Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract Professional is a popular PDF to Excel converter that delivers more than its expectations and has been rated above average. It comes with a Free Trial that a user can take advantage of. The most amazing thing about this application is that it is three step easy to follow procedure for converting. Not only does it convert PDF files to other supported file formats but it also comes with a PDF viewer that works across to save you time switching from one application to another so as to view your converted content.


  • Features the conversion layer feature that allows user to view and edit a bunch of items individually.
  • The Able2Extract comes with an engine known as the Raster-to-Vector engine that works using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that aids in transferring raster to vector especially when dealing with scanned PDF to AutoCAD conversion.
  • Supports the conversion of PDF files to a wide range of different file formats including Excel, Text, Images, CSV, HTML, and Publisher amongst other various file formats.
  • Comes with a PDF viewer that works to open PDF files without toggling across programs.
  • The Table Selection format feature allows the user to select all columns, row by row giving maximum control for the user where data may be selected without any limitation.
  • Supports the drag and drop feature that makes it even much easier to add files for conversion.
  • Batch conversion feature helps user to work on a handful of PDF files by converting them at once.
  • Investintech have used the technology of propriety conversion algorithm that helps in converting files in different formats whose goal is to ensure that every output yielded is of high quality.


  • When converting your documents from PDF to any supported file format with this magical converting software, user does not have to worry on the formats and the layouts on document file as they are all preserved making them similar as to that of the source document.
  • Looking at the graphics, unlike other converting tools, Able2Extract Professional converting software retains all the vector style graphics as editable objects when we look into formats such as Word.
  • The PDF Form filler increases the user’s efficiency in any location of work either at office or at home as with this kind of feature they can fill forms and view them as well from their computers.
  • Users can also create a PDF file from scratch with this great PDF converting tool and edit those that they already have from their folder.
  • Useful in business fields more so for collecting survey data or to collect information for clients.
  • The PDF viewer in this great PDF Converter allows user to specify the precise amount of PDF data that they wish to convert.


  • The Able2Extract Professional only allows user to perform multi page conversion only while using the PDF viewer feature. With the missing of the viewer conversion is limited to converting one page at a time.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
Able2Extract ProfessionalWindows 7/8/10$149.95Free Download
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download

How To Use Able2Extract Professional

Step 1: Open PDFs

Able2Extract Professional features for easy to add file procedures without having to click any button. These tricks include:

Drag the file on the program’s shortcut on your device’s desktop. As a result a window opens where you can view the PDF file individually without opening the yet to be edited or converted PDFs. User can also simply import files by dragging PDFs in the program’s interface.


Step 2: Start the process of automatically converting different file formats

Here you will visit the View tab at the ribbon of the interface, then to the conversion options.

From the dialogue box user can switch from one file format to another depending on the desired format.


To even make your work even less complex, user can save conversion settings as a document file making it easy to switch output settings. Here user can specify the amount of data to be converted courtesy of the PDF viewer.

Step 3: Convert to different file formats with a single click

Conversions may be at times be hard nuts to crack and user might decide to convert the entire PDF and spend time fixing the wrong areas. Converting using this tool yields output of high quality. Take for example converting PDF files to Excel, PDF data in table format results to a PDF workable data that can be analysed using Excel’s powerful analysis. Other actions that can be done using this magical converting tool include creating of PDF files via a number of tricks. The final step in both creating and converting is hitting the Save button .

start converting



With the above guideline, Able2Extract Professional has already been familiarised and with the brief description of this outstanding converting tool we are putting down these other programs that have are branded as common PDF converting tools time wasters. If you have never thought of running this program in your device then you might wish you could have the ability to take time back and had a look on this PDF converting software. This is because you could have save yourself from majority small tasks that makes you slow down big time. Converting has never been so easier before than when using other converters. Just all about giving credit where due, Able2Extract Professional is unrivalled when it comes to meeting users expectation.

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