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    Digital audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs, speeches, lectures.
    Download and listen on your PC, iPod, iPod Shuffle, Creative MuVo, Palm Handheld, Pocket PC.

    Audible is the destination for digital audio entertainment that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Over 40,000 audio programs are available from more than 200 content partners. Choose from popular and informative categories: digital audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs, speeches, lectures and more. Download and listen on your iPod, Creative MuVo, Palm Handheld, Pocket PC, Otis MP3 player, your computer or on CDs you burn yourself.

    Audible.com, recently named the best consumer Web service by CNet.com (April 2003), and one of the "Best of Today’s Web" by PC World (August 2002) features daily audio editions of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times — available on a subscription basis in time for the morning drive to work each day—as well as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American and Fast Company.

    The site offers a powerful collection of audiobook best sellers and classics by authors such as Tom Clancy, Stephen King, John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, the Dalai Lama, David McCullough, Stephen Hawking, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen. There are also speeches, lectures, and on-demand radio programs including Marketplace, All Things Considered, Car Talk, Fresh Air and This American Life, and original shows such as RobinWilliams@audible.com.

    All of the programs at audible.com are available for computer-based playback, burning to audio CD, and on-the-go listening using numerous AudibleReady portable digital audio players (including Apple iPod) offered by leading consumer electronics and computer manufacturers. Audible allows you to purchase single items as well as get Gold Monthly/Yearly or Platinum Monthly/Yearly subscription.

    Discount AudibleListener Gold subscription: Price: $7.49/month for the first 3 months, $14.95/month thereafter (or $149.50 per year annually). Benefits are as follows:

    • 1 Free audio credit per month
    • 30% Off of all digital audio programs
    • Complimentary audio subscription to either The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal
    • Free hand-picked audio downloads each week
    There are three ways for you to enjoy Audible audio:
    • Stream audio on your computer while you are connected to the internet.
    • Download audio and listen using iTunes, Windows Media Player, or AudibleManager.
    • Download audio, transfer it to your mobile audio device, and listen anywhere you go.
    Please note that Audible provides files in copy-protected .AA (Audible Audio) format and not .MP3 files. With this in mind, not all portable devices are supported by Audible! Some of the 200+ supported devices:
    • Apple iPod (PC and Mac), Apple iPhone
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC/ SmartPhones
    • BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120, Curve 8300, 8800/8820/8830
    • Creative MuVo Zen Nano/Nano Plus/Vision:M/V/V Plus/Vision:W/Micro/MicroPhoto/Stone/Xtra/Sleek, MuVo Slim/TX/V100/V200/Micro N200
    • Dell DJ/Pocket DJ
    • iRiver Clix/Clix2/T10/T30
    • Nokia 2865, 3250, 5200, 5300, 6111, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6151, 6630, 6165, 6670, 6233, 6234, 6260, 6265, 6270, 6275, 6282, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7370, 7373, 6086, E50, E60, E61, E62, E70, N73, N80, N91
    • PalmOne Treo 600/650/680/700p/700w/700wx/750v, Tungsten C/E/T Series, Zire Series
    • SanDisk c100, m200, Express
    • Sony Ericsson M600i, S500, P990i, W950i, W550, W880, W600, K750, K790, K300, K310, K500, K530, K310, K310, K800, K810, W910, W700, W800, Z750
    Can I convert my Audible files to a different format other than .AA? Audible uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to protect purchased programs. You will not be able to convert the Audible .AA files to MP3 or any other format because of this copy-protection! This limits your fair use rights significantly, because you won't be able to listen to Audible audio books, radio programs, lectures, magazines, speeches, ... on any device you have unless you remove DRM protection.

    Users' comments:
    • I listen Audible books as I drive, exercise and work around the house. I like the book variety to listen to wherever I go (Liz Walters)
    • Thanks Audible for offering a fantastic service that has put reading back into my busy life (Franceen George)
    • Audible is a service that lets you download audio books. Probably the largest most popular. Its downside is it is restrictive format limiting it to be played on only certain manufacturers mp3 players. The good thing about their encoding is it lets you bookmark where you left off in the book. So it is easy to find where you left off listening to a chapter (Hubs)
    • I prefer to use DRM-free audio books that I can listen on any device I have. Audible forces me to convert .AA files to .MP3 files by removing their copy-protection, so that I can listen to the regular MP3 files on my car audio and on Linux. I use Audible only because besides audio books it provides radio programs and magazines that are hard to find elsewhere (Alex)
    Special offers and coupons from Audible:
    • Free mp3 player
      Listen to more than 25,000 audio books programs. Choose from popular and informative categories. Join now and receive free MP3 player.
    • Free audio books
      Listen to two FREE audiobooks RISK-FREE from Audible
    • Free audio book
      Choose a bestselling audiobook for FREE at Audible.com
    • 50% audiobook discount
      Get 50% off any Audiobook @ audible.com.

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