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  • The most POPULAR stream recording software (free download):

    Other RECOMMENDED software and services:

    All streaming media recording software

    Find easy to use yet powerful software to record streaming audio and video. Follow our guidelines to find the best freeware or shareware stream recorder.

    Streaming video recording software

    Streaming video recorders can record not only video streams but also many audio streams so sometimes they are also called streaming media recorders.
    • All streaming media recording software (streaming video recorders, stream rippers)
      Easy to use chart showing the main features of streaming audio/video recorders such as streaming protocols and formats
    • The most popular stream recording software
      Streaming audio/video recorders recommended by the editor
      • Replay Media Catcher 6) (Shareware/Windows) 2015 Editor's choice!
        Record (download or capture) Video and MP3 audio streams from a wide variety of web sites (HTTP and RTMP).
      • Jaksta for Mac (Shareware/Mac OS X) Editor's choice!
        Record (download) Flash Video and MP3 audio streams from Adobe Flash player (HTTP and RTMP).
      • Freecorder 8 (IE and Firefox)
        Record (capture) .FLV and .MP4 streaming video from Adobe Flash player (HTTP and HTTPS protocols).
      • WM Recorder 14 (Shareware/Windows) Editor's choice! (Shareware/Windows)
        Record Windows Media, RealVideo/RealAudio, QuickTime and Flash video (RTMP and HTTP) with just one click.
      • RTMPexplorer (Freeware/Windows)
        Record (download and dump) .FLV, .MP4 video and .MP3 audio streaming from Adobe Flash player (RTMP and RTMPE protocols).
      • TubeDigger (Shareware/Windows)
        Record (download and capture) .FLV, .MP4 video and .MP3 audio streaming from Adobe Flash player (HTTP, RTMP and RTMPE protocols).
      • GetFLV (Shareware/Windows)
        Record flash video from Adobe Flash player (HTTP, RTMP, RTMPE).
      • Replay Capture Suite (Shareware/Windows) Best value package!!!
        Record and convert any audio/video stream including streaming Windows Media, Real Audio/Video, Nullsoft Video, Flash Video (including YouTube and Google Videos), online Sirius and XM Radio, any music from Web Radio Stations and Music Subscription services, and much more!
    • Screen capture software
      Save non-recordable streaming video including live web cams to hd

    Streaming audio recording/ripping software

    • All streaming audio recording/ripping software
      Easy to use chart showing the main features of all streaming audio recorders/rippers such as recorded stream format, song splitting and tagging ability.
      • Replay Music (Shareware/Windows) Editor's choice!
        Record any web radio station or streaming music service. Get perfectly separated high quality MP3 files, automatically tagged with the artist and song title.
      • Replay Radio (Formerly Replay AV) (Shareware/Windows) Editor's choice
        Download podcasts, record Shoutcast radio stations (iTunes radio) automatically splitting and tagging songs, Sirius and XM Radio, Windows Media audio and video streams, Real Audio and Real Video streams,...
      • StreamRipper (Windows/Freeware) Editor's choice
        Free audio stream ripper that can record Shoutcast MP3, OGG and AAC radio stations automatically splitting and tagging songs.
      • RadioTracker (Shareware/Windows) Editor's choice
        IceCast/ShoutCast stream ripper that can split and tag songs automatically. Allows to record the music you've selected in MP3 format as soon as it is played on any of over 14,000 watched internet radio stations worldwide.
      • Freecorder 8 (Freeware / IE and Firefox)
        Free audio recorder that can record any sound produced by your sound card (Freeware / Windows ) even if you don't have Stereo Mix / Wave-Out Mix / What U Hear in Windows 7/Vista/XP
      • Audacity (Freeware / Windows, Linux, MacOSX) Editor's choice
        Free audio editor that can record any sound produced by your sound card.

    Streaming audio and video online. Online audio and video downloads

    • Streaming video and streaming audio online
      Intenet TV tuners. Streaming video online. Music downloads. Music on-demand. Streaming video clips. Internet radio tuners. Streaming audio online: Paid and Free Internet radio stations. Audio and video stream search.
    • Download audio and video content online
      Music downloads. Digital music services. Audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs. Audio and video download search.
      • eMusic Editor's choice
        Online music download service with DRM free songs.
      • Audible Editor's choice
        Download digital audiobooks, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs, speeches, lectures.

    Streaming media recording FAQ

    Streaming audio/video recording forum

    • Streaming video recording forum
    • Streaming audio recording forum

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