800-Number Customer Service

Implementing a phone system for handling Toll-Free 800 number calls from your customers will be very easily with PrettyMay Call Center for Skype, First, you purchase a local SkypeIn number on the main Skype account, then ask your 800 number provider to forward all calls from the 800 number to the local SkypeIn number, so that PrettyMay can handle calls from 800 number smoothly.

  • Multiple simultaneous lines supported – with one SkypeIn number, you will have up to 30 simultaneous lines supported in PrettyMay.
  • Group operators – you are able to appoint a group of operators in PrettyMay so that they can handle many incoming calls at the same time.
  • Remote operators – operators in a group can be anywhere, and they just need to keep their Skype online to receive calls.
  • Opening hour settings – you can set multiple group operators to receive calls based on the time of the day.