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ABViewer is an all-around software when you need to edit, view and convert an assortment of image formats including CAD, DXF, DWG, TIFF among others. Therefore, it is a very handy tool when printing is not a viable option for you and a good management solution for both engineering and design. Unlike other viewer apps, it goes the extra mile of supporting raster and vector formats and better yet get conversion capabilities. The interface is clean with a cornucopia of tools that will give you the ultimate control over the file you are working on.

While some other programs may not give you much freedom when it comes to large image printing, ABViewer lets you tinker with sizes to meet your preferences. Your level of experience does not matter when you get started with this tool since the user interface is overly interactive. Even if raster images cannot be vectorized by this tool, images are instead saved as OLE-objects that are embedded in the final DWG file. The kind of speeds you get to enjoy will greatly depend on the input file both in terms of size and the number of pages.

In addition to that, the conversion process is done for you without necessarily opening the target PDF files and as a result, bring in the idea of an efficient process when compared to similar functioning programs. Having said that, to transform your PDF files into editable DWG files, follow the guidelines provided in the next section for that seamless process.

How to Use ABViewer

You should not at all be scared by the featureful interface that welcomes you as it is just the doorway to a simple process to convert PDF files into the DWG format equivalent. In order to ensure that no one gets stuck during this task at hand, we have prepared the guide below that teaches you how to accomplish the process even when you have no level of expertise prior to the conversion task. When other programs feature complex steps, ABViewer has taken a whole different approach here all in ensuring that you have a heaven of time converting your files. It is now time to get started with the guide and learn as much as possible.

Step 1: Download, Install and Start ABViewer

ABViewer will deliver a fancy, ribbon-like interface as shown below once you are done with the process to install and launch. You may wonder just how all these options will help you achieve the task at hand but do not get yourself mixed up as this guide has got you covered. Getting to this interface means that you are on the right track ready for the next step.


Step 2: Navigate to the Conversion Module

We will now simplify things a bit here by heading over the part of ABViewer that gives us the functions we are after. This is none other than the PDF to DWG conversion module that is built into this awesome piece of software. To get to the interface we want, click on the “File” menu option labeled 1, then click on the “Convert” option labeled 2 and finally hit the “PDF to DWG” icon as shown by Label 3. Optionally, you can do this even faster by clicking on the “File” menu and then directly selecting the “PDF to DWG” option which is labeled “Alternative” below.


Whichever method augurs the best for you, you will be taken to the simplified interface below that will be the real deal in helping you accomplish a successful task of converting PDF to DWG. you can concur with me that this is one of the easiest interfaces that you have come across when performing any transformation.


If you observe closely, unless you have purchased the paid version of this software, you are limited regarding the number of conversions that you can do.

Step 3: Import a PDF File

It is now time to add the PDF file that we need to be converted into the DWG format equivalent. To do that, click on the “Browse..” button shown below which will open up the file explorer for you so that you can navigate to the source folder and add your PDF file of interest. Unfortunately, ABViewer does not come with the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature for adding files conveniently into this conversion interface.


Once you have added the PDF file, the file name will be shown on the white box to the left of the button you clicked with the source path also included.

Step 4: Define the Output Parameters and Convert

Looking at the interface below, you can observe that the output file has automatically been given the same name and saving path as the input file except for the extension that has changed to DWG. This means that you can continue with these defaults and still have the expected output. However, if you want to adjust things a bit, click on the “Browse…” button shown by Label 1 so that you can define your preferred output destination and a filename of your choice. With that set, this the “OK button to kickstart the conversion process.


Immediately you hit the “OK” button, the progress bar shown below will replace the previous interface and will help you track the conversion process. In the instance you change your mind, you can hit the “Cancel” button at any time. Otherwise, the transformation happens very fast depending on the size and number of pages in your PDF file.


When the process hits 100%, ABViewer will have the converted DWG file in the specified output folder for you. The initial non-editable PDF file is now a complete DWG file that can be tinkered with in any CAD software supporting this file format. Better yet, the process has not posed any hurdles at all on the way and is pretty much interactive. This is another piece of software that falls in the list of programs that are very simple when it comes to the process to convert PDF into DWG.

ABViewer is definitely a tool that should not miss on your radar especially when it comes to the task we have had in hand in this article. Coming with a plethora of features does not prevent it from delivering a simple process to achieve reliable conversion as evidenced by this guide. You can agree with me that ABViewer is overly simple and instinctive when it comes to converting PDF files. Even if you will at first work with the trial version so that you can evaluate the features, PDF conversion is in no way limited in terms of functionality and the kind of output in the end. Put ABViewer to the task today and kiss goodbye any conversion issues you have met before.

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