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Learn how to resolve a serial of problems that you might face during using of Skype.

How to resolve the issue of “Skype for desktop version is not installed”?

If TalkHelper show this message because the Skype for desktop version is NOT found on your Windows system, you need to download and install Skype for desktop version via the link below: After you download and install Skype for desktop version, you will find a Skype icon on your desktop, double click to launch the Skype for desktop version, the main UI is as following:

Note: if you are using Windows 10, the Skype for Windows 10 version AKA Skype for Preview is installed by default, currently TalkHelper only supports Skype for desktop version, Skype for Windows 10 version is NOT supported, that’s the main reason TalkHelper shows the message when it launches. The UI of Skype for Windows 10 version is as following:  

To prevent this message showing again, you should always use the Skype for desktop version on your Windows.

How to quickly identify the Skype for desktop version and Skype for Windows 10 version?

The easiest way to identify if you are using Skype for desktop or Skype for Windows 10 is checking the title bar of the main window.

1). Your SkypeID shows on the title bar —  Skype for desktop version:

2). NO SkypeID shows on the title bar – Skype for Windows 10 version:


How To Record Skype Calls On Windows – A Step By Step Guide

how to record a Skype conversation

At some point, you must have wished you could record Skype calls on your Windows PC to store that conversation with family or formal chat with a mentor. You don’t have to look further, this article will guide you through how to achieve that in a step-by-step way. First thing first, you need to have a Skype call recorder like TalkHelper.

Recording your Skype audio/video sessions is a very easy step. Matter-of-fact, it is as easy as following the steps that I will outline below.

Download And Install TalkHelper

download the TalkHelper

Launch TalkHelper And Connect To Skype

To launch the TalkHelper app, go to your “Download” folder and double-click on the TalkHelper icon displayed there. A setup wizard will pop up to guide you through the installation and setup process. Simply click on the “Next” button to proceed. After this process is completed, double click on the TalkHelper icon on your desktop to launch the software.

launch TalkHelper

Skype will display a pop-up asking if you want to allow TalkHelper access your Skype.connect to Skype




Click the “Allow Access” button for TalkHelper to connect to your Skype; then you will be ready to record your Skype calls.

Make And Record Calls On Skype

By default, TalkHelper automatically initiates the recording of your Skype sessions and document them in a chronological order. Documents recorded with TalkHelper are filed in the order of dates and contact information so you can retrieve them easily.

  • Recording An Audio Call

To record an audio session of your Skype conversations, you just need to place the call on your Skype, and TalkHelper automatically starts the recording. For a test audio recording, you can call Echo. During the recording session, TalkHelper gives you the freedom to Pause or Stop the recording as you wish.

pause and stop recording

  • Recording A Video Call

To record a video call takes the same process as saving your audio conversations on Skype with TalkHelper. All you need to do is place the Skype video call, and TalkHelper will kick-start the recording session.

make skype video call

After you end the call, TalkHelper instantly generates the video file and save it in the dashboard for quick retrieval at any time. To playback your Skype video sessions, double click on the video file and it will be played through your default Windows media player.

playback recording

  • Recording A Group Call

You can also store data from group calls that you make on Skype for Windows. With the aid of TalkHelper, storing your Skype group call sessions is as easy as placing the call. Once you place the call, TalkHelper proceeds to record the conference call and save it in the designated folder.

group video call

Pause, Resume And Stop Recording

With TalkHelper, you have the freedom to pause, resume and stop the recording of your Skype calls. This feature creates a sleek User Experience that makes you take absolute control of all your Skype sessions.

Play And Share A Recording

To retrieve your recordings for playback purpose on TalkHelper, select the call in the “Call Recording” list, click the “Play” button and TalkHelper will utilize your default Windows media player to play the selected recorded file.

You can also share the recorded file with other people. This can be dis achieved by clicking the “Open Folder” button, then locate the particular file, copy to Dropbox or email directly to your contact’s email address.

Configuration Of TalkHelper

Using TalkHelper, there are some custom settings that are pre-loaded at download. Those are the default settings that came with the app at installation. However, you can alter or reset these based on your choice or storing preference.

  • Automatic Or Manual Recording

You can choose to have all your Skype conversations automatically recorded every time you make or receive a call. You may also opt for the manual recording option. Selecting the manual option, you will need to activate the “Record” button each time you make a Skype call.

To set this up, click on the “Tool” Option in the taskbar “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record

There, you will see the recording options that are available. Select / Unselect as you prefer.

  • Stereo Or Mono Recording For Audio Call

Based on your audio output preference, you can either choose to have your Skype audio conversations outputted in Stereo or Mono mode.

By default, TalkHelper has been routed to record in Mono mode. To opt for Stereo mode, simply select the “Save Audio In Stereo Mode.

To perform that settings, Click on the “Tool” option on the Taskbar “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record” -> “Audio

stereo or mono recording

  • Selecting Folder Location For Recordings

TalkHelper is designed with the ability to store all your recorded information in a specific folder that is created at installation. However, if you need to change the folder options to suit your preference, you can do that.

Just follow these steps “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record” -> “Save Audio Recording” -> “Replace” then select the preferred location.

check recording folder

Tips For Conducting A High-Quality Recording On Skype

To get high-quality output from your Skype call recordings, there are a few things that must be checked. This part of the article treats those options.

  • Run Check and Test Audio Devices

The audio settings coordinates you have in place can largely affect the output of your Skype recordings. To run a test, go to “Calls” -> “Audio Settings

test audio setting

  • Check and Test Webcam

For an improved quality of your Skype video recording, much is dependent on your webcam settings. Getting this right will significantly improve the visual quality of your recordings.

To do this go to “Calls” -> “Video” -> “Video Settings“. Then tune to preferred settings.

modify webcam

  • Run Quality Test on Internet Connection Speed

Fluctuating or poor internet connection can significantly impact your Skype recording. That is why it is important that you ensure you have a good connection when recording your Skype sessions.

These are things to look out for:

  1. Ensure you end any programs using the internet connection at the moment.
  2. Ensure that you have a good quality connection signal.
  3. Also, look out for the connection quality indicator on the top of the Skype call page.

test internet connection

With these guide, you are sure to have a wonderful time using the TalkHelper call recorder.

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Are Skype Calls Being Recorded?

The question of whether Skype calls are recorded and monitored by Skype has been a perennial issue with no end in sight. Many reviews have hinted that Skype does not record any conversation passing through its channel. However, previous circumstances like the one reported by The Washington Post suggests that Skype does have the resources to record conversations going on if they choose to.

From a technical angle, it may be much of a big task for Skype to keep records of all the data that pass through it on a daily basis. This does not go to say that they cannot keep some records that are of interest to them.  So, this lead one to ask the obvious question: are Skype calls private at all?

Skype safety

  • Are Skype Calls Private?

Although Skype claims that their chat system is run on an end-to-end encryption system, it is plausible that Microsoft can decrypt that system. More so, the move away from a decentralized Peer-to-Peer server to a cloud-based server can further fault the claim that conversations on Skype can be private.

As at the time when Skype used the peer-to-peer server and conversations are transmitted between “supernodes”  it is assumed that Skype was a bit more secured. But now, that cannot be totally guaranteed on the present Skype network.

This transition regardless, Skype still keep a level of privacy that is necessary for user convenience and security.

  • How The Privacy Of Skype Works

Since the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, it has been subjected to many of the whims of the mother company. For example, Skype’s Privacy Policy has been merged into the Microsoft policy, and it is expressly stated that it “…share data with Microsoft-controlled affiliates and subsidiaries; with vendors working on our behalf; when required by law or to respond to legal process; to protect our customers; to protect lives; to maintain the security of our products; and to protect the rights or property of Microsoft.”

By this, it can be agreed that Skype can, when required by the conditions stated above or other conditions, record your conversations and store / share them with third parties. As a user, you may wonder to what extent the definition of “Microsoft-controlled affiliates” can go. Does it cover marketing agents, government parastatal, etc.?

  • What Constitute Third Party In Skype’s Privacy Policy

Although “controlled-affiliates” in the Skype’s privacy policy is not expressly defined, one cannot just assume that it excludes some unscrupulous agents. The government stands out in the list of agents that Skype has been shown to share user data with.

The Guardian once ran a story that claimed that Microsoft (which Skype is an extension of) collaborates with the NSA and other government agencies to share user data based on court directions.

So, it can deduced that “controlled affiliates” in the user policy may not totally be controlled altogether. Moving on, you as a user may want to know if another User can record your Skype conversation on Windows.

  • Can Other Users Monitor/Record My Skype Calls?

Except your activities are deemed “interesting” to other users, there appears to be no direct way for other users to record or save your data from Skype.

However, the possibilities exist for users to record/save their data using third party add-ons. These add-ons come with various features from saving chat data, recording Skype video calls and messages, etc. A good example of such third party add-on that helps user save their personal data is TalkHelper Skype Recorder

So, you can be assured that your data are safe and kept with you for retrieval at any time you need to revisit them.

On a parting note, as long as you do not engage in any suspicious activity on Skype, there may be no reason for external bodies to monitor or record your conversations.

How To Fix “Problem with Playback Devices on Skype”

Technology has moved us a long way and communication is now easier than before. With an internet connection, speaker or headphones, camera, smartphone, and a computer or laptop, one can use Skype and enjoy its services. However, there are setbacks that affect its usability and most notable one is the “Problem with Playback Devices” in Skype. This problem bars you from making and receiving calls. There are several issues that cause this problem on different PC Windows.

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How to fix it on Windows 7

  • Click Tools on your Skype at the upper left screen.
  • Go to Options.

Skype options

  • At Options, you will be redirected to a window with a few Skype settings for configuration.
  • Click on the Audio settings on the left column on that particular window.
  • At the middle of the screen, choose Speakers.

speaker settings in Skype

  • On Speakers option, scroll down the options and choose one and test it in Skype.

Try these troubleshooting steps and get back to your conversations with your business partners, friends, clients, family or loved ones.

How to Fix it on Windows 10

STEP 1: Delete Audio Device

The audio device is what causes problems with playback device in Skype in most instances. To solve this issue, kindly uninstall the audio drivers. This is how to go about it:

  • Choose Device Manager Option by pressing Windows Key + X.

device manager

  • To locate your audio device, navigate to Sound, video and game controllers section.
  • Choose Uninstall by right clicking the audio device.

uninstall driver

  • After uninstalling the audio device, restart your computer and let your Windows 10 install it automatically.
  • Now check if the problem will persist.

STEP 2: Disable audio device temporarily

The problem with playback device in Skype can also be solved through disabling your audio device temporarily.  To do that, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Device Manager by pressing the Windows Key + X.
  • Locate the audio device on the options and choose Disable.

disable driver

  • Go back to the device again and click Enable from the menu.
  • Close the Device Manager and check if the problem continues.

STEP 3: Restart Skype

Several users have solved the playback device problem by simply restarting the Skype. The step is easy and you just need to click on the Skype icon, right click it and Quit. When closed, now start it again and check if the issue is resolved.

STEP 4: Set the correct playback device in Skype

At times, you may have selected the wrong audio device accidently hence causing a problem with the playback device on Skype. It’s advisable to select the playback device manually by following the following steps:

  • Open Skype and select Tools>Options
  • Go to Audio settings and navigate to Speakers section.

verify the speaker settings

  • Choose the proper audio device and click save.
  • Check if it will work now. You will have to try different audio devices till you find the right one.

STEP 5: Adjust speaker settings and uncheck automatically

Some users have confirmed that you can solve problems with playback device by switching off the “Automatically adjust speaker settings” options. To do this, you need to visit Tools>Options>Audio settings in Skype. Continue to Speakers section and uncheck “Automatically adjust speaker settings” and Save the changes.

STEP 6: Enable then disable your speakers

Disabling and enabling your speakers is another solution to solving your playback device problem in Skype. You will need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the speaker icon situated in the bottom right corner and from the menu, choose Playback devices.

  • On the empty space, right click to show both Show Disconnected Devices and Show Disabled Devices are checked.

show all device

  • Choose Disable from the menu by right clicking your audio device.

disable device

  • Right click again on the same device and choose Enable.
  • Click Apply and OK to save the changes

STEP 7: Turn off any audio tool running in the background

A number of users have reported that you can solve the playback device problems by turning off programs that are utilizing the sound card. Before you start Skype, you can consider disabling your multimedia player which is running in the background. You can them proceed to make a Skype call.

STEP 8: Reset Skype configuration file

Resetting Skype configuration might help you solve the playback device problem on Skype. To do that, check out these steps:

  • Close Skype.
  • Press Windows key + R at the same time and enter %appdata%. Press Enter or OK.

  • Go to Skype folder and name it “Skype.old”. Note that after you have renamed your Skype folder your message threads will be eliminated from skype, but it will still be available in the old skype folder.
  • After the renaming, start skype again and see if the issue will persist.

STEP 9: Check and Update your audio driver.

Should your audio drivers be out of date, playback device problem in skype may occur. It is advisable that you keep on updating your audio driver every now and then. To do that, visit the website of your sound card manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your PC. Install the new drivers and check if the issue will be resolved. We would prefer you use the third party tool since its 100% safe and tested by us.

STEP 10: Reinstall skype

Other users have suggested that playback device problem can be solved by reinstalling Skype software, so try it too. They say they solved the elephant issue by reinstalling the older version of Skype, so you might also do the same as well.


If you are having playback device problems, it will be hard to continue making Skype calls and this will affect your Skype experience. We hope the above steps will help you as you go on communicating with your friends, relative and business partners. Cheers!

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How to fix “Skype problem with recording device”

How to fix “Skype problem with recording device”

Skype is the commonly used medium of communication. But nothing sucks like when it has developed a problem and you are trying to start a call, it displays “problem on recording device”. It demotivates you, right? Well, some people have gone through this agony and managed to get over it later after a few fixings. However, people are still experiencing this problem every now and then. In this article, we are going to address some of the common problems and share tips on how to fix them.

Most common issue is the microphone which largely contributes to the Skype recording problem where one party fails to hear from the other side. In general, the notable issues includes;


Solving Skype Microphone Problem

First and foremost, you need to test if your microphone is working perfectly before you solve the problem. The tests include:

  • Checking your Microphone

No matter the type of PC you are using, first check if the inbuilt mic is muted. If you are using the wireless mic, check if the batteries are fully charged. Note that if your Skype is unable to detect your microphone then you should get a notification.

  • Making a test call

Make a Skype test call to confirm if there are any notable errors in your skype. When calling the Echo123, make sure you record your message and if you get to hear your message, then your microphone is correctly configured. Should you fail to hear your own voice, continue to the next step.

Solving Windows Audio Settings Problem

If you have a problem with your windows audio settings, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the start menu and search “Sound”
  • The dialog box will open and proceed to the recording tabmicrophone settings built in
  • See the “Microphone HD audio device” and double click then select the general tab to see if the microphone is enabled or not.

          microphone property

  • On the levels tab, set the microphone level to 100% and the microphone boost to 0.0 and click apply.

         microphone properties second

Now go to Skype window and follow the following steps:

If you make a Skype test call and fail to hear your own voice, then you should get the message saying “Problem with the recording device”.

  • Go to Tools option via the settings
  • On your audio settings, there are several types of microphones detected, set the volume high or just tick the box below to automatically adjust the microphone volume settings.

Skype audio settings

  • Call Echo123 again and if you hear your voice, then you are done.

test microphone in Skype

Your Skype recording problem should be solved if you follow the above steps attentively. However, if it fails then proceed to check whether there is a problem with your Windows audio settings.

Solving “Error 6102” Skype Problem

This is another problem that faces many Skype users today. The reason for this menace is the playback device (headset, speakers, and headphones) or the audio input device (microphone). In most cases, it appears as a result of your Skype software failing to properly set up on your computer. This is how to fix Skype “Error 6102” problem:

Follow the below steps to fix “Error 6102”:

  • For the external microphones, make sure they are connected well to your computer. Also, check if the headphones and microphones plugs are connected to the right sockets.
  • On your Skype, click <Tools>Options<Sound devices. According to your preference, click “Audio In” device.

sound settings in Skype

  • Now move to the Start menu<Programs>Accessories<Entertainment<Volume control. Still on the menu, select Options<Properties. Click on your preferred microphone as “Mixer device”
  • When you are on the list “Adjust volume for” click the Recording button and also make sure the microphone box is selected. Now click “OK”.

HD audio device control


  • If you notice more than one device selected, ensure that the microphone is “Selected” and its volume is over 50%.

Skype Call Failed Problem with Recording Device Windows 10

When switching to different windows upgrades, Skype call usually fails more when upgrading to Windows 7 or 8.1. You are likely to face this problem more when connecting the headset to your laptop. Without the headset, it’s likely to work perfectly. There are various problem behind this issue. To solve this problem you need to do the following:

  • Disable the headset at the control panel.
  • Check everything on the sound settings to make sure everything is fine.
  • If everything is fine, then uninstall the sound card driver and download the up-to-date version from the vendor’s website. You are now ready to go!

HD audio device control

Need to Record a Skype call on Windows?

Well, for all of your call recording sessions, consider downloading the Talkhelper for Skype since its one of the top call recorder for Skype on Windows. This software can record both video and voice calls, then save them for future reference. Talkhelper software is easy to use and offers you a list of all your conversations or messages.


  • Unlimited call recording
  • Records both audio and video
  • Record Skype screen share
  • Saves and manages Skype videos
  • Saves and manages Skype voicemails

Download TalkHelper

The software starts automatically on Windows although you are free to enable or disable the automatic recording option. Get recordings in either MP3 or WAV and save them to your preferred destination. Additionally, Talkhelper lists all your media messages for easy access and all files can play on Windows Media Player.


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