• How to record Skype calls with TalkHelper Skype Call Recorder?

    First, Please launch TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype, “Skype Application access” window will pop up for asking your approve as following:


    Click the “Allow Access” button.
    Then, TalkHelper for Skype will automatically record incoming/outgoing calls for you, and you can make a test call to "echo123" (for audio call only) or a Skype contact (for video/audio call) on your Skype to test the call recording function.
    The Skype call recording will start as soon as the call is established, you will find the “Start Record” button switches to “Stop Record” as following:

    Besides, the duration of a call recording will show on the status bar of TalkHelper as following:

    A call record item will be added in the call record list as soon as the call ends, you can playback it with the video player installed on your system.