5 Best PDF to Word Converter For Windows

In today’s world of increased document transfers and use, the PDF (portable document format) has become one of the most popular way to share and transfer documents in a uniform format. The issue that this poses however is that the Doc or DOCX format is also quite popular, so this creates the need to convert PDF files to Doc and DOCX for editing. This is where having the best PDF to Word converter becomes necessary. Basically, what PDF to word converter software help to do is to allow you open your regular PDF in Microsoft Word so that you can work on them.

Although this feature is available in Microsoft Word (called PDF Reflow), the limitation of this, like most free PDF to Doc converter, it offer a very limited conversion service. Examples of such limitation includes non-conversion of tables and cells, bookmarks and tags, footnotes and end notes etc. As you will agree, these are quite crucial to every document and cannot be discarded just like that.

There goes the reason why you need the best PDF to Word converter to do all the necessary conversion while still retaining pretty much everything that existed in the original document. In this article, I will be reviewing 5 of the best PDF to Word converter software.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
Nitro PDF to Word Converter Windows 7/8/10$159.95Free Download
WPS PDF to Word Converter Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10$39.95Free Download
Free Online OCR Windows 7/8/10$99.95Free Download
UniPDF PDF To Word Converter Windows 7/8/10$35.95Free Download

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter Pro

TalkHelper is a sophisticated PDF to doc converter that provides one of the best quality conversion jobs on the market today. Beside its efficiency, it is a very easy-to-use software if your aim is to convert PDF to editable doc.

The UI and UX are well crafted to take out all the stress and hassle of difficulty to understand and use that most PDF to Word converters are known for. More so, it is designed to work in a drag and drop format for converting yout PDG files into quick editable Word documents.

To use TalkHelper PDF to Word converter, all you need to do is to access the quick download option from the website or from a quick search on Google. Then you install the software. Once this is done, the whole process of PDF to Docx conversion is as simple as dragging the PDF file into the TalkHelper PDF to Docx converter and you get to select the output format you want.

On TalkHelper, the default conversion is set at Word so, there is no need to go through the stress of setting things up before converting your PDF files to Word docs. TalkHelper converter clinched the top position in the ranking for the best PDF to Word converter basically because of the ease-of-use that it offers along with the robust opportunities and choice that comes with it.

Based on the test conducted, the conversion process from PDF to Doc/Docx using the TalkHelper converter yielded a high grade result. Everything from the font, image, text and formatting were all in the right places and format. In a nutshell, one can say that the TalkHelper converter did a flawless job of converting PDFs to Doc without any hassle or fault.

For more robust use, TalkHelper comes in Windows App and Online version so that you can access it right from your PC via the App or you just use the online app and get your conversion done on the go, anytime, anywhere.


  • Super-efficient converter
  • Almost more efficient that Acrobat at PDF to Word conversion
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bookmark feature
  • Has full-scale editor and manager


  • A bit slow to load large files


TalkHelper PDF to Word converter is a full-scale efficient software that delivers the best of experience as a PDF to Word converter.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro Pro

Nitro PDF to Word converter is one of the leading and efficient pdf to doc converting software out there today. It ranks in the second position of our review of the best pdf to word converter largely because of its robust-feature and low-priced advantage. So, for those of you who are out looking for a PDF to Doc software that will deliver a good level of conversion job, you can count on the Nitro PDF to Word converter.

Like TalkHelper PDF to Word converter, Nitro also comes in two version or type: the online and the PC app. The Online version is free but is limited in what it offers. One of the major limitation of Nitro is that you can only perform five (5) conversion per month. This is quite a limit if you will agree, but it can just be good enough if you are not a heavy user.

The desktop app however is more diverse and needs to be paid for. Further to this, Nitro app gives a very good output per time and can do a very clean and neat conversion job. When tested, it shows itself to be quite good and easy to use. This made it well preferred and a good choice if you want a fairly good pdf to word conversion job done.

For the online version, Nitro gets to email you the output of the conversion. Agreeably, this is a rather limiting offers for users. Beside this emailing style of getting the converted file, there is also a capped limit of 5 conversion per month as earlier pointed out.

The limitation may be a way of encouraging the use of the Windows app as opposed to the free online version. Whatever the reason, the app is way better than the online version.

Considering the output of Nitro, it is a good pdf to word converting software. The conversion process didn’t really change the texts and format. Everything comes out good from the conversion process.


  • Low cost
  • Quick Conversion Process


  • Does not support indexing
  • OCR crashes when converting in large volumes


Nitro PDF To Word Converter is a good level software that does the job without any fuss or hassle. The efficiency of this software cannot be downplayed by any means and this has results to show.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

WPS PDF to Word Converter

wps pdf to word converter

You must have known or heard of the brand name WPS if you use an android smartphone. They are popular for the office (Word, PPT, Excel) processing software on smartphones. Now, they took it a notch higher with the introduction of their PDF to Word converting software.

Every user of word processing docs will agree that there are time that the need to convert PDF to Word (Doc, Docx format) arises chiefly because of the need to edit them. To this end, the WPS PDF to Word converter comes in third in the list of best free PDF to Word converter.

One of the things or features that stands this one out is the extreme ease with which users can handle things. To convert, all you need to do is drag the file right into the WPS converter software and select from the list of options there. Once done, you just need to wait for the conversion process to commence and there you go.

Even though the WPS converter is a pdf to word software, it also provide variants of conversion within the Word sector. You have the choice of converting to DOC or DOCX. As small as this may seem, the need to convert to a specific format of Word Processing can be the difference between a job well-done and a partial success.

Like our number one best PDF to word converter here – TalkHelper PDF to Word converter – WPS also comes in two versions: online and desktop app. The online version is free and has a limited conversion range. On the other hand, the app has a robust conversion delivery for users without any hassle.

Like all the other converting software on our list, the conversion output of WPS is preserved in good quality and retains all the style and formats that the original document comes in. these here are reasons why WPS made it into our list of top 5 best pdf to word converting software.


  • Unlimited range of conversion
  • High grade conversion output


  • High cost of subscription for premium


Since the name WPS has been around for a bit and has shown a good level of assurance in their work so far, I can easily affirm that their PDF to Word converting software is a good-grade tool for conversion.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

Free Online OCR

free online OCR converter

It is not very often that one comes across an online-based app that is designated for pdf to word conversion and still does it with high level of quality. Well, here you go. The Free Online OCR pdf to word converter is the software that fits into that description.

As implied in the name of the software, it is web-based and employ the use of OCR (optical character recognition) to detect the text in the scanned PDF document to be converted.

Given the fact that this converter is web-based, the most effective way (or perhaps the only way) to get your pdfs to be converted is to scan them and upload for conversion. Another cool thing about this web-based conversion service provider is that it does not mail the output to you like most others do. Matter-of-fact, you have the result of your conversion in a few seconds via a link to download your word in no time. There goes one reason why you should make this your go-to web-based conversion software for converting your PDF to Word.

Another reason why you should opt for this is that it can be accessed and used even on the go. Whether you have your PC, tablet or smartphone with you, you can perform your desired conversion at any point in time. All you need to have in place is the scanned copy of your documents handy.

Although there is the caveat that some parts of your texts may not appear if they are in coloured or have coloured background. Beside this, there is almost no downside with the Online OCR.


  • Convert even scanned documents
  • Conversion on the Go
  • No email needed to download converted files


  • Cannot convert and display coloured background and text
  • Can only convert one file per time


Based on the fact that this is a web-based software, it is a very comfortable to use converting software that can be carried and used anywhere and at any time. This is one of the awesome features and character of the Free Online OCR.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

UniPDF PDF To Word Converter

uniPDF converter

The UniPDF to Word converter comes in two version: the trial and the paid version. As is typical of all paid and trial versions apps, the UniPDF can be upgraded. However, the trial version can only convert three pages per time, so this is only visible hindrance that comes with the UniPDF converter.

Here is one thing that makes the UniPDF converter outstanding: during the process of conversion, all the details in the document are well contained. From all the details in the edges of the file to all images and colour of the files are duly captured.

This converter is an independent easy-to-use software that produce some high quality output of PDF to Word. Further to this, unlike many other PDF to Word converters that have size limits, the UniPDF converter does not have any size restrictions.

The User Interface (UI) is a very simple and easy-to-use such that it does not require any advanced knowledge to perform your conversion work. All you need to do is “add” or just drag the file to be converted to the ‘conversion panel’. After this, you click the ‘convert’ button and you are done. It is as simple as that.


  • Accurate Image Conversion


  • Three Paged Limit F or Online Version
  • Possible Loss Of Text Formatting


UniPDF is a very versatile converter that has good level of speed and have good grade output.

Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best PDF To Word Converter

With the backlog of information and content that has covered the internet in this age, the problem facing human being is not the lack of resources. Rather, it is the lack of getting good resources. This is the same case with getting the best PDF to Word converter.

So, in the bid to get a good grade pdf to word converter, there are a few factors that you will need to look out for. In this section of the article, I will be sharing a few tips about what to consider when looking to clinch the best PDF to Word converter.

convert pdf to word

    1. Easy To Use User Interface and Seamless User Experience: In every software, the mail thing that an end-user will always encounter first is the design interface and the user navigational experience. Regardless of how efficient a PDF to Word converter is, if it has a rather clumsy look and an equally unfriendly navigation, users will soon tire out of its use. So, you are supposed to ensure that the pdf to word converting software you opt for has a great UI and UX. If you notice, this has been a consistent feature in all five of the best free pdf to word converter I have reviewed in the upper part of this article.


    1. High Quality Output: second to having a good UI and UX is the need to verify the quality of output that the supposed software you are opting for offers. In this regard, you want to confirm that the software has the ability to render all the details of your PDF into Word without any omission or alteration. From tables to graphs and lines, the best PDF to Word converters always deliver every detail exactly as they appear in the original PDF file. This should not be compromised for anything.


    1. Price Factor: as is well known, everything good comes at a cost and premium things do even come at a higher cost than the regular. The same is true when getting a good pdf to word converter. However, the price factor must be commensurate to what the supposed software delivers. That is why the free/trial versions of software only give a taste of what it offers. When making this choice, it is crucial that one verify that the converter has enough robust offering to justify the cost of its purchase.


    1. Verify Support For Accessing Encrypted Files: with the rise of right protection and classified documents in the digital space, much has been the stake and need to protect every inch of digital documents. This is the reason why many people often protect their documents in PDF formats and also encrypt the furthermore. This regardless, a good pdf to word converter should provide the access to decrypt encrypted files (although with the user’s access to legal right to do so) and proceed to convert them to Word. This is also a crucial factor to consider when looking out for the best PDF to word converter.


    1. Conversion Speed And Efficiency: for a number of people, this may not be a factor to consider, but if you are to judge a pdf to word converter as one of the best, you cannot downplay the speed factor. Conversion speed is a direct import of efficiency. When converting your files, you don’t want to be stocked and waiting for ages before your file comes out converted. Getting a speedy conversion goes to show how easier it will finally be for you to enjoy the output of the conversion software you opt for.



In a nutshell, I have summarized the crucial factors that you need to consider when looking for the best converter and in the same vein, I have reviewed the 5 best converters that have been rigorously selected chiefly based on the efficiency of service delivery and the high grade effectiveness of the software. To this end, you have no excuse not to be able to make a well-guided choice as per selecting a perfectly working PDF to Word converter.