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    Radiotracker Platinum - Icecast/Shoutcast grabber. Find mp3 internet radio stations playing your favorite music and record them.

    Capture Icecast/Shoutcast online radio stations. Record MP3 music you've selected as soon as it is played on any of over 16,000 watched internet radio stations worldwide.

    RadioTracker - Record Shoutcast/Icecast radio stations

    RadioTracker (Shareware - $52.90/Windows) is an mp3 audio stream grabber that allows you to record IceCast/ShoutCast compatible web radio stations and save the streaming audio to one or more MP3 files. This program is smart enough to split tracks automatically and save them to separate MP3 files. RadioTracker can tag MP3 files with the title, artist, album cover artwork and even lyrics. With RadioTracker you may download unlimited number of web radio stations simultaneously (limited by your internet connection).

    Radiotracker's ease-of-use has been recognized repeatedly by trade publications around the world. Several hundred thousands of music fans in the USA and Japan already swear by Radiotracker internet radio recorder.

    Buy RadioTracker now

    Download RadioTracker now!

    MP3 Search Engine with Wish List Function

    Audials Radiotracker taps into a centralized service that continuously and simultaneously monitors multiple thousands of Internet radio broadcasters all over the world in real time - the Audials Network - to pinpoint where the music you want is playing and record it on the spot.

    With only one click, Audials starts its exhaustive search, presenting you with a list of everything the Internet has to offer for the selected artist. Or are you looking for one of the artist's specific albums? No problem! Audials offers you the selected artist's complete discography - displayed with album covers if you'd like. You can now place an entire album or individual tracks from it onto your wish list with a single click. When one of the at least two thousand simultaneously monitored broadcasters plays any title on your wish list, Audials Radiotracker automatically records it!

    RadioTracker's main features

    • Simultaneous internet radio (Shoutcast/Icecast MP3 radio stations) recording and listening
    • Split and tag MP3 tracks automatically
    • Records individual songs from all Internet radio stations (MP3, WMA, AAC)
    • Includes a database with over 50,000 Internet radio stations
    • Automatic mass recordings of 80 genres from up to 100 stations
    • Millisecond-accurate recordings cuts out all the unwanted talk
    • Set the quality of recordings - restrict searches to complete songs in music shop quality
    • Record from social radio stations such as, and others
    • Add ID3 tags and album covers to your files
    • Normalization at a uniform volume (adjustable db)
    • Automatic searches for song lyrics
    • Output in target format via on the fly file conversion (MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV)
    • Blacklist stations
    • Wishlists: Search for artists ("everything by this artist") and precise track requests
    • Simultaneously monitors thousands of stations for targeted music
    • Database with approx. 10,000,000 music titles, 870,000 albums and 590,000 artists to add to your wishlists
    • User community with thousands of wishlists, which you can use with 1 mouse click
    • Automatically generate wishlists based on one of 80 genres
    • Create wishlists based on your existing music collection

    System requirements

    • Windows
    • High-speed internet connection

    Download RadioTracker. It is free to try.
    Visit web-site of RadioTracker
    Buy RadioTracker Platinum at element5 (Share-It) for $52.90
    Buy Audials One (including RadioTracker) at element5 (Share-It) for $69.90 and Save more than 50%!!!

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