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Able2Extract Professional, an Investintech craft, is the ultimate and most comprehensive PDF tool you can get your hands on in the market. With it, you can create, edit, convert, OCR, compare, and secure PDFs among other features. One of the best things about this software is its multiplatform nature; it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux without any form of limitations.

Even better, tasks take way less time especially when you implement the batch processing feature in the instance you have a load of multiple files to work on.

When compared to the popular Adobe Acrobat, Able2Extract Professional comes out as way more affordable with a greater focus on features. In fact, there are a lot of features in Able2Extract Professional that you will not come across on Adobe Acrobat and that just tells you just how powerful our software of focus in this review is. How about some pros and cons before we jump right into the highlight features;

Pros & Cons of Able2Extract Professional

  • Offers AI-assisted conversions
  • Offers conversion templates
  • Features batch processing
  • Built-in multilingual OCR
  • Offers rich PDF editing options
  • Allow you to automate conversions
  • Boasts a preview feature
  • Offers form-filling capabilities

  • OCR struggles with some fonts
  • Way few OCR languages

How to Use Able2Extract Professional

Key Features in Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract Professional is a real beast when it comes to working with PDFs and this review section will give you all the reasons why. Without further ado, let us dive right in and get acquainted with the top features that you are bound to find pretty helpful and fulfilling.

PDF Converter


Able2Extract Professional offers an exclusive pinpoint PDF converter tool that works all the magic. You will be happy to know that you are open to various modes of converting; Able2Extract Professional lets you convert a page, paragraph, or just a single line when the need arises. Several PDF conversion tools are also available depending on the kind of output you are looking forward.

To be specific you get to convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to AutoCAD (DWG, DXF), PDF to Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), PDF to Publisher, PDF to HTML, and PDF to Open-source formats (ODT, ODS, ODP).

The best thing about all these conversions is that the formatting and layout are retained to the greatest extent. And when working on multiple PDF files, call the batch convert feature is highly recommended to save time and effort.

Powerful PDF to Excel Converter


Besides the normal PDF to Excel conversion, Able2Extract Professional presents you with a more in-depth mode to convert PDF to Excel. Some of the notable features in this dedicated mode include;

  • Lets you define the data structure in terms of columns and rows.
  • Lets you preview the output before conversion.
  • A smart layout detector that ensures the original layout and style are retained.
  • Lets you convert PDF to CSV and TSV.
  • Offers to convert any format, besides PDF, to Excel.
  • Allows you to create and work with conversion templates, saving you time.
  • Gives accurate conversions even when working with inconsistent table structures.
  • Offers AI-powered smart templates that help locate and convert required tables efficiently.
  • Tweak the header and footer.

All these features and more are guaranteed at giving you that extra feel of speed and overly precision when it comes to transforming PDFs to Excel.

PDF Editing


PDF editing has always been a very much-coveted feature and Able2Extract Professional has ensured that you have the ultimate comprehensiveness in this regard. To bridge this gap, you are opened up to a plethora of editing tools that gear you towards a tailored output. Here is a rundown of some of the highlight PDF editing options at your disposal;

  • Add or delete PDF text
  • Adjust the text size, color, and font
  • Insert images, logos, and vector shapes
  • Add and customize Bates Numbering
  • Add and customize PDF pages
  • Split and merge PDFs
  • Scale and resize PDFs
  • Tinker with the PDF file metadata
  • Adjust PDF viewing options to suit the reader

Able2Extract has even more editing tools awaiting you to help you tweak all those PDFs, bending them to your specific needs.

Avid PDF Viewer

Able2Extract Professional does not just let you view PDF files plainly but also goes the extra mile to deliver more features that give a more holistic approach to the PDF viewing process. With this software, you have the following options at your disposal;

  • Open and view more than one PDFs all at the same time
  • Navigate the PDF conveniently using the included hand tool
  • Search for content in the opened PDF
  • View PDFs even without a license
  • Implement dark mode especially when in low-light conditions
  • Zoom in or out on a document from the cursor position
  • Fill, edit, and share interactive PDF forms
  • Rotate a PDF as necessary

With Able2Extract, reading PDF files has been taken a notch higher compared to other PDF software.

PDF Creator

Amazingly, Investintech’s Able2Extract can help you create top-notch PDFs from a whopping 300+ document formats including the popular Microsoft Office formats. This is in addition to functioning as a virtual printer, letting you create blank PDFs from scratch, not forgetting advanced options like setting security parameters, applying compression, among other options.

Powerful OCR


While working on scanned or image-based PDFs is a hassle with other PDF converter software, Able2Extract Professional helps you escape that by providing a very comprehensive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool.

Most of the OCR tools will just recognize and extract text but Investintech gives you more than that. You get to accurately convert scanned PDFs into editable and searchable Word, PowerPoint, Word, AutoCAD, among other formats. The accuracy realized here is akin to none other which means little to no editing is required post-OCR.

We have also managed to OCR very low-quality scans into flawless documents with the help of Able2Extract Professional. What’s more? You need not retype/redraw tables because this PDF converter extracts all the tabular and numerical data into format-retaining Excel spreadsheets. The multiple languages supported help to realize an even more accurate OCR process.

Annotate PDFs


Able2Extract Professional delivers a ton of markup tools that go a long way to help review and collaborate on PDF files. Through annotations, you cut down the lots of explanations you have to do by going directly to the area that needs adjustment. Here are the various ways you can annotate a PDF;

  • Attaching files like images
  • Adjusting the document color, opacity, and more
  • Highlighting, striking though, or underlining content
  • Adding squiggly caret or underline
  • Inserting sticky notes, comments, and stamps

This way, collaborating on a document feels just like a walk in the park. A lot of tasks have been made way easier for you by Able2Extract.

Sign and Secure PDFs


When working on confidential PDF documents, it is advisable to add a valid electronic/digital signature to authenticate the originality of a document. Able2Extract Professional gives you this feature and even a way to validate the added signatures by identifying the signer and whether the document was modified during transit after signing.

Besides, you get the chance to secure PDFs using the popular 256-bit encryption to ensure all the right parties can decrypt the documents. By setting the owner and user password, it is possible to restrict access as you see fit.

Another advantage is that you can set various permissions to govern whether a document can be printed, copied, or modified at any one time. Some extra security features touch on sensitive information redaction and using watermarks to personalize a document.

Compare Files


This is a very new feature Able2Extract Professional introduced recently in version 16 and simply helps show discrepancies or differences (text and images) between two printable documents. The good thing with this feature is that it is file format-independent and the comparison process happens pretty fast.

Even better, you can highlight unique similarities and mark up differences using the provided annotation tools or simply copy them to the clipboard and paste them into your preferred document. When the need arises, you can also save the comparison results in the form of an easy-to-manage annotated PDF. This is a very special feature too as not many programs have it.


Able2Extract Professional delivers a flexible paid plan too besides the free trial period that introduces you to all the features before you can make your mind to purchase any of the following licenses.

Able2Extract Professional License Type

Price ($)

Full Lifetime





Going by this review, Able2Extract Professional has proven a force to reckon with when it boils down to making the most out of PDF files. It delivers a ton of features diligently to help you review, perform PDF analysis, convert, edit, compare, sign, and OCR PDFs in one of the most comprehensive ways. Coupling all that with affordable and versatile pricing gives you every reason to rock this PDF solution.

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