• How to save/download Skype video messages automatically on Windows?

    Saving/downloading a Skype video message is very simple mission with TalkHelper on Windows with the following steps:
    1). Download TalkHelper at here, then install it.

    2). Launch TalkHelper, click the “Allow Access” button when Skype will pop up “Skype Application access” window as following:

    3). Open a received or sent video message on your Skype. save a Skype video message
    4. Playback the video message. TalkHelper will automatically start to record a Skype video message as soon as you click the “Play” button on the message window, the status of recording of a video message will show as following:
    Check/Edit a downloaded Skype video message. You will see a new record in the “Video Messages” list after the message plays end, click the “Play” button on the toolbar of TalkHelper to play a saved Skype video message with your local media player, also, you can edit the video message info by clicking the “Memo” button.

    Import Tips:
    1). Maximize the Skype video message window before you playback and save it, this will make sure the videos are stored in the middle of scene in the AVI file.
    2). Play twice even third times if the video message has “buffering/caching” moment when you play it at the first time, when the video cached occurs, that will cause synchronization issue between saved video and audio.