Cursor – In regard to the cursor, you can highlight it and apply mouse click sounds that will enable a viewer to know when the mouse is used. The highlighting will make the cursor easily recognizable on the recording.
    • Zooming and Panning – You are free to zoom and pan the video depending on the areas of interest that you want to emphasize for the viewer.
    • Styling options – To make the footage even fancier, ActivePresenter lets you adjust colors and apply various effects like shadows on the go.
    • Green screen/Chroma-key – This comes in handy when you need to replace a certain consistent color with another color, image or even a video. This is done based on the chroma range.
    • Media Import – ActivePresenter lets you import extra media (audio/image/video) that is stored locally on your Mac OS X and make it part of your recording.
    • Adding Captions – To enhance better understanding ActivePresenter lets you add closed captions and is even much more helpful for the deaf audience. Audio transcriptions are also supported.
    • Text To Speech – ActivePresenter comes with an engine that is able any kind of text even closed captions to speech to save you the trouble of having to record narrations.
    • Spotlighting – Besides zoom-n-pan, ActivePresenter lets you draw the attention of the viewer by using spotlights which can even be enhanced further by applying effects to make them even more noticeable.

ActivePresenter has more when it comes to features but a single review is not enough. Some extra features are; this software is able to back up your work to avoid loss in case of unexpected power outage, you are able to password-protect your content when working in a shared environment, you can group objects for fast and convenient manipulation and the ability to create object and slide templates that you can reuse any time you need hence saving time.

Output and Sharing Features

Once the recording is done, ActivePresenter can export in a range of popular formats; AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, and WebM. The choice depends on your preference and saves you time where you would have needed a video converter.

You will also be able to upload the final video directly to YouTube without leaving ActivePresenter. To publish with this YouTube integration feature, you will need to have signed in with your channel details.


Despite being able to obtain ActivePresenter as a free edition software, it is a bit costly when you want to go for the Standard Edition which goes at $199 per license. You dig even deeper into your pocket if you decide to go for the fully-fledged Pro Edition at  $399 per license. At the end of the day, the features you need to use determine the version you will require.

It is very evident beyond any doubt that ActivePresenter is a very powerful screencasting tool. This ActivePresenter review has been able to capture the superiority that comes with this software especially when it comes to editing feature. ActivePresenter is worth every coin that you will spend. Try it today and you will not regret.

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